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Minus The Bear

I used to be on this internet forum with a guy who went under the username of Minus The Flair. An awful pun, but in 2017, he is extremely correct: Minus the Bear have got very, very little going on. They used to be a guiding light for the kind of streamlined math rock Foals ended up moving towards, crafting tunes that...view item »

Minus The Bear
Lost Loves

'Lost Love' follows up Minus The Bear's fifth record, 'Infinity Overhead', celebrating the band with a collection of recordings culled from the last decade or so. The math, prog and all things complex outfit consider these songs more than merely rarities or b-sides, though, having carried them in their heart for years but never found the proper ...view item »

Minus The Bear
Acoustics 2

Following up their first Acoustics EP, this full length unplugged album from Minus the Bear features eight stripped-back, reinterpreted tracks as well as two new tracks, with something for everyone, whether a fan looking for a surprising version of an old favourite or a new listener looking for something different. Limi...view item »

Minus The Bear

Another good album from Minus the Bear. It's more pop oriented than the previous efforts. The production is more polished, and the songs are more radio friendly than the earlier MTB albums. But the songs are still great, and that's what matters after all. I wouldn't by any means say the new album is a sellout, more that the album actually reache...view item »

Minus The Bear
Interpretaciones Del Oso

It goes without saying that this shouldn't be your first MTB album. Menos is the masterpiece. At the same time, you have to understand this album for what it is: it is a remix album. Tracks 1,2, and 8 are amazing. Then you have the rest. I have no idea what some of these DJs were thinking. Some didn't use any of the words from the originals and ...view item »

Minus The Bear
Planet Of Ice

In 2007, Minus The Bear were on math rock's biggest roll, having spent plenty of time messing with time signatures until their songs were stretched but bizarrely irresistible -- 'Highly Refined Pirates' and the more experimental 'Menos El Oso' were the proof. They followed those records up with 'Planet of Ice', a widescreen affair of battling gu...view item »

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