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Nurse With Wound
NWW Play Changez Les Blockeurs

To mark the 35th anniversary of The New Blockaders’ self-released debut album they asked Nurse With Wound to remake it, as Stephen Stapleton is a notorious fan, and who better to take on the experimental and abstract noise that it contained. Comes with brand new artwork from Stapleton and ...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Sinister Whimsy For The Wretched

2CD set of the out of print Nurse With Wound albums, Sugar Fish Drink and Large Ladies With Cake in the Oven. Can the music live up to the oddness promised by the titles of these things? Honestly, probably. Some of the tracks might be familiar to fans of Nurse With Wound but ...view item »

Nurse With Wound
The Swinging Reflective

The Swinging Reflective is a 1999 compilation that gathers up Nurse With Wound’s collaborations over the preceding nineteen years. And the list of collaborators is pretty extensive, taking in Stereolab, Whitehouse’s William Bennett, Foetus, ...view item »

Nurse With Wound
The Swinging Reflective II

A double CD compilation from Nurse With Wound. Stephen Stapleton has put together a load of his favourites from his massive archive, includes tracks he’s remixed, written with guest musicians or long time collaborators, all remastered. It’s a follow on from a compilation of the same name released in ...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Spiral Insana

Nurse With Wound’s Spiral Insana is considered by some to be one of the finest examples of the group’s magically strange industrial-experimental sound, if it even makes sense to classify Nurse With Wound records in that way. This reissue of the 1986 album presents the original LP along with ...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Soliloquy For Lilith

Essential reissue of Nurse With Wound’s epic 3CD masterpiece. Quite possibly my all time favourite Nurse With Wound release. Apparently so popular with fans at the time of it’s vinyl release back in 1988 it funded his family’s move to a farm in Irelan...view item »

Andrew Liles
Monstrous Medical Mishaps (Horrendous Hospitals and Disastrous Dentistry)

The ever busy, ever mystic Andrew Liles (of Nurse With Wound and Current 93) is dabbling into Matmos territory with the latest installment of his Monster series, which has a medical theme. Monstrous Medical Mishaps (Horrendous Hospitals and Disastrous Dentistry) uses ma...view item »

Steven Stapleton & Christoph Heemann
Painting With Priests

Painting With Priests is a document of a live improvised show in Italy, also the first time that Steven Stapleton (known for his Nurse With Wound but also working with Coil and Current 93) and Christoph Heemann (a serial high-end collaborator) had playe...view item »

Nurse With Wound
The Great Ecstasy Of The Basic Corrupt

This ultra-rare 2014 private press from Nurse With Wound has been given a new life on CD from United Dirter. 'The Great Ecstasy of the Basic Corrupt' has all the unclassifiable drones, sinister tape manipulation and terrifyingly surreal sound of classic NWW material. A recent classic, long overd...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Dark Fat

Dark Fat is what happens when Nurse With Wound elect to record all their live performances for a whole decade and then turn their curious eyes to the task of forming some new creature from the audio morass. What we get is a whole new set of compositions: you might catch the ghost of a gig you remember, but don’t b...view item »

Nurse With Wound / Blind Cave Salamander
Cabbalism I & II

This album sprung from Blind Cave Salamander supporting Nurse With Wound at a show in Italy: consequently, the two groups started to play live together, working around the seminal Nurse record Soliloquy For Lilith. The multiple results of those shows are presented here on Cabbalism ...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Sylvie and Babs (Expanded Edition)

Sylvie And Babs is an old Nurse With Wound favourite, reportedly recorded With Titillating Orchestrations By someone named Murray Fontana, although I wouldn’t believe a word these guys tell you, to be honest. Here the record is reissued as a double CD, boosted with rare and unreleased mat...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Who Can I Turn To Stereo

If your a newer fan looking to wade through the endless recordings of NWW and get through the best ones out there. Here's one. I've found all that I've heard from NWW interesting, exciting, refreshing, surreal. This one, though, is the one I listen to the most. It is wildly disorienting, especially with the extra disc... listened to from beginni...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Stereo Wastelands

Here we go. Nurse With Wound returns with their billionth album described as "a collection of musical debris from the original 'Who can I Turn to Stereo' sessions"... so that dates it as 1996 era. I wonder who these people on the cover are? One of them has a can of baked beans pouring down their face. I'd hope that if you like Nurse With Wound y...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Lumb's Sister

