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No Age
Snares Like a Haircut

Been a while, hasn't it? Fuzz punks No Age have been dwelling in slumber since they released An Object, their last and most thoughtful record in a back catalogue full of discarding and distorting. Here comes the shred: they're back with Snares Like a Haircut and it sounds like they're g...view item »

No Age
An Object

I called this lot New Age last week  - its very much like having your grandad writing reviews. Anyway this is their 4th album. They are one of those bands with two people in them. There a lot of bands about at the moment with just the two people in them. I can see why, its expensive to tour and does it really matter if there is no bass? Wel...view item »

No Age
Everything in Between

Never been much of a fan of No Age but I'm down with the fact that they've used their relatively high profile as artists to expose, inspire and encourage fellow LA artists/musicians and punkers around the world. It's obvious they are doing good work for the music community but I'm just not that fussed with their music. 'Everything In Between' ma...view item »

No Age

Just spent 10 minutes ordering some shoddy fast food only to be told they don't deliver to these grimy streets. Tsk! Have to console myself with the adrenalized experimental fuzzgarage squall of No Age's 1st proper big record, 'Nouns' If the EPs didn't stir your broth then there's no hope for you. This is the best thing Sub Pop have unleashed in an...view item »

No Age
Weirdo Rippers

FINALLY released on vinyl. And not just any vinyl.. It's that spanky DMM stuff which probably bakes bread and fetches your morning paper. This comp features tracks from the 3 x 12" and 2 x 7" lettered series a while back. It's not got all of the tracks on but to get all of the tracks you'd have to sell your house as they're worth a mint. ...view item »

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