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Neil Campbell
Unholy Dump

Self-confessed 'hopeless at pastiche' man Neil Campbell AKA Astral Social Club releases Unholy Dump. Here Neil smudges and blurs the essence of some of his formative goth influences. He originally wanted to call the album something even more self-destructive but found out that someone else had already called their record that. Which is a shame, ...view item »

Alog/Astral Social Club
Split #20

Had to stick this in, it got slightly overlooked for some reason, perhaps because you can't tell what it is due to the fact some idiot has drilled holes in it to look like some piece of highbrow contemporary art. It's a split series type affair on old Fat Cat records of London town. The first track is by Alog, two enigmatic Norsk types who speciali...view item »

Astral Social Club
Fountain Transmitter Medications

Prolific sonic madcap Neil Campbell has his best shirt on and is having a great time in his garden. I'd say that you picked the worse side of your face, Neil. On his latest release on VHF records, he spits out more ecstatic electronic whirls, squeaks and bleeps which defy the suburban topiary vibe of the cover. Oh, and there'...view item »

Astral Social Club / Glockenspiel
Smash Crater #1/Assorted PCP

I just stuck the Astral Social Club side of this split 7" on at what I assume must have been the wrong speed and it sounded like V/VM remixing that Mr. Blobby record from years ago. One to fuck with people at parties and that. At its intended 33rpm 'Smash Crater #1' is yet another gem from the industro-psych-techno-stomper side of Neil Campbell's...view item »

Astral Social Club
Meadow Mechanicals

Another day, another Neil Campbell release… not that we have a problem with that, as Neil’s stuff is always of an astoundingly high quality. As Astral Social Club on this cassette for Fort Evil Fruit, he brings a multifarious swirl of synths, guitars and beats, as colourful and intense as ever. Good...view item »

Astral Social Club
1-7 MP3 CD

I walked into the office to be greeted with a rather exciting Astral Social Club mp3 CD which I tried to play in the stereo only to read that it was actually an mp3 disc. For those uninitiated this is the project of ex-Vibracathedral Orchestra member Neil Campbell. '1-7 mp3 CD' is simply a must for anyone into his brand psychedelic improv / drone/ ...view item »

Astral Social Club
Electric Yep

Taking the quality of the Astral Social Club catalogue into account, to say that this is probably my favourite record by Neil Campbell's alter ego is a bold statement. The man's hit the jackpot with this one, arguably his most focused and refined statement to date. I conti...view item »

Astral Social Club
Metal Guru / Moonage Daydream

The prolific Neil “Astral Social Club” Campbell is back this week with a new 7”, accompanied by a CD containing extended versions of the tracks on the single and a couple of extra tracks as well, so basically an album’s worth of material, so the £10 pricetag isn’t act...view item »

My Carapace Is Leaking / Astral Social Club
Split Cassette

Nice packaging this ‘un. It comes in a tasty lino print oversized cardboard box thingy with artwork by Jake Blanchard, which comes as no surprise as Torpress is his label and he’s a top artist. Speaking of which you really should check out ...view item »

Astral Social Club
Magic Smile

Great to get something new in from Astral Social Club, Leeds’s own Neil Campbell, also of Vibracathedral infamy but also cutting pione...view item »

Astral Social Club
Generator Breaker

The ever reliable Neil Campbell returns with yet another release, this time for Dekorder records. This is Campbell's second LP for the label following his collaboration with High Wolf under the guise of Iibiis Rooge. 'Generator Breaker' continues Campbell's evolution into the blissful a...view item »

Astral Social Club / Tomutonttu
Wet Wheel/Hot Wheel b/w Syvät Svyät

Tipped Bowler Tapes hook us up with a 12" 45 loosely inspired by the club format and featuring none other than Tomutonttu and Leeds's very own astral pioneer Neil Campbell. Campbell kicks things off with stuttered interpretation of propulsive dancefloor format. Though the astral tomfool...view item »

