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Jim James
Uniform Distortion

My Morning Jacket’s angel-voiced frontman Jim James is getting angry about the way our news is delivered. His third solo album, Blanket Distortion explores ways in which we can escape the fuzziness that’s dividing the world and get back to appreciating the simpler thin...view item »

Carl Broemel
4th of July

Carl Broemel will be better known to you as part of My Morning Jacket, but here he shows us what he can do on his own. 4th of July was recorded in bits and pieces over the course of four years, meaning that it gives us little insights into life as it is lived, via the means of intimate country-influence...view item »

Jim James
Eternally Even

Most commonly known as frontman of My Morning Jacket, Jim James brings us his sophomore record - Eternally Even. Produced by Alabama Shakes' Blake Mills, this offering is set to top his debut release - which was met with widespread critical accla...view item »

My Morning Jacket
It Still Moves (Deluxe Edition)

My Morning Jacket’s southern indie rock classic It Still Moves was first released in 2003, and is here reissued in truly deluxe style. The original record (some say the band’s finest) has been remastered, and is accompanied by 10 of Jim James’ demoes and another 3 tracks, previously un...view item »

My Morning Jacket
The Waterfall

Recorded in Stinson Beach CA, ‘The Waterfall’ is Louisville Kentucky based rock quintet My Morning Jacket’s seventh full length album, due for release on ATO Records/Capitol Records. Following in the footsteps of their highly acclaimed Grammy nominated 2011 release ‘Circuital’, ‘The Waterfall’ is a focus...view item »

My Morning Jacket

As it stands, “Circuital” is the sixth and last album by My Morning Jacket. Their use of ethereal atmospherics and electronics is more evident here than any previous albums. The opener “Victory Dance” is a low, sinister groove which builds with layers of instrumentation and vocals b...view item »

My Morning Jacket
Acoustica Citsuoca

While the songs with the band "The Bear" and "Sooner" are good and terrific live performance, it's when the band leaves the stage to Jim James that the EP really defines itself. Alone with his acoustic guitar and his indescribable, plaintively melancholy voice Jim James causes the hair on the back of your neck to stand straight up. "Bermuda High...view item »

My Morning Jacket
At Dawn

On “At Dawn”, My Morning Jacket have added an ethereal quality to their country-rock sound, which to me has made them more interesting than out-and-out country rockers Drive-By Truckers for example. The ethereal sound does suit ...view item »

My Morning Jacket
Evil Urges

"Z" and "Evil Urges" have a very similar sequence. Both records start with falsetto infused modern rock and arty pop. Both records have a middle section comprised of more straightforward guitar driven rock and some rootsy material. And both have ending pieces that have a similar level of dramatic tension, although different in style. If you're a...view item »

Songs; Ohia/ My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket
Off The Record

As Hawaii Five-O was such a fucking smashing prog on telly when I were a nipper, I find myself most taken with My Morning Jacket's bizarre approximation of the theme tune, masquerading as a new single called 'Off The Record', which marries some timeless (well...... 80's) skanking radio pop euphoria with that distinctive hook braze...view item »

My Morning Jacket
Chapter 1- The Sandworm Cometh

Album's are far too long these days. Its the fault of the CD. 40 minutes is about all I can stomach of any band. We once played a My Morning Jacket CD here at the towers  - when it started I was clean shaven. By the time it was finished I had a full beard. Boom Boom. Have I used that one before? Probably. Anyway here we are again wi...view item »

My Morning Jacket
One Big Holiday

This song will give listeners the exact same emotional high they've come to expect form past singles by My Morning Jacket, and I can't even explain why. It's not often that music can can completely bite you right in the soul, but this song does. On the one hand, I like that My Morning Jacket is trying some new directions...on the other hand, how...view item »

My Morning Jacket, Photon Band, Various
Little Darla Has A Taste For You Vol 1

My Morning Jacket
Run Thru

Brand new My Morning Jacket single called Run Thru on BMG on 7"/CD. Both formats be limited and numbered. Again it sounds like it's recorded in a big hall. I like this tune. Not a big fan of the band but there's a few songs which are pretty good and this is one of 'em. Nice!...view item »

My Morning Jacket

Next up. My Morning Jacket with Sweatbees (their first single on Wichita ) which seems to be a compilation of stuff previously released on Darla, Jade Tree and Badman. This lot have recently been hyped to hell by the NME and for once it is justified. They write really melodic ...view item »

My Morning Jacket, Haydn, Various
Badman's Bedtime Maladies

My Morning Jacket
Chocolate & Ice

A couple of things in on Shingle Street this week. First up is a mini album by My Morning Jacket which is marvellous. Reminds me a lot of Richard Hawley and REM in places. Again more beautiful summery classically simple guitar music. It's got a hazy feel to it and like Richard H...view item »

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