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“Neu! 75” has always been my favourite Neu! album partly, if I’m honest, because I preferred the black cover. Also, “Isi” is my favourite piece of Neu! music too. It is followed by the gloomy “Seeland” and “Leb’ Whol” is a beautiful piece of ambience. “Hero” and “After...view item »

Klaus Dinger & preJapandorf

We’ve never previously had an opportunity to hear this work by the late legendary Neu! drummer Klaus Dinger, which the motorik pioneer recorded with preJapandorf, a collection of various musicians. 2000! continues Klaus’s journeys into the infinity of sound,...view item »


Neu! were formed by Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger after the pair left Kraftwerk. Their eponymous debut was released in 1972. Opener “Hallogallo” is a 10-minute long repetitive beat with manipulated guitar sounds floating over the top. They neatened up the metronomic clack that fellow Krautrockers, ...view item »

NEU! ´86

Hmm.. I'm going into this one with a bit of trepidation given what I've heard of Neu!'s post-'75 material in the past and the incredibly acrimonious history of these tracks.. As far as I know this stuff was previously only available on the Neu! 4 bootleg which Michael Rother had always bitterly disowned and this is the first time it's come o...view item »

Crazy/ Euphoria

We scored a few of these Record Store Day things and this was one of 'em. I was ludicrously excited when I heard it was coming out being a bit of a fan 'n all. Here's you get 2 tracks from Neu '86 and when I stuck Euphoria on I didn't expect it to sound like Tiffany 'I Think We're Alone Now'. I mean you can hear it's Neu underneath it all... all...view item »

Neu 75

This is quite an interesting album with an interesting story. Due to their different desires for how they wanted the album to sound they decided to create the record as two split sides the first side is recorded like normal and has quite an ambient sound but the B side has a more aggressive sound and features a lot of guitar work. For instance t...view item »

Neu! 2

As Neu did with their first album, “Neu! 2” opens with a typically lengthy, energetic Krautrock staple, “Fur Immer”, again this is followed by soundscapes and unsettling noises, less Pink Floyd-ish this time. “Lila Engel” takes the Neu! Krautrock sound and distorts it, making a...view item »