Available on CD from United Jnana. Remastered from the original tapes these are the original soundtrack concepts for Chris Wallis’ film Lumb’s Sister from 1989, Steven Stapleton’s main musical output Nurse With Wound. In the end these tracks ended up not being used and...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Terms And Conditions Apply

Here's an epic 2CD thing from Nurse With Wound that mops up a load of bits and pieces you might not have heard from the era 2008-2011, opening with the head scratching concrete party banger 'Cruisin' For A Bruisin'' and then proceeding to get weirder, it's a pretty diverse collection of their bizarre cut-and-paste experiments, the first disc s...view item »

Nurse With Wound

NWW are back with this strange little oddity of an album, ‘Chromanatron’ is a tribute to the legendary German cosmic rock band Sand. As with most NWW projects,  any of the original sounds from its influence are mostly gone, what is left is a collage of heavy industrial sounds, dark ambient noises and their trademark cut and past...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Bar Maldoror

This is an expanded 2-disc version of the classic Nurse With Wound album, Live At Bar Maldoror. Disc one has a remastered version of the album which was recorded between 1984 and 1986, whilst disc two features a previously unreleased live show which was recorded in Ghent, Belgium in 2007. Steven stapleton from the band ...view item »

Nurse With Wound and Graham Bowers

Another addition to the massive collection of work by Steven Stapleton aka Nurse With Wound, this release for the Red Wharf imprint sees him teaming up with Graham Bowers to create something spectacular and baffling at the same time, ‘Parade’ is a carnival of conflicting sounds that explore the banalities of the human condition, jitt...view item »

Nurse With Wound / Blind Cave Salamander

Before I begin this review I have an embarrassing confession to make, and one I hoped never to have to reveal until I had rectified the situation. Sadly I now feel I must. I have never actually heard Nurse With Wound's seminal 'Soliloquy For Lilith'. I know, I know, I should have by now, ...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Second Pirate Session

This disc is one of the highlights of the demented-hip-hop days of Nurse with Wound. Included is a David Tibet-voiced cover of Zappa's "Trouble Every Day" ("Subterranean Zappa Blues") done in gangsta-rap style and backed with one of the most dissonant saxophone lines this side of a John Zorn album; a thoroughly nasty powerelectronics remix of the l...view item »

Nurse With Wound and Graham Bowers

Off to see NWW do his dream-sleep experiment tomorrow in Newcastle. I'm very excited, right down to the point where I'm considering investing in some new pyjamas. They'd have to be plastered with the TG logo or summat so I didn't look uncool and non-industrial. This CD isn't quite what I'...view item »

SUNN O))) meets Nurse With Wound
The Iron Soul Of Nothing

Good news for Sunn O)) / NWW fans that this is now available on vinyl. Originally it was issued as a bonus disc with the 2008 Japanese CD issue of Sunn O ))'s 'ØØVOID' on Daymare Records. The original material dates back to the year 2000 and was re-worked by Steven Stapleton a...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Paranoia In Hi-Fi

**WHITE, GREEN, YELLOW & BLUE TRAY VARIETIES , A FEW COPIES AVAILABLE!!!** Nurse With Wound would normally be Anthony's forte but since i'm bargain basement Brian, I've opted to review their 99p sampler CD 'Paranoia in Hi-Fi'. This man is a complete nutter but without him, the face of modern industrial and experimental music w...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella

Obviously, NWW is a love-it-or-loathe-it project anyway, but even for someone like myself (a NWW fan), this is a rather embarrassing glimpse into what I would even call the "formative" years of NWW; this simply sounds like (and actually is) three guys who can't play their instruments playing their instruments. Nowhere are the tape mutations that...view item »

Nurse With Wound

This one apparently got delayed due to a pressing fault. At ease folks as it's right here right now, on transparent vinyl in an edition of 500 copies. Originally the audio here was created as a backdrop to an exhibition/installation by Steven Stapleton and David Tibet and was available to purchase on CD at the Ho...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Space Music

Four months after being pre-sold Nurse With Wound's 'Space Music' album, the wait is over, although the CD version is in stock the vinyl has been delayed further. This incarnation of NWW is Stephen Stapleton, Andrew lilies and Colin Potter and this single fifty five minute work was officially commissioned  by the Melbourne Planetarium.…...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Rock N Roll Station

