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The strange thing about Mark Kozelek is that he uses all of his aliases to release the banner material and saves up his given name for the bits of music more self-serving and throwaway. If you want the slowcore masterpieces, hit up Red House more »

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Damien Jurado, Sun Kil Moon, Low, Mount Eerie, Songs: Ohia, Bill Callahan, J. Tillman, Sam Amidon, Lambchop, Red House Painters, Smog, Howe Gelb

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Sun Kil Moon
Ghosts Of The Great Highway

Out of print for far too long, Ghosts of the Great Highway is a timely reminder of the power and emotion Mark Kozelek's music once had. This was his first 'group' record post Red House Painters and is seen as one of his best. With a band featuring Anthony Koutsos (Red House Painters), Tim Moon...view item »

Mark Kozelek
Mark Kozelek

Eighty eight further minutes of your life you won't get back again with this latest album from Mark Kozelek's favourite singer.  Recorded partly in hotels, I'm looking forward to hearing what particular accommodation gripes he has this time. If this is not enough for you then there's also a new Sun Kil Moon alb...view item »

Mark Kozelek with Ben Boye and Jim White
Mark Kozelek with Ben Boye and Jim White

What now? Leave us alone.  The latest in Mark Kozelek's endless parade of releases. This time he is alongside Ben Boye and The Dirty Three's Jim White. The credits contain the increasingly worrying credit of 'Mark Kozelek: Words'.  Therefore you sort of know what you are getting- vomit...view item »

Mark Kozelek & Sean Yeaton
Yellow Kitchen

Why does Mark Kozelek have so many friends? Here he sings over music made by Sean Yeaton (Parquet Courts) and features guest appearances by Will Oldham, Steve Shelley, Jim White and an actual woman in Holly Throsby. Let’s hope Kozelek kept his views to himself i...view item »

Sun Kil Moon
Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood

If after the 'Universal Themes' you can cope with any more of Kozelek's ramblings then here is a new double album of the stuff. This one covers events in Kozelek's life from March to October 2016 so if you want to know his thoughts on mass murders or the passing of heroes like David Bowie or Muhammad Ali then this is...view item »

Mark Kozelek
Sings Favorites

Mark Kozelek, formerly of Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon, sure keeps busy. Here he is with a piano-and-voice-based album of covers, taking in choice selections from artists like Modest Mouse, Bob Seger and David Bowie. Sings Favourites ...view item »

Mark Kozelek and Nicolas Pauls
Dreams of Childhood: A Spoken Word Album

La Casa de la Cultura de la Calle is a non-profit organisation that works on behalf of homeless Argentine children. In a novel piece of awareness-raising, they have commissioned some of the children to write poems, and had these poems performed by Mark Kozelek and Nicolas Pauls. All proceeds of ...view item »

Mark Kozelek
Rock 'N' Roll Singer

He's indie rock's most formidable and canonical arsehole. Before he was quite as annoying and reminiscent of Grampa Simpson on one of his go-nowhere rants, he was slightly more redeemable and a better songwriter to boot. Rock 'n' Roll Singer was his debut record under his own name, following on from slowcore sadsaps ...view item »

Mark Kozelek
Sings Christmas Carols

"Happiness and cheer" - Mark Kozelek, 2014. For real, though, the world's grumpiest folkie -- the Scrooge of slowcore, if you like -- has decided to release a record of his very own Christmas carols. Taking after his recent record, 'Benji', with its literal and overwhelmingly simple lyricism, Kozelek continues to be straight-forward with...view item »

Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavalle
Perils From The Sea

Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters/come on you know by now) chooses some odd bedfellows, I mean he didn’t exactly climb into bed with Modest Mouse but he covere...view item »

Mark Kozelek
Live At Biko

Mark Kozelek is a delicate songwriter with a heart of gold, until he gets on stage -- then he's pretty much the world's most irrefutable dick. That said, 'Live At Biko' mainly catches him performing his new reflective and literal folk tunes, taken from the blunt and sincere 'Benji', as well as from his recent collaborations with Jimmy LaVille an...view item »

Mark Kozelek
Like Rats

Everyones favorite mopey guitar plucker Mark “I’m a hit with the ladies because of my sad, sad songs and deep brown voice” Kozelek returns with another of his solo albums of covers. What do the following artists have in common? Bruno Mars,...view item »

Mark Kozelek
Lost Verses Live

We got some copies of Mark Kozelek's 'Lost Verses - Live' CD. The Sun Kil Moon/ Redhouse Painters singer songwriter is an immensely talented artist and here we have him perform a kind of best of set on this 14 track album which collects recordings from the US and Europe. The recordings sound excellent complete with a little cheering from the crowd ...view item »

Mark Kozelek
The Finally LP

Listening to Mark Kozelek is like someone pouring smooth creamy butter in your ears. I'm not really a massive fan of vocals on the whole but Mark Kozelek is permanently invited to come around to my house and sing to me whenever he likes. He wouldn't even have to pay. I'd let him do it for free... such is the buttery goodness of his velvety tones. C...view item »

Mark Kozelek
Little Drummer Boy

Speaking of christmas it's around this time of year when the box sets, best of's, live things and other such assorted cash in's come rolling from the penniless coke ridden labels and onto the record shops shelves to hopefully end up in your xmas box (stockings are for ladies....). Here is a MARK KOZELEK double live CD on ...view item »

Mark Kozelek, Calexico, Various
I Am Cold Rock, I Am Dull Grass Will Oldham Tribut

Greetings from thee Ant. I recall way back in 1994 or maybe 1993 hearing 'Ohio River Boat Song' by The Palace Brothers. A friend played it to me (Hi Jim) and although it was a million miles away from the kind of Albini produced racket I was listening to at the time, I really loved it. I'd never heard Country...view item »

Songs; Ohia, Mark Kozelek, Damien Jurado, Various
Another Country 2