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Phosphene Weather

Milieu (AKA Brian Grainger, Coppice Halifax, Parallax etc.) has put out a whole ton of music but incredibly none on vinyl… until now, where he has a gorgeous (both visually and sonically) LP out on Install Sound. The silk-screened sleeve design by David Tagg is total eye candy. It's clear to see why they've really pushed the boat out for 'Ph...view item »

Euflorian Additions

Phil is hurriedly trying to fill me in on the details of this CD. Turns out Milieu has been busy soundtracking a new 'ambient' video game for PlayStation Network entitled 'Euflorian'. The main soundtrack has previously been available as a double CD and you may have seen it on the site...view item »

Mrs Jynx/ Milieu/ Fieldtriqp
Bermuda Triangle

We've been fortunate enough to score some physical copies of this album, which is now sold out at source. Mrs Jynx is probably most well known for her Planet Mu Releases and here she's in a similar mode to those tracks coming through like early Mike Paradinas with lush, warm and playful melodies. Here tracks are well executed with a fine bal...view item »

Beyond The Sea Lies The Stars

Last one from moi is the rather profoundly titled 'Beyond The Sea Lies The Stars' from Milieu. This sounds well cinematic and is absolute chilled, floaty, spacey ambient bliss. This will make you feel like your floating in embryonic fluid and is absolutley gorgeous. We have the limited edition 2CD version that comes with 'Beyond The Sta...view item »


AAAAaaaaHHHHhhhhh now this really is super lovely. Just what my mind needs right now, some super chilled and wonderfully playful electronica. This was originally released in 2009 in an edition of 100 copies but is now back in print, this time in double disc DVD case as opposed to the ...view item »

Our Blue Remixes

Mr Grainger from Milieu has a spate of things in this week. Some have sold out by the time you read this but here's some info about 2 of 'em....Our Blue Remixes is a Limited CD (edition of 100) on Expanding Electronic Diversity and it's remixes of the Our Blue Rainbow which is some of his finest work. So to revisit the album again is a pleasing thi...view item »

Milieu / The Dandelion Council

It's nice to have Awkward Silence back with their lovely 3" split CD's which are always a treat. The Milieu / The Dandelion Council one is no exception. Milieu is an extremely prolific artist with already an enormous discography. For this release he turns in two tracks. 'Coastline' is a slow melancholy piece of electronica with a gorgeous summ...view item »

Tidewater Petrol

We got a bunch of stuff in this week by Milieu. Been a while! Tidewater Petrol is one of 'em and it's a wee 3" job limited to a paltry 50 copies... Of which we don't have too many. Quite refreshingly this is somewhat of a departure from previous Milieu releases. It's way more upbeat than most (if not all) of his previous work. The opener 'Drys...view item »

The Loneliness Of Empty Roads

Apparently this is a blues album. Yeah you read that right. Milieu in blues shocker. Well it's been on for a few minutes and it's not really like any blues I've heard before but in concept it is. Here Mr Brian Milieu Grainger is playing a guitar with nothing else, no overdubs or anything. It's just been recorded live to tape. It's just a few sin...view item »


Sadhills is Milieu's latest offering to the world (or our world at least...) and it's a beaut. 50 copies of this baby which contains some more moody & clanky (he says "angular") tracks to contrast with those from the Bell'n Dither sessions as well as some delicious excursions into the melodic ambient techno he does so well. For such a prolif...view item »

Bell'n Dither

Another fine batch of releases landed this week from the man Brian Grainger. I guess this guy is really most well known for his ambient and drone work but he does branch out too. Whether it's making dubby techno as Coppice Halifax or making more straight-up electronic tracks which is the case here. This is perfect summer music to chill to with t...view item »

New Drugs For Nuclear Families Of The Seventies

Milieu's 'New Drugs For Nuclear Familes Of The Seventies' album has been remastered and expanded and released through I Absentee. This is what I said about it first time around: On Monday a whopping package landed from Brain Grainger A.K.A Milieu. It contained a shitload of CDr's on his Milieu Music Label which are well worth a sniff. I've chosen t...view item »

