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Architecture In Helsinki
In Case We Die

And as if by magic I've ingeniously left the Architecture In Helsinki album till last as a clever link. They is from Ozland too. And they're spilling with great ideas & innovative musical tricks. Like Arcade Fire if they were more indebted to maybe the likes of Thinking Fellers rather than Mercury Rev & der ...view item »

Architecture In Helsinki
Moment Bends

You'll feel embarrassed for liking this for about 30 seconds, before that feeling dissolves into unhinged glee. I definitely had a 'WTF moment' when I heard the opening bits of the first track, "Desert Island", followed by a mild panic attack, thinking that AiH had ditched everything I liked them for. Luckily, by the end of "Desert Island" I was...view item »

Architecture In Helsinki
Places Like This

Architecture In Helsinki with their new album on V2 called "Places Like This". Strange playground music with happy vocals in a Go Team style. Also sounds like they've been influenced by Animal Collective and all that ramshackle craziness. Phil's thinking Talking Heads and this bit sounds like the B52's. Childlike keyboard stabs interweave...view item »

Architecture In Helsinki
Heart it Races

Also out on Moshi Moshi this week is a 7" by Architecture In Helsinki called Heart It Races. You couldn't possibly fail to be happy listening to this. It's a right ole chirpy few minutes with loads of percussion and steel drums and that. It sounds exactly like The Go Team crossed with MIA. I don't remember 'em sounding quite as good as this? I...view item »

Architecture In Helsinki
Do The Whirlwind

Not sure about this Architecture in Helsinki stuff. Far too bloody happy for me. They need to spend a few weeks working down the pit every day and eating soot for their dinner every night. