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This is the now sold out debut album from Chris Cole who went on to produce on of our favourite in store records 'Our Worn Shadow'. This is the debut on Moteer that was long considered out of print until we got a few copies direct from the artist. A great prelude to the Moondog, Arvo Part inspired electronica he went on to make. 
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Memory Drawings
Phantom Lights

Very limited edition tour CD from this Anglo/American collective featuring members of Hood, Brave Timbers and Manyfingers. 'Phantom Lights' is like an annexe to the their earlier 'The Nearest Exit' album featuring several brand new tracks alongside a remix by Barnaby Carter. Dulcimer-led, rhythmic post rock, folk and neo-classical that sits in a unique place within those genres.   

Our Worn Shadow

'Our Worn Shadow' was the second album by Bristol native Chris Cole who has worked with Movietone, Matt Elliott, Soeza and Bracken amongst others. Following on from his self titled debut on Moteer, 'Our Worn Shadow' album is one of the true high water marks of neo-classical composition and can be compared favourably with work by Yann Tiersen and Four Tet. 

The Spectacular Nowhere

Available on CD or as Gatefold double Vinyl on Ici d'ailleurs.  After a 10 year hiatus, working on Numbers Not Names and a Third Eye foundation album, Bristol’s Chris Cole returns under his Manyfingers moniker. The Spectacular Nowhere showcases his huge growth as a classical composer since his previous records. Features guest performances from David Callahan (Moonshake), with nods to Phillip Glass and Steve Reich it is certainly a unique mix. Includes bonus track as EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD. 

The Declining Winter + Manyfingers + Gerrard Bell-Fife
Wharf Chambers, Leeds (Friday August 7th)

Gig at Wharf Chambers on 7th August featuring some people we like very much here at the towers who rarely play gigs. The Declining Winter is the project of Hood co-founder Richard Adams. They haven't played live in 5 years and we've sold shedloads of their new record 'Home For Lost Souls'. Manyfingers is Soeza/Movietone member Chris Cole with his thought provoking neo-classical compositions. Gerrard Bell-Fife hasn't had records out yet but he is Bradford best kept secret playing haunting songs in the manner of Nick Drake and Bill Callahan.

Matt Elliott/ Manyfingers