Brittle Paper Cathedrals

We've not had anything new in from Milieu in a while and I was wondering when we were gonna here something new. Lo and behold a brand spanky new CD arrives called 'Brittle Paper Cathedrals'. This is one of his proper ambient albums. The likes of which he's not done in since the marvellous 'A Warm Wooden Hollow' (a former album of the week) and it's...view item »


It's been a while since we've had anything in from Milieu so we thought we'd check out this new CD of his called Colortone, which has pretty much already sold out at source. We've only got a handful here so I can't imagine it hanging around for too long. Limited to 100 copies it's a factory pressed CD of the beatier end of Milieu's melodic electron...view item »

Calico Fountain Melange

Does Brian Grainger EVER leave the house? I mean, he's a sweet looking guy, i'm sure he's got loadsa friends and admirers out there? I bet his computer chair needs replacing every 6 months due to excessive buttock friction. I'd really moan if his music wasn't always pretty sublime. He's like an ambient hit factory is the man. Cut him and he bleeds ...view item »

Beyond The Stars Lies The Sea

For those of you that missed out on the bonus disc 'Beyond The Stars Lies The Sea' that came with Milieu's 'Beyond The Sea Lies The Stars' on Infraction then there is some good news... Second Sun have reissued it and remastered the audio from the original master tapes for mass consumption. It serves perfectly as a sister album to probably my favour...view item »

Of The Apple

Swiftly moving onto Milieu who is our current lord of all thing ambient. You want ambient electronics then this guy sits in his fluffy clouds creating ambient lovelyness for you to make bobs with. Yes this is sleepy time music and very very good sleepy time music. It makes Yellow 6 sound like Slayer in fact. The warm textures and lushness created...view item »

Milieu, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Goudron, Various
Birth Certificate

Compilation alert! It's a 17 track behemoth on the I, Absentee label. Limited to just 250 copies in black and white digipacks (ie 125 are white and 125 are black)... we have a handful of each but don't get any fancy ideas and start asking me stupid questions about wanting a purple one or something cos that will totally wind me up and I'll have to s...view item »

Bent Appletrees 3

Another week and some more Milieu CD's. We like his stuff here though I suspect some of you may find his output a little daunting. The mountains of privately released CDR's are so tall that if you stack them on top of each other it's actually becomes the world biggest man made construction. Honest... it's true. Actually I'm lying but he's done a lo...view item »

Bent Appletrees 4

Another week and some more Milieu CD's. We like his stuff here though I suspect some of you may find his output a little daunting. The mountains of privately released CDR's are so tall that if you stack them on top of each other it's actually becomes the world biggest man made construction. Honest... it's true. Actually I'm lieing but he's done a l...view item »

A Warm Wooden Hollow

We've had a lot of records in by Milieu this year. Some we've reviewed and the majority we've not reviewed. Mainly cos there's been so many we'd have to employ someone especially to do that and that, put simply, would be nuts. So here we are with another Milieu album and this time it's a proper release album on the Infraction label rather than one ...view item »


T'other CD is a rip roaring 2 CD set called Brother which is limited to just 50 copies. This is amazing warm ambience along the lines of the genius album he did on Infraction (Beyond The Sea Lies The Stars). It's well Eno.... warm ambience.... absolutely beautiful drifty gear which you just couldn't fail to like if you're a fan of this sort of ...view item »


Now Milieu with Remodelled. This dude is a big favourite in the Towers. Opening with some smooth sythns it is rocked out with some crazy live drums treated in an electronic way as though there's 4 of them all cracking off together.. It sounds great. As the album develops into more ...view item »

Pillowtone Poems

Milieu- Pillowtone Poems CD. Ltd to 100 copies! We like this guy… We get what we can of his work cos it's all good shit and we know you like it too cos we sell brickloads of it. I think this could be the start of some new ambience revivial oui? Well here is another album by the Lord of ambience and this one is one of his 'beaty' ones along t...view item »

Our Blue Rainbow

This new MILIEU 'Our Blue Rainbow' CD (which is housed in a jaw dropping package and limited to a measly 200 copies) is totally cock on. I like everything I've heard by the talented Brian Grainger so far. His sound is a warm blend of dreamlike synths, sparse beats and totally super chilled vibes. Great late ni...view item »