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Sun Kil Moon
Ghosts Of The Great Highway

There was a time when Mark Kozelek’s music meant a whole lot more, when his voice was sweeter and his lyrics comparatively shorthanded. This was it. It was a time when we actually cared about his dad. ‘Ghosts of the Great Highway’ was his first record under the Sun Kil Moon moniker, having retired ...view item »

Mark Kozelek
Mark Kozelek

Folk rock farter Mark is back again with a record of self-contracted checklist box tickers: a front cover with an anonymous photo of some landscape and stuff, some very pretty picking, some inoffensively bad songs. The ‘here and there’, shrug of the shoulders music of a low-key bastard. He sounds kinda friendly on this one, though --...view item »

Mark Kozelek with Ben Boye and Jim White
Mark Kozelek with Ben Boye and Jim White

I’d ask “who thought this was a good idea?” but I feel like at this point I’m shouting into a cold, lonely void. Instead I’ll ask this: who in the history of music has thought it a good idea to self-title a record that involves three musicians? Mark Kozelek, of course. It makes sense that a man as excessively, needl...view item »

Mark Kozelek & Sean Yeaton
Yellow Kitchen

Well he's now in spoken word territory. Should the recent Jesu and Sun Kil Moon records contain too much music for your enjoyment and you want more of the Koz then this is for you. Parquet Courts Sean Yeaton provides eerie soundscapes and lo-fi fol...view item »

Sun Kil Moon
Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood

Here’s my problem: I’m sure Mark Kozelek farts. I am sure it is something he does. And yet… he doesn’t write about it. Why doesn’t he write about it? Because he just isn’t. That. Honest. You think he is, because he acts like a dick and that's so true -- and I’m sure if he sang “I did a fart”...view item »

Mark Kozelek
Sings Favorites

The saddest thing is that he thinks he’s making us cry. This is the sound of Mark Kozelek, late at night after offending everyone in the building, sitting by the piano (not actually playing it - that seems to be left to someone else) singing some of his favourite songs. Unfortunately his favourites are already much-covered sta...view item »

Mark Kozelek and Nicolas Pauls
Dreams of Childhood: A Spoken Word Album

La Casa de la Cultura de la Calle is a non-profit organisation that works on behalf of homeless Argentine children. In a novel piece of awareness-raising, they have commissioned some of the children to write poems, and had these poems performed by Mark Kozelek and Nicolas Pauls. All proceeds of ...view item »

Mark Kozelek
Rock 'N' Roll Singer

He's indie rock's most formidable and canonical arsehole. Before he was quite as annoying and reminiscent of Grampa Simpson on one of his go-nowhere rants, he was slightly more redeemable and a better songwriter to boot. Rock 'n' Roll Singer was his debut record under his own name, following on from slowcore sadsaps ...view item »

Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavalle
Perils From The Sea

Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters/come on you know by now) chooses some odd bedfellows, I mean he didn’t exactly climb into bed with Modest Mouse but he covere...view item »

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