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Arovane & Porya Hatami
Organism / Organism_evolution

Arovane & Porya Hatami turned heads with their 2017 collaboration Organism. The record mixed the ambient IDM of the former and the experimental sound art of the latter with found sounds to create an LP of dense, droning electronic ambiences. Organism now comes bundled together with its follow-up Organis...view item »

15 Years With Echocord

These guys have been pumping their spacey, classy, echoing electronica out of Copenhagen for a decade and a half now. With this landmark comes ‘15 Years With Echocord’, a behemoth of a comp. Fluxion, Arovane, and co cycle their hypnotic beats and resonating fr...view item »

Porya Hatami & Arovane

The piano. Born two centuries ago in Italy, it has been stroked and bashed by just about everyone since. It can sound beautiful, harsh or indifferent. It has been modified, customised, emulated, modulated, deconstructed and reconstructed. Hell, we even have a Piano Day now, thanks to Frahm (but he doesn’t l...view item »

Aarlenpeers EP

IDM, I miss you. You and your obnoxious genre tag and frenzied percussive onslaught. Actually do I? I guess the worst thing that happened to it was the same thing that happened to most genres - self-indulgent musical joyriders taking the surface elements and regurgitating them without any unique edge or feeling. Presumably this is why producers ...view item »

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