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OctavcatVinyl, CD & tapes from Norman Records

Dumming Up

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8/10 according to our Phil on 22nd November 2006

Ocotovat (vol 9)is made up of lots of noises. Some of the noises are really, really loud, but a lot of the noises are not loud it sounds tremendously like Plaid.…view full details.

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    CD £5.49

Hard As Snails

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8/10 according to our Phil on 13th November 2008

Octavcat have a new LP on Uncharted Audio called 'Hard As Snails' which I guess is supposed to be a joke. That's not something you'd find on these pages. Jokes. Oh no... At home we have shitloads of snails at the end of our drive and when I stand on them (there's so many of them it would be hard to not stand on at least one or 2) aside from the unp…view full details.

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    Vinyl LP £11.69

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