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One of the most important post-rock bands, Mogwai's career arc has been similar to that of a snowball. The band has slowly built up a huge following from inauspicious (but brilliant) beginnings with the Young Team debut and the Ten Rapid more »

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Every Country's Sun

There’s not many things in life you can rely upon like Mogwai. Perhaps a really reliable plumber is the best comparison I can make. There they are year in year out to service all your post rock needs and come up with the odd chucklesome song title (check the press release for this year’s entry). This is th...view item »

Party In The Dark

Hurling melodic post-punk together with space-rock expansiveness, Party In The Dark is the second track to be lifted from Mogwai’s forthcoming album ‘Every Country’s Sun’. The 7” is backed with ‘Eternal Panther&rsq...view item »


It's not been too long since the successful Every Country's Sun LP but no resting on laurels for Mogwai as they release their first feature film soundtrack for the upcoming movie KIN (made by the same people who brought you Stranger Things). Though it will appeal to lovers of sci-fi soundtracks, we're promised that Mogw...view item »

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Gustavo Santaolalla, Mogwai
Before The Flood (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

If you’re gonna make a film about climate change, and need the soundtrack to resonate just as much with the message, how about grabbing Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails, Mogwai, and film composer Gustavo Santaolalla. Stirring and captivatin...view item »

Rock Action

And on to the Mogwai LP we go. Had no idea what to expect and have Only heard it once so far but from the 1st hearing it sounds marvellous. Not as samey as I'd anticipated and the songs with vocals help to make it sound more interesting. Still quite bits, still noisey bits but it sounds like they've gr...view item »

Central Belters

Something of a motherload here for Mogwai fans: the noisy Scottish group are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a grand, box-set compilation, equal parts favourites and rarities. If you’ve never heard their ‘My Father My King’ before for instance, now’s your chance! Three CDs or a whole six vinyl rec...view item »

Come On Die Young

This deluxe edition of ‘Come On Die Young’ has been painstakingly put together by the band and label, unearthing more than an hour of bonus material, including: Previously unreleased takes from early Chem19 sessions of ‘Waltz For Aidan’, ‘Christmas Steps’, ‘Rollerball’ and ‘7...view item »

Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1 EP

They released 'Rave Tapes' earlier this year, but post-rock heroes Mogwai don't really know the meaning of slowing down -- they're always gearing up to explode. 'Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1' is a new EP with a grab bag of tricks, offering up new, unreleased tunes as well as remixes from their most recent, electronically driven venture. N...view item »

Minor Victories
Orchestral Variations

Minor Victories, the Mogwai / Slowdive / Editors supergroup, released their debut album together to great acclaim in 2016. This new release shows off the breadth of scope and vision that the group possesses, being a full-length suite of Orchestral Variations on the whol...view item »


Mogwai penned Atomic as the soundtrack to Mark Cousin’s documentary Atomic: Living In Dread And Promise which was released summer 2015. The record consists or reworks of the original pieces into an album pieces, and are explorative, electronic, slowed down and krautrock inspired. Atom...view item »

Young Team - Deluxe Edition

There's probably not too much to say about Mogwai's Young Team that hasn't been said before so I'm not gonna review it.. I'm just gonna tell you of it's renewed existence as a 4LP boxset and 2 CD set with loads of extra gubbins (live tracks and unreleased nubbins). The vinyl has been out of print for ages and it's going for about 30 quid so you can...view item »

Government Commissions (BBC Sessions 1996-2003)

Good to have Mogwai back.......with "Government Commissions" an LP of BBC Radio sessions. Starts off with the wonderful "Hunted by a Freak" and that's worth the admission price alone. You know what to expect.  Quality stuff....view item »

Rave Tapes

‘Rave Tapes’ is the eighth studio album from the Glasgow boys, pretty amazing really as personally I’ve watched them blossom from wee scamps back in the mid nineties to the stadium rock giants they are now (well almost!). From the opening track ‘Heard About You Last Night’ it’s truly evident that Mogwai have b...view item »

A Wrenched Virile Lore

Mogwai are back with a brand new album! Well when I say brand new it’s Hardcore Will Never Die’ remixed by all and sundry. And when I say all and sundry and I don’t just mean any ole gimp. They’ve got the likes of ...view item »

Les Revenants Soundtrack

Mogwai have been hard working boys recently, with the sounds of ‘Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will’ still ringing in our ears they’ve come back with this original soundtrack for French TV zombie fest ‘Les Revenants’!All the usual ‘Gwai trademarks are here but ...view item »

Earth Division EP

Mogwai. Not just an animal of mysterious origin that you shouldn't feed after midnight, but also a band that have - like the Gremlins - undergone changes (but not because you might have spilt water on them). They have evolved somewhat, long gone is the shredding riffery of their previous works. It (on this EP anyway) has been replaced by lus...view item »

Special Moves - Live 3xLP & DVD BOX SET with patch and SIGNED poster

A new Mogwai album is a cause for celebration for many folks. Special Moves (I keep wanting to call it special needs.... I got it on the brain) is a stopgap inbetween proper studio albums as it's a live jobbie. It's available as a CD/DVD set which looks kinda nice or as a special vinyl box set which includes a triple LP, signed poster, CD/DVD se...view item »

San Pedro

Mogwai plod on with a new single off their acclaimed (by some) album 'Hardcore will never die but you will'. This is one of the more memorable tunes of that opus (but they are all memorable I hear you say). Okay then, this one stood out on my one listen through the record, firstly as it's a decent...view item »

