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Ariel Pink
Early Live Recordings: Gorilla / Appleasians

Quite a bit to get through here. Discovered alongside the tapes that would make up Ariel Pink’ ‘Trash And Burn’ collection, ‘Ariel Pink: Early Live Recordings’ documents two early incarnations of the much beloved AP sound entitled ‘Gorilla’ and ‘Appleasians’. Now, Ariel Pink nerds will have a...view item »

Ariel Pink
Thrash & Burn

Its a good time to take a look back at Ariel Pink’s early effort, Thrash and Burn. Its a sprawl of ideas and spontaneity that makes Pom Pom look tight by comparison. Historians place this as being from sometime in 1998, and coming in at 94 minutes, it is quite a be enjoyed via do...view item »

Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood
Myths 002

Moving fairly violently between tasteful folksy acoustic songwriting and explosions of operatic intensity, this collaboration is, if nothing else, unpredictable. Rich layers of instrumentation and clashing performance styles add to the exciting uncertainty, and over the four tracks you can be sure that weird and charmed places will be reached....view item »

Ariel Pink
Another Weekend / Ode To The Goat (Thank You)

How can a man be so annoying yet so occasionally essential? Who else could get away with it? Phil for example can be incredibly annoying but lacks the mercurial talents of Mr Pink. If only his voice had one iota of the melodicism shown here. 'Another Weekend' is Ariel Pink's career in a microcosm. A beautiful opening swathe of balladry t...view item »

Ariel Pink
Dedicated To Bobby Jameson

There is something that I’ve decided to include in my reviews called ‘the marmite record of the month’. So far, it is proving to be a difficult task because in the past week alone we’ve had numerous records that half of us love and the other half absolutely hate. Take the National's new record as an example. Thre...view item »

Ariel Pink
Pom Pom

Our Clinton had labelled up the promo for this new Ariel Pink album with the classic sign-off "Will the last remaining Ariel Pink fan please turn off the lights" which amused me no end. Even funnier is the fact that for all the derision no doubt aimed at 'Pom Pom' from various critical quarters, it could just be his most enjoyable album to date....view item »

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