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Love Letters

There just aren’t enough people with curly hair these days so good on Metronomy main-man Joseph Mount for battling ahead and sticking one in the eye of the straight hairs. I had no idea of his potential hair handicap when a rollocking Northern Soul tune came on the wireless the other day. I hurtled into the kitchen like a whip to f...view item »

Nights Out

Way before they became a curly-haired pop phenomena, Metronomy were a weird little electro band. This is the first album where they started to write 'proper' songs and have a man sing them. "Heartbreaker' particularly foreshadows their increasingly endearing rinky-dink pop. 10th anniversary re-issue 2LP on Because....view item »

Summer 08

One of the most surprising musical developments over the last few years has been my new-found love of Metronomy. I’m pretty much aware that the superb 'Love Letters' is tangled up in glorious memories of decorating a house in Stoke on Trent but that’s what music does. Heading backwards into their discography I found t...view item »

I’m Aquarius

Despite the press release boasting of them as “Britain’s most-loved, quintessentially English, modern pop act” and seeing their name everywhere from the Daily Express reviews section (the only page on which they aren’t talking about the weather) to ‘Modern Dog’, I’ve yet to knowingly hear a note of ...view item »

Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe)

The great thing about Metronomy is that their career is a don't quite get the same thing each time round. This, their remarkably titled debut, shows a sound miles away from the pleasant pop of 'Love Letters'. It's wild electronica with fuzzy guitar riffs and nary a vocal in sight. First time on vinyl from this pre...view item »

The English Riviera

Their 'classic' breakthrough record. Whereas before they'd hinted at pop classicism amongst the housey electronics, here they penned a gorgeous love letter (ha!) to their homeland. The faux naive pop moves are on show throughout, opener (sort of) 'We Broke Free' is an absolute stunner. More consistent and smooth that the quirky 'Love Letters' it...view item »

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