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Matt Elliott
The Calm Before

Matt Elliott launched his career with ferocious albums of experimental drum and bass under his The Third Eye Foundation alias, but on his subsequent solo work he’s focused that energy on inventive folk and acoustic music. The Calm Before continues this approach with six pieces of delicate ...view item »

The Third Eye Foundation
Wake The Dead

100% guaranteed not to be a barrel of laughs there's actually no better time for a Third Eye Foundation album than in 2018. Matt Elliott's gruesome drum and bass project initially did what everyone thought Kevin Shields would do in combine noise, shoegaze and dark beats. Fast forward twenty years and the music is no less kinetic...view item »

Matt Elliott
Only Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart

You may know Matt Elliott from his former affiliations with the Bristol space rock scene as founder and mainstay of noisy drum and bass pioneers The Third Eye Foundation as well as major contributions to classic records by Flying Saucer Attack and ...view item »

Matt Elliott/ Manyfingers

This is a dream record for me. When I found out about this I shat myself senseless with excitement. This is a French Record Store Day release split between two of my favourite artists, Manyfingers (Chris Cole) and ...view item »

Matt Elliott
The Broken Man

Woo! The angry man (the musical version of the Hulk) is back with a brand new opus on his new seemingly permanent home Ici D'Ailleurs. If you found his 'Songs' trilogy maudlin you ain't heard nothing yet. This collection of seven tracks is amongst his most sombre work yet. It's absolutely beautiful though at the same time which is a ...view item »

Matt Elliott
Howling Songs

Ten out of ten morose horses agree, the new Matt Elliott album is wikkid. I've heard a few albums he's been involved in before, from Flying Saucer Attack and the Third Eye Foundation to the Drinking Songs album a couple of years back but I've got to admit to never having been a total convert until now. I don't really feel as though I've got any c...view item »

Matt Elliott
Failing Songs

My Album of the week has to be the MATT ELLIOTT Failing Songs CD. This was straight in the car and the wife asked me to turn it off within 2 minutes cos she said it made her feel like she wanted to hang herself..  I will admit it's extremely miserable and sobering. It makes Street Spirit by Radiohead sound like Steps or s...view item »

Matt Elliott
Borderline Schizophrenic

Anyway before we all shuffle off this mortal coil I have a few dribs and drabs to review. First drib is Matt Elliott who you'll all remember as the man that was Third Eye Foundation. This is a 10" to precede his new album. Much more dancey & upbeat than the album which is quite downcast...view item »

Matt Elliott
The Mess We Made

I don't know what the fuck to make of this new Matt Elliott album. Its sounds like scary circus music. Really sinister. Sounds kind of French which is apt as France is where Mr Elliott currently resides with lady and child. But despite this picture of domesticity this is one of the most dark twi...view item »

Matt Elliott
Drinking Songs

Matt Elliott likes a drink. I've been informed of this by Leeds indie funsters Hood who are old mates of his & I've heard a couple of really amusing stories I can tell yer. He likes a drop of the demon booze so much in fact he's entitled his latest beautifully packaged CD 'Drinking Songs'. Think this is one for all you mournfu...view item »