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New Young Pony Club

NYPCs latest cut is a slinky cut. More suave than 35 Des Lynams and at least 35 times less old. It has a tight production sound and the vocals sound ace. I like how the drums roll in. The B-side is a song about wearing dresses and maybe an attack on celebrity. Who knows. I've actually worn a dress. I went to my corner shop in one and the shopkeeper...view item »

New Young Pony Club
Get Lucky/ Really Literal

New Young Pony Club: 'Get Lucky' (Modular) New from the ever so popular and fashionable set. A discofied indie-pop sing-a-long lyric married to a one finger synth line. Complete with Mstrkrft and Whomadewho remixes for the indie so-called nu-(g)ravers....view item »

New Young Pony Club
Get Lucky/ Outlines Mix

Amazing sound, a bit like the dj Mehdi remix... ...view item »

New Young Pony Club
Fantastic Playroom

the natural heirs to New Order (and i put this to Peter Hook and he didn't lamp me - in fact agreed and bizarrely also suggested that he thought The Gossip were to a certain extent too) and the epitomy of indie dance pop for this generation. With great tunes with a rough edge¬†(the get go) to the tv friendly (ice cream) and charismatic front woma...view item »

New Young Pony Club
Ice Cream/ Popular Computer Remix

New Young Pony Club are one of these trendy major label corporate attempts to empty your wallet and turn into fun for shareholders. This is electro pop almost like a watered down Peaches without the downright smut for the masses. If that floats your boat then get on board. What do I think? I kind of don't mind it which unsettles me a bit though it ...view item »

New Young Pony Club
The Bomb

And onto NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB who have a single out called The Bomb on a number of very different and exciting formats! Electro indie somewhere in between Ladytron and that DFA nugget Murphy. Short and sweet but to the point......view item »

New Young Pony Club
Ice Cream

Elastica meets LCD soundsystem. Deadpan english vocal style with electro guitars delivered by possibly the most stylish singer and keyboard player in Britain! No wonder the whole world looks to the UK for good music when we effortlessly produce such pop gems! ...view item »