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Art of Doubt

Big Band Metric release their new collection of Big riffs and smooth vocals on a collection of 12 songs which is possibly the first record in 2018 to tap into the cultural and political anxiety. But are Metric going to be quashed by Trump etc? No they bloody well aren't.  Instead they've created the most Metric album yet.&n...view item »

Pagans In Vegas

This new Metric album, their first for three years, has the band’s classic combination of synthesisers and drum machines with live band and acoustic instrumentation, all lead by Emily Haines’ vocals. Pagans In Vegas is a slick synth-pop slab, released by Crystal Math Music as a CD or as a co...view item »


2009's Fantasies turned out to be pretty divise amongst long-time Metric fans. The album gained a much more electronic influence, leaving some of those who really loved Old World Underground cold. Luckily for fans who prefer FANTASIES, Metric's new album Synthetica is a continuation of the electronic indie-glam sound that the band has cultivated...view item »

Monster Hospital

Ok I'm not going to let this pile of un-interesting records beat me. Get a grip.....maintain, stay strong, right what's next? 'Monster Hospital' by METRIC, this has a picture of lots of knives on the sleeve so even if it blows beyond belief at least there are some weapons on the artwork. It's not offensive at all actually. It's a catch...view item »

Help I'm Alive

The stylus has just dropped on a heavyweight 7" picture disc by Metric and their 'Help I'm Alive'. Immediately Business Lady and I concur that the vocal sounds a lot like the Deal sisters. It's a fairly polished indie pop/rock tune. It makes us think of The Breeders and Santo gold with some 80's stadium rock elements. There's plenty going on a...view item »


If you fancy a bit of quality polished indie rock/pop then you could do far worse than invest in the 'Fantasies' full length from Canada's Metric. The production is pretty solid and they write some catchy tunes. The girl has good voice and they're certainly a talented bunch. As with the single that preceeded the album I'm reminded at various points...view item »

Grow Up And Blow Away

"Grow Up and Blow Away" is an album that all Metric fans should definitely check out. Though it peaks at the very first song, you'd be a fool to stop listening there. Even in their early history as a band, Metric shows an uncanny ability to craft brilliantly infectious pop songs that will stick with you for weeks and weeks. Although the sound of...view item »


METRIC release their 3rd (I think) single on Drowned In Sound called Empty. I've heard the previous 2 singles by these folks but I can't remember what they sound like. Mind you I can't remember what I had for tea last night so there's not much hope for me at all.... 'Shake Your Head It's Empty' is quite an apt lyric in my case.... And oft does it r...view item »

Poster Of A Girl

A brand new single in on Drowned in Sound by Metric called Poster Of A Girl is here now.... on 7" only.... Christ almighty. Brian is punching his (ironic) arms in the air..... I'd be punching the folks who made his if they were here.... A big electro poop naff affair. I really don't know what to say about this apart from I...view item »