Hardcore Will Never Die. But You Will

Now described as veterans, Mogwai were the king pins of the once-sprawling post-rock scene and now one of the few survivors mainly thanks to their superb life affirming live shows and consistent recording history. To some ears they have been smooth sailing for a number of years now so what will a new album bring? The opener, the misleadingly tit...view item »

Mexican Grand Prix

Now then, now then. I love some of my Mogwai memories. The pissed-up, post-gig, sweat-sodden boys shouting comical territorial abuse at rowdy England fans streaming outside from their 1st floor dressing room at Leeds Duchess! Being flattened & pummeled beyond belief at the Carling festival by the most powerful roar, thrum & ferocity...view item »

Happy Songs For Happy People

Post rock monsters Mogwai return with a new album. I think this is their best effort for quite awhile The first track is just amazing with guitars chiming like church bells. They always hit the obligatory 'noisy bit' where sometimes you wish they'd keep quiet and explore different textures but... oh we...view item »

Mr Beast

Blimey! Jocks Mogwai seem to be doing well for themselves, I seen them on telly the other week. I think they're a good example of how an independent artist can become successful and leap out of the underground without selling out and compromising their sound. The wait is over for the 'Mr Beast' album after the 'Friend of The Night' sing...view item »

My Father My King

The Mogwai single impressed me. Bit of a love hate relationship with 'em but this really rocked my world (thank you Michael). Based on a jewish hymn (and you can hear it in there) it's a 20 min starting off quiet buildy up thing to big hairy jewish moustached rock. Kind of as you'd expect. Only 1 track...view item »

Special Moves

The "Special Moves" CD contains live versions of songs from almost all of the band's studio albums - there's nothing from the "Zidane" soundtrack or the "Ten Rapid" compilation, but every other album is represented. If you take the DVD, CD and bonus tracks together, you'll find that song selection leans heavily towards the band's latest album "T...view item »

Friend of The Night

New 3 track Cd single and 2 track 7" in on PIAS/ Rock Action from Scotland's satan fearing epic feedback pre-gremlins Mogwai. 'Friend Of the night' is pretty standard Mogwai really. Dreamy and hypnotic with piano, treated guitars and general fuzziness going on, very pleasant indeed. The B-Side, 'Fresh Crown' is...view item »


Sooooo if you didn't know there's a film coming out about Zidane. If you're from another planet then you won't know he's an insanely talented French footballer who's feet are made of silk and magic. He's also rather famous for smacking that Italian dude in the world cup final with his big clever football filled monkhead. Golden TV moments eh....view item »


Oh, Mogwai. So much to say after all we've been through.. But I'll save all that for the album. It's preceeded by this 'Batcat' EP which is a real mixed bag. If you loved the immense 'Glasgow Mega Snake' from Mr. Beast and hoped for more along those lines you're shit in luck because 'Batcat' is it's closest relative, it's not right up there with it...view item »

Ten Rapid (Collected Recordings 1996-1997)

Unlike many albums that are immediately likeable but fade quickly, something about Ten Rapid endures and gains strength with every listen. Maybe it's the haunting melodies that swim gracefully through crashing waves of noise, or the dynamic shadings that go from melancholic whispers to ripping chaos and then settle again into deep blue washes of...view item »

The Hawk Is Howling

The new Mogwai album is here complete with cover art that's either horrendous or brilliant depending on which of us in the office you happen to be asking.. Personally I just can't make my mind up. 'The Hawk is Howling' is a good record but one or two departures aside it's really just the same one they've been making since 2000. The standout for m...view item »

Zidane- A 21st Century Portrait

I did like that MOGWAI single we got in last week. I also really like this new album (which features said single) on PIAS. In case you didn't know it's the soundtrack to the forthcoming film about footie lord Zenadine Zidane. It does sound like a soundtrack as well. Moggers music is perfect for soundtracks if you ask me.... all em...view item »

Interpol, Arab Strap, Mogwai, Delgados, Various

Chemikal Underground CD and DVD set called CHEM087CD & DVD. Nice catchy title..... But its a total bargain @ 9.45 as the CD holds 17 rare and exclusive tracks by Arab Strap, De Rosa, Mogwai, Interpol, Malc Middleton, Magoo, The Delgados and loads loads more.... All the regular punters in fact.... The DVD has 28 videos (8 o...view item »

Travel Is Dangerous

M m m m Mogwai. Its a fecking greet cover with a dog dressed as a gremlin (we make no joking reference to Mr Braithwaite here...he's setting us up to give us a Glasgow kiss). It's their new single called Travel is Dangerous. It's an alright tune actually with crashing soundscapes and a monotone vocal line to hook you in. Not as dramat...view item »

EP & 6

I've gotta say EP+6 is my favourite, and is the best yet I've heard from Mogwai. Every track on this is a gem. It's possible that maybe the old EP+2 flows better. However, if I had EP+2 I would certainly miss out on the awesomeness of "xmas steps" (which sounds more raw and life-like than the version on CODY) and the first three tracks (from the...view item »

Mogwai, Ikara Colt, Various
One Dot Zero Vol 3

The other DVD I bored my Mrs with was the new Volume of the excellent One Dot Zero series. We're now up to Volume 3 and this one features a few pop videos by Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, Ikara Colt and DJ Format. As well as 16 other animations and whatnots with yr typical electronicy nonsense in the background. This is the best...view item »

Mogwai, Papa M, Cex, Various
Rock Action Presents Vol 1

Little Scots fingermuffins Mogwai released their 1st ever single, years ago, on tiny self run imprint Rock Action. Now, that small but creatively fertile label has grown in stature to the point where EMI are quaking in their boots. With laughter. I mean...Part Chimp? It's basically a platform for t...view item »