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Emerging out of the ashes of the ill-fated Joy Division, New Order have forged a lengthy and entirely separate career that certainly went way past them being treated as a postscript to their earlier band. Although early New Order records mined a more »

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New Order
Get Ready

I must admit although New Order are one of my favourite bands, I almost gave up on them when they released that awful song about British football that came from the so-so Republic album (what?? ed) . But when I heard "Crystal", the single from this album I was instantly grabbed by the resurgence of New Order's hook-laden sound, deceptively so si...view item »

New Order
Power, Corruption & Lies

New Order’s second full-length achieves a fine balance between electronic and guitar-based music. While the preceding Movement LP was the work of a band who couldn’t quite shake off the weight of their past as Joy Division, Power, Corruption and Lies and the contemporary Blue Monday 12” saw them define a singul...view item »

New Order

Remember Republic? The New Order album with sleeve art that looks like a straight-to-video action movie languishing in a VHS bargain bin? Here it is reissued, by Rhino. The 1993 album includes the hit ‘Regret’, and was the last thing released by the band before their long hiatus. Remastered audio!...view item »

New Order

With the release of their most successful album Power, Corruption and Lies, New Order had a tough album to follow with. Making a more depressing sound helped with the creation of this album, and in 1985, Low-Life came to reality, and assisted in the growing music scene that was almost elegant, but catchy at the same time. Low Life signalled a ne...view item »

New Order
Waiting For The Sirens Call

First off, I must express dislike for those who dismiss this album as not being on par with their eighties albums. New Order has already made their mythic hits, and one has to admire the fact that they are still putting stuff out there, when the pop-music landscape is so altered. New Order are still making music that's great on its own terms. If...view item »

New Order

Towards the end of 2015, New Order played two gigs at Brixton Academy in support of their album Music Complete. The shows were subject to rave reviews, including a five-star write-up in The Guardian, and the audio from the second of those concerts was captured by Live Here Now. Now Mute present it acros...view item »

New Order Presents Be Music

Be Music is the umbrella name for the various extracurricular activities that the individual members of New Order got up to in their time away from the band. Lots of productions and remixes for acts including Section 25, A Certain Ratio and Factory Floor. This o...view item »

New Order
People On The High Line

Here we have  12” white vinyl of the Claptone remix with a download code for the full remix package or a CD with that full package on it, including mixes by Claptone, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Hybrid, Planet Funk and Richard X. Enough to sink your teeth into there. The 7" h...view item »

New Order
Complete Music

This deluxe edition of New Order’s most recent album presents the original album on one CD, and extended 12” mixes of every single track(!) on the other. So this release is perfect for anyone who fancies playing out new New Order in the club, or for those who just couldn’t get enough of the ori...view item »

New Order
Tutti Frutti

Even if you are literally New Order, having a Hot Chip remix adorn your single must still be very exciting. Can they do any wrong? It seems not: their version of New Order’s Tutti Frutti has the glorious pop sensibility and the deep dancefloor authority that you’d expect fro...view item »

New Order

Electronic art-rockers New Order with the third single from their acclaimed Music Complete album. Bernard Summer’s vocals are as melancholy and bittersweet as ever and the rapid-fire synths and heavy, twisting basline from Peter Hook make Singularity an album highlight. The selection of re...view item »

New Order

Sometimes, you wish the past would just stay the past. Not so with The New Order. Hence our joy to be treated to new material! While we eagerly await their upcoming album Music Complete, expected September 25, we can listen to their first single in a decade: Restless. It might no...view item »

New Order
Music Complete

And just like that, a brand new New Order album! Music Complete is their first since 2013, and is notable for a complete lack of Peter Hook, who grumped his way out of the band a while back. A fresh, Mute-worthy sound, wrapped up in a typical Peter Saville sleeve! Available on double LP (only black viny...view item »

New Order
1981 - 1982

This is a classic of its era. The EP often known as 'Factus 8' is a kind of bridging EP between Joy Division and New Order.  The dark, goth-y sounds take on an electronic hue and New Order was born. There are some absolute corkers on here: 'Everything's Gone Green', 'Procession', 'Temptation'. A band who were once so inventive and ahea...view item »

New Order
The Lost Sirens

New Order as we know it are no more, with Peter Hook bowing out a few years back, but they’re still operating as a live unit without him and here they scrape the bottom of their Hooky barrel with a mini-album of eight songs which didn’t make i...view item »

New Order
Waiting For The Sirens/ Temptation

3 brand new disco 7" shaped singles by the mighty New Order this week. All with different mixes of Waiting For The Sirens Call by clever people like Jackknife Lee, Rich Costey and a mix by the band. If all that doesn't sound so exciting then be tempted by the B sides which feature a Richard X mix of Bizarre Love Triang...view item »

Joy Division/ New Order
Total: The Best of New Order & Joy Division

Hellbent for New Order & Joy Division.This compilation is very good because is covers both great bands from Joy Division and New order. Hellbent is a classic New order song with great music in it, whatever this band touches turns to gold, I still can't wait for the WFTSC leftovers, if Hellbent sound this good which is a leftover from the WFT...view item »

New Order

Movement is a dark, brooding, desperate record that resonates all these years later almost as well as Joy Division's two albums. I hesitate to think of another album that oozes raw emotion as blatantly and tragically. These songs are deftly composed manifestations of the sadness and fear these young men were living, but without a hint of self-in...view item »

New Order

What. An. Album. This is the one where New Order took loads of drugs and went to Ibiza and came out with dance pop classic. The album is a shimmering beauty, perfectly matching their Mancunian guitar pop with the dancefloor sounds of the day. (Almost) every song is perfect. A brilliant ride start to finish. ...view item »

New Order
Acid House Mixes by 808 State

Talking of Rephlex, they've gone & unearthed 2 ancient (1988) New Order remixes by 808 State. Norman Towers can honestly say it was never formed from the ashes of the acid house boom, being as we are a bunch of cardigan wearing indie pussies who thought drugs were what mum had in the bathroom cabinet for her migraines ...view item »

New Order

New Order were always a singles band first and foremost, so this release ought to be your one-stop shop. A fair few solid gold hits here (‘Blue Monday’! ‘Temptation’!), presented in proper 7” single edit form where available. All the audio has been remastered since the last time Warner released ...view item »

New Order (featuring Ana Mantronic)

New Order

Clint really hates this new New Order single, 'Krafty'. Well, it ain't at all bad ya know. Just really catchy & incredibly perky New Order (Noughties model, of course) by numbers. Think Electronic with hooky's trademark 6 string bass grumbling under the surface. No new converts to be won here, they all have tits & m...view item »

New Order
Back To Mine

If you aren't familiar with the Back to Mine Series by now, you're missing out on some great insights into the bands who put them together. Some fans may well remember when New Order sounded very much like little more than a bunch of Cassio keyboards and Drum Machines themselves. If your interested in the music that inspires your favourite music...view item »