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Art Brut
It's a Bit Complicated

It's A Bit Complicated is Art Brut a bit more grown up, maintaining a mature perspective amid a swell of pop rock enthusiasm. Mixing talk/stylized vocals, smart verbosity and catchy melodies, Art Brut will satisfy your longing for intelligent upbeat music. It's A Bit Complicated is deceptively simplistic; its perfectly crisp songs are multi-laye...view item »

Art Brut
Art Brut vs Satan

When it comes to any of Art Brut's music, I tend to cherry-pick from the albums and download a few tracks with lyrics that strike me as being particularly funny, clever or somehow relevant to my life at the time. What's here is fundamentally no different than their earlier stuff, and in a way I'm glad. Ironically this is a very safe purchase (th...view item »

Art Brut
Alcoholics Unanimous

Oh, someone has to plumb the depths and the champs of uselessness this week are the buzzy cockney indie yawnfest that is Art Brut. Now, when they unleashed the brilliant 'Formed A Band' we were quite taken with their lightly cynical brand of novelty guitar pop but now they've hit a creative brick wall and are actually emulating tedious F...view item »

Art Brut
Direct Hit

Art Brut with Direct Hit. A daft cockney wide boy sing along where the whole lot of them shout out in unison "direct hit". Written for the dance floors of indie discos with a certain catchyness that angers me for liking it. Vocals in the Mark.E.Smith camp .....again. B-side is an acoustic softer morning after the disco song ...view item »

Art Brut
Nag Nag Nag Nag

Art Brut are back with a new single on Mute (I think... it could be EMI or Virgin.... they don't make it easy for you..... they're all the same company anyway). Nag Nag Nag Nag is a storming Brut tune with their cheeky entertaining lyrics and proper 'like you're mother used to make' style indie. Excellent stuff....view item »

Art Brut
Good Weekend

Art Brut return with a stolen riff & that daft yelping Argos fellow rabbiting on about his new unexpected romantic liason. This is music for every sensitive lad who's ever shyly gone red at the thought of chatting up that mardy doll faced beaut with the Bis style hairslide & hello kitty bag who's smoking fags with her mat...view item »

Art Brut
Emily Kane

That Art Brut band are ace aren't they? They've basically revived the Sultans Of Ping F.C. single-handedly. New single' Emily Kane' is charmingly loveable old skool indie. Unapologetic & funny, coming along like a C86 Streets. The lyrics are totally wonderful, all about the school boy crush you never got over. If any...view item »

Art Brut, Various
I Love New Cross

The sleeve notes of this Various Artists 'I love New Cross' CD are written by Jespre Bark which sounds like a great anagram to me. Its a collection of acoustic music played at London's New Cross venue. Its all earnest singer songwritery stuff that isn't quite the thing we usually sell but it is all genuinely quality stuff throughout so t...view item »

Art Brut
Bang Bang Rock &; Roll

Art Brut CD on Fierce Panda. Most entertaining full album of joy and amusing lyrics including the number one smashes 'Formed A Band', 'Emily Kane' and 'Modern Art'. Maximum indie with 100% charm and sincerity.....view item »