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The Silence Was Warm Volume 1

Also on Symbolic Interaction is a compilation CD called The Silence Was Warm and this features the genius that is Library Tapes (a fantastic track by him), Modern Institute, Weave, Dollboy, Maps & Diagrams, Aus, The Retails Sectors and lots more....Well not lots more but there's 12 tracks in total. If I'm honest it's a fucking sterling compilat...view item »

Maps/ M83
To The Sky/ We Own The Sky

Sonic Cathedral have decided to excite matters further with the latest installment in their shoegaze/dream pop series & nobly ignoring the M83 remix of a probably perfectly fine Maps tune, I check the flip to see how much better the Frenchman has been served by the Englo-meister. I prefer it on 33 because it shows how beautiful old synths can s...view item »


Vicissitude is soul-grabbing for those who can appreciate mature and deep soothing hypnotic twinkling amazing sounds. The Deluxe Edition has 2 new songs and 8 remixes which are a fun take on the albums poppers. I think, if put on the spot, I would have to say that A.M.A is my favourite track. However, having said that, I've had favourite Maps tr...view item »

Pram, Maps, Various
Once Upon A Time Kooky

V/A: 'Once Upon A Time A Kooky' is a 12 track compilation feature family and friends of the label in celebration of 10th birthday with their 20th release. Worth bending your earlobe to are sounds by the likes of Mr Riley's Durrutti Column, gnac, Pram and Tower favourites Maps. So, Acoustic singer-songwriter, retro kitsch, downtempo indie-pop, ...view item »

You Don't Know Her Name

Maps are a band that have been extremely popular with you good people over the last year or so. They recently found a new home at Mute and have been nominated for the Mercury Prize, which is now the 'Nationwide Mercury Prize' I can't think of any company more un-hip than a building society to sponsor a music event, except for maybe a brand of haemm...view item »

Turning The Mind

I was downstairs making a cup of tea when I heard the sound of what I thought was Mercury Rev coming from the upstairs speakers. It was the new album by Maps. His last album was praised to the skies despite it having a few dodgy moments and not being a patch on his early singles. so what comes next? Well more of the same it seems from the opening t...view item »

Various (School of Seven Bells, Maps, M83 etc.)
Cathedral Classics Volume 1

Sonic Cathedral have released some wicked singles over the last few years and the label have compiled them on one nice priced CD for you. Cathedral Classics Volume 1 is here in it's 17 track glory! In case you don't know what the label have done before, they have released folks like The Tamborines, Mark Gardener, Ulrich Schnauss, Sarabeth Tucek, Sc...view item »

To The Sky

Maps:'To the Sky' (Mute) This their latest effort starts of with a lone keyboard line that would'nt sound out of place on a Stereolab record, needless to stay if veres a miliion miles from that reference as it morphs into a jangling guitars, almost a falsetto sung, blue sky pop tune with layered choruses.It's where Squire-esque (Stone Roses) meets ...view item »

Start Something

Here is a CD by MAPS which appears to be a round up of the 1st two 10" and a couple of extra tracks. Now these guys have been selling loads of records from the towers so if you go with the people then you should check them out. It's kind of like electronic melodic tunesmanship with floaty vocals and clean production. A little bit ...view item »

We Can Create

Maps have signed to Mute and we have some upfront copies of their debut full length album We Can Create. It's released properly in a couple of weeks I believe. Anyway I've heard this a few times now and I can confirm this is a great debut album. Pop is the word here. It's super poppy catchy electro indi...view item »

Don't Fear

MAPS have their 3rd 10" out this week. 'Don't Fear' is more electronic anthemic soul from these guys and I'm beginning to think they sound like a more electronic Coldplay. Which really is no bad thing if you love your stadium orientated feel-good bliss pop. Of course they sound loads like a British Postal Service t...view item »

Maps & Diagrams/ Broca
Mono Curac-co EP

Woohoo. More 3" CD action. 3" CD's are the new 7" you know. This one is a split 3" CD by Maps & Diagrams and Broca and they've just arrived from sunny ole Israel courtesy of those nice AK Duck folks. As ever it's really lovely melodic electronica with a bit of crunchyness afoot as you'd expect. Only ...view item »

Lost My Soul/ Sparks In The Snow

Woohoo! A new Maps single is here. That last one sold something like a squillion copies and you all loved it cos you all mailed back to tell us.  And cos we (and Maps) love you so much you get a free Maps CD with your initial 10"'s from us. Once more it's pretty fantastic with the B side winning hands down. Thin...view item »

Gimmik, Maps & Diagrams, Various
Everything Is Green

I always thought Toytronic stuff was a bit over rated.... just sounds like average melodic twinkly electronica to me. They've been absent for a while but they've released a new comp to wet your buds with. Featuring tracks by Abfahrt Hinwil, Num Num. Gimmik, Maps & Diagrams, Boc Scadet, Low Profile Society and many many ...view item »