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Ariel Pink
Early Live Recordings: Gorilla / Appleasians

Quite a bit to get through here. Discovered alongside the tapes that would make up Ariel Pink’ ‘Trash And Burn’ collection, ‘Ariel Pink: Early Live Recordings’ documents two early incarnations of the much beloved AP sound entitled ‘Gorilla’ and ‘Appleasians’. Now, Ariel Pink nerds will have a...view item »

Ariel Pink
Thrash & Burn

Its a good time to take a look back at Ariel Pink’s early effort, Thrash and Burn. Its a sprawl of ideas and spontaneity that makes Pom Pom look tight by comparison. Historians place this as being from sometime in 1998, and coming in at 94 minutes, it is quite a ride...to be enjoyed via do...view item »

Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood
Myths 002

Moving fairly violently between tasteful folksy acoustic songwriting and explosions of operatic intensity, this collaboration is, if nothing else, unpredictable. Rich layers of instrumentation and clashing performance styles add to the exciting uncertainty, and over the four tracks you can be sure that weird and charmed places will be reached....view item »

Jorge Elbrecht and Ariel Pink
Hang On to Life / No Real Friend

Can’t say I was over the moon with the last Ariel Pink record or the lacklustre gig I witnessed at the Brudenell last summer plus Mexican Summer ain’t the label it used to be so I’m looking on at this 7” (which ft. ...view item »
7" (MEX1617, £5.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Ariel Pink
Another Weekend / Ode To The Goat (Thank You)

Super annoying but rather essential weirdo pop man Ariel Pink continues to change the name of his own game with "Another Weekend", a dabbling in a downbeat version of sunshine pop that retains some of the obnoxious advert antics of Pom Pom. "Another Weekend" starts as an acoustic ballad, breaks ...view item »

Ariel Pink
Dedicated To Bobby Jameson

Ariel Pink’s eleventh full length album and his debut on Mexican Summer. Dedicated To Bobby Jameson is a woozy psychedelic pop journey through the tragic ups and downs reflected in Bobby Jameson’s life story, and his continuous struggle for success in the music industry (having recorded...view item »

Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore
Ku Klux Glam EP

Genuinely not really sure what to make of this. We've got four songs of really breezy and listenable bedroom pop from trans-generational lo-fi weirdos Ariel Pink and R Stevie Moore. ...view item »
7" (n/a, £7.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Ariel Pink
Pom Pom

All-nonsense indie rock artist and all-round asshole Ariel Pink continues to make music for cartoons and the adverts you watch in-between with the romantic and also exceedingly irritating 'Pom Pom'. As always, that's probably the point. There's a song -- or jingle -- about Jell-O, so yeah. Good luck with that. Pink says this is his most collabor...view item »

Ariel Pink

Here he comes to save the day...after a morning of wet, wet rain and many so-so singles we finally have one that made everyone’s ears in the office prick into action. This is the first single presumably from Ariel Pink&r...view item »
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Ariel Pink
Pedestrian Pop Hits

Ariel Pink is some duffer from the US of A and I've wanted to like his stuff for a while now but so far I've been a bit confused as to what it's all about it. So once more I try again and this time it's with the Pedestrian pop Hits CD on Latitudes which is one of numbered jobbies in those tasty generic slee...view item »
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Ariel Pink, Lavender Diamond, Various
Through the Wilderness: A Tribute to Madonna

the greatest tribute album ever!!!!!! buy it and support a great cause. ...view item »
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