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I've been dying to hear the Mouthus Untitled LP on No Fun Productions since the Wire magazine gave it a slagging. What I like about Mouthus is that every album is different and you never really know what you're going to get. This is one of those play at whatever speed you like records which I have done with some of their records in the past. It's l...view item »

Mouthus/ Yellow Swans
Conan Island

I was well into the Mouthus/ Yellow Swans 'Live On Conan Island' LP on No-Fi and for some reason thought it was just a UK version of 'Conan Island' so I'm obviously buzzing at the fact that we got hold of some of the 'Conan Island' LP on weird Forest which is actually a different recording alltogether. This sounds fucking great. Exactly what you wa...view item »


I was so excited about the arrival of the new Mouthus 'Divisionals' LP on Ecstatic peace that I decided to review it in the popular "rap/hip-hop" style:Yo! YO YO! MC A-N-T I came to bless the M-I-C. Feel me flow... YO!Representing for my peeps and brothers in lockdownYo my niggaz and niggarettes I just got back from th...view item »

Mouthus/ Yellow Swans
Live On Conan Island

Being somewhat of a Mouthus fan I must confess I was a little disappointed with the recent album on No Fun. My faith has been restored however with this live recording with Yellow Swans. 'Live On Conan Island' has both bands in fine form making a right old skull fuck of a racket. There's a few parts that are so intense that I think I'm going to tra...view item »

The Long Salt

A good place to start if you're not familiar with the Mouthus experience. Utterly bizarre rendering of vaguely rock based format with totally fractured but mesmerising rhythms, undescribeable (?) guitar riffs, neanderthal electronics and the densest, most profound vocal moans imaginable. And if that doesn't sound good to you I'm gonna send me t...view item »

Sister Vibration

Every Mouthus record has its own character, this one features an even more dense compressed, bestial guitar grunt than usual with oddly groovy percussion patterns that are sometimes so wrong(in a connecting to our insect ancestry sort of a way) that it's perfect. ...view item »