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2.0 Extraneous

Having last released an album in 2014, noise-rock and electronic band, Medicine return with an album of alternative dance tracks, ready for the dance floors of 2017 and the future. 2.0 Extraneous sounds experimental and in places, alienating, but there are dance hooks abound and distorted sounds come together to...view item »

Brad Laner

Medicine-man Brad Laner (for full clarity, I mean he also plays in a band named Medicine) spent six years on-and-off working on Micro-Awakenings, and has a double LP’s worth of playfully experimental sounds to show for it. Instrumental and unpredictable, but always with a poppy bo...view item »

Home Everywhere

Medicine make songs and then sabotage them until they're buried under a dusty pile of rocks, taking after the Perfect Pussy punx with the whole mission statement of "write pop, fuck it up later". Unlike the fuzz of their peers, 'Home Everywhere' has little interest in nostalgia, making the noise the main attraction and the tune under it a second...view item »

To The Happy Few

They used to call Domino the indie hoover for vacuuming up all the waifs and strays who didn’t have homes. Captured Tracks are fast becoming the ‘80s/’90s carpet sweeper, re-issuing all the great bands you had forgotten about and re-uniting the ones who are stil...view item »

Time Baby 2

There I was thinking this was some new release, and the second I put this 7” on Dave's ears prick up and he's like, “This song was in the Crow!” Turns out Medicine were actually a grunge-era American alternative band and this has for years been a hard-to-find gem from som...view item »

I Smile To My Eyes

Medicine used to be a creation band but no tedious, bloated washed up has been status for these guys (& gal) With Bruce Lee's daughter as yer vocalist, how can you go wrong?? Like a mashed up psychedelic Garbage with lovely harmonies, this is where Brad Laner keeps his pop gems stored...view item »

Wet On Wet EP

Medicine have made a comeback. On Wall Of Sound! How strange is that? People as old as me might remember them from being on Creation in the early 90's before the main bloke went onto form Electric Company. Its really a cross between the old Medicine sound (noisy shoegazer ea...view item »

The Mechanical Forces Of Love

Brad Laner's revitalised Medicine return with a brand new studio album on Wall Of Sound. Why the label wastes our time with Royscough & Themroc (who are blander than a politicians taste in shoes) when there's genuine maverick talents like this around I'll never know!! Fe...view item »