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Menschen am Sonntag - Live in Berlin

As mum return to Berlin for their third time soundtracking the seminal German silent movie Menschen am Sonntag, the band’s Morr Music label has seen fit to release recordings taken from the previous two performances of their score. This 10" features exactly the sort of glitchy-yet-chest-swelling cinematic ambiences that one would expect mum to contribute to such a project.
  • Vinyl 10" (MM159LP)

Örvar Smárason
Light Is Liquid

Twenty years after co-founding múm back in 1997, Örvar Smárason at last takes a dip solo with the rather trippily-titled Light is Liquid. Órvar’s touch in múm is traceable in the brittle melancholy, twee cuteness and rattling early 2000s bedroom electronica beats of these songs - especially the two featuring Sillas. But the album also reaches further into graceful synthpop territory.
  • Vinyl LP (MM161LP)
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  • CD (MM161CD)


Múm are up to album number six now, a little different to how they started, a little bit just the same, too. Certainly Smilewound delivers some bonafide pop moments - none more so than the tune Kylie Minogue lends her pipes to. Generally a few layers are getting stripped away, here. An Morr Music release on CD and nice gatefold LP.

Early Birds

  • Vinyl Double LP (MM116LP)

Mum & Dad / Dakota Oak
Clair Whiskey 6

V/A (Lali Puna, Skanfrom, Mum, Isan, Ulrich Schnuss + lots more!!)
Blue Skied An' Clear

Mum, Olafur Arnaulds, Seabear, Various
After Hours #24

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  • Mum
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Low, Hood, Mum, Various
Seasonal Greetings

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  • Mum
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  • Mum