So in a big dramatic way yesterday we couldn't decide what to play.... It's like that sometimes.... you're overfaced with gargantuan amounts of music and sometimes it's nice to have the stereo off and sit there staring at the wall hoping something interesting will happen. It rarely does. So I decided to bang on the new NURSE WITH WOUND a...view item »

Nurse With Wound
The Bacteria Magnet

Nurse With Wound are back with a new white vinyl 12" on Dirter. It's called 'The Bacteria Magnet' and I have to say the sleeve is rather striking. Part sexy woman, part industrialized headless woman I can pretty much guarantee you'll look twice when you see it. The lead track creates a whole new genre called traffic jazz..... loads of road noi...view item »

Nurse With Wound & Larsen
Erroneous: A Selection Of Errors

This project is the fruit of over two years worth of file swapping between Larsen and NWW and is based on one long NWW piece and two Larsen tracks  which have then in turn been deconstructed by both parties…  This is arresting from the offset  of 'Tickety-Boo' which kicks off with super sinister electro-acoustic sounds and ...view item »

Various (Nadja, Nurse With Wound, Legendary Pink Dots etc.)

Nurse With Wound
Images/ Zero Mix (standard)

A pretty impressive package, this - a book comprising a set of paintings by Steven Stapleton for the Angry Eelectric Finger project and a CD comprising the original recordings Stapleton passed on to the participating artists. The paintings are a psychedelic trip into Stapleton's Dada vision of the world, and very good. The CD comprises t...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Huffin Rag Blues

Well after a chorus of farmyard bleatings, weird retro soundtrack carnage & drunken doo-wop Tom Waits-esque weirdness I can only assume i'm being subjected to another fine platter of Nurse With Wound served hot with spicy locust sauce. This is the coloured double vinyl counterpart to the previously released CD, many if not all the tracks...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Homotopy To Marie

Nurse With Wound main man Steven Stapleton regards Homotopy To Marie as the first real Nurse With Wound album, although it’s actually their 5th. This is because he made it how he wanted to without anyone else chipping in with ideas. He locked himself away and perfected his tape editing and track constructi...view item »

Nurse With Wound
The Surveillance Lounge

Finally from me... The Nurse With Wound 'The Surveillance Lounge' CD arrived and it's a belter. I think really strong one but then I'm well into NWW at the moment. This has some awesome surrealist sonic collage and some totally sinister moments. There's one point there is a wicked tribal beat with like some fucking weird hurdy gurdy crazy vocal cha...view item »

Various (6 Organs of Admittance, Coil, Angels Of Light, Nurse With Wound etc)
Not Alone

If you want to give to charity but you feel like you need something in return cos you're either a bit tight or live on a small budget then you could do immediately feel better by buying the Not Alone 5 CD box set on Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) where the proceeds will go to helping to fight the spread of Aid...view item »

Nurse With Wound/ The Termite Queen
Crank/ Wisecrack

Nurse With Wound
An Awkward Pause

NURSE WITH WOUND were Excellent at this years ATP festival. They were the first artists to perform on the main stage and really set the atmosphere for the weekend. I can recall a barmaid being utterly confused by the performance "What's it supposed to be? It's just noise" it tickled me that did. 'An Awkward Pause' Special addit...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains

I first discovered this band when I stumbled upon a clip of their live show online. I think maybe that is the way it is most meant to be experienced. Lots of this stuff is pretty weird. For example in "Astral Dustbin Dirge" you'll be slowly carried along a lulling journey into space, soon turning into an amalgamation of demonic breathing, a hear...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Echo Poeme: Sequence No 2

The definitive avant-industrial collective, Nurse with Wound, with a typically unpredictable release. Echo Poeme: Sequence No 2 on vinyl LP from Drastic Planet is a single almost hour long track built from looped and processed female vocals. Originally released in 2005, the single sound source c...view item »

Nurse With Wound
Angry Eelectric Finger 2- Cyclobe

it would be nice if i could hear it?? isnt it possible to play a bit for me please?? other than that the guy ion picture has too much hair for me. obviously a wierdo studenty type....view item »

Nurse With Wound/ Jim O'Rourke
Angry Electric 1