Astral Social Club
Wheezey Paradise

Neil Campbell rears his head once more with a collection of tongue-in-cheek cosmic techno jams on Sonic Oyster Tapes entitled 'Wheezy Paradise'. Recorded live at the Northumberland Arms in Newcastle back in May 2010, 'Wheezy Paradise' is a fine example of Campbell at his most impressive. It's a day-glo assault on the senses that encompasses his ...view item »

Astral Social Club

Astral Social Club's Neil Campbell returns with a more than welcome slab of 7" wax filled to brim with alien space jams and cosmic chaos. 'Snaefell' kicks things off in a swirl of eternal synth drone punctuated by subtle dub tones and ever evolving organ arpeggios in a variety of tempo's and shapes. This is white washed in a shower of cosmic fir...view item »

Astral Social Club
Model Town In A Field Of Mud

Another artist truly pushing sonic boundries is Neil Campbell. His Astral Social Club stuff is totally out there and 'Model Town In Field Of Mud' is no exception. Alien synth layers morph around the room and mutate into cascading spectral bursts of heavenly electronic sounds. Forward thinking, trippy sounds to say the least. The tracks flow into ea...view item »

Astral Social Club
Plug Music Ramoon

More delicious music by Neil Campbell & his Astral Social Club project. After Brett's hungry devouring of his new CD on vhf, here's a full bloody 12" wax platter to feast on! With Stewart Keith & ex-Hood collaborator John Clyde-Evans on board, 'Plug Music Ramoon' opens with a spaced out wibbly number with a backwards masked element goi...view item »

Astral Social Club
Happy Horse

Heres the new one from ex Vibracathedral Orchestra, A Band, Sunroof and professional thinner Alexei Sayle lookalike Neil Campbell and his merry men. Its a lovely looking CD with a felt sleeve and screen printed on the front. The music is propulsive rhythmic psychedelic trance like stuff with nods to techno and experimental electronica. Its an ho...view item »

Astral Social Club
Smashed Tractor

This is a super nice 3" CD housed in a 5" stumptown sleeve with acetate inserts, hand stamped with posh little sealed envelopes. Very smart looking indeed. Seasoned Astral Social Clubbers will thoroughly approve of Neil Campbell's (and co?) trademark psychedelic swirls that are gently massaging my frontal lobe. This isn't radically different fro...view item »

Astral Social Club
Super Spraint

The Astral twins dish up another serving of uber-space station improv on a cute little 3" CD released as part of La Station Radar's 'Fake Tape series'. These little 'Fake Tapes' are presented in pseudo tape-like packaging and everything...well nice. Anyway, 'Super Spraint' is pretty minimalist in it's approach using only the slightest of elect...view item »

Astral Social Club
Metal Oblation

OK before you ask we have none of the metal edition which came with a piece of boiler (no shit). They came and went super quick (in about 10 minutes in fact) as we only had a handful of 'em! But we have some of the regular edition left which has sold out at source as well now as there's only 100. He's a popular lad that Neil Campbell. Here we ...view item »

Astral Social Club

A few months back Brian and I toodled out to see Astral Social Club on a bill with Acid Mothers Temple and I think it's fair to say that we loved both, but it was the former that really made my mind take off to another place with their epic, droning one track performance. That night was closer in spirit to the LP Brian's reviewing this week but...view item »

Astral Social Club
Psychic Smog 1-7

More experimental treats on Qbico this week and amongst the latest batch of vinyl is Astral Social Club's 'Psychic Smog 1-7'. Recorded in winter 08/09 the tracks here are oven fresh. For this record the club are duo Campbell and Delaney. They sound like their pushing the gear to it's absolute limits here with some seriously strange cosmic sounds bl...view item »

Astral Social Club
Skelp/ Ginnel

Astral Social Club: Skelp (Trensmat) 7" w/ CD Is a collaboration by Neil Campbell and Stewart Walden that reveals Neil's fascination with the German minimal techno imprint Kompakt. That influence and inspiration comes through in the repetitive loops employed. Surrounding the minimal approach is the itchy scratchy textures, loose piano refrains and ...view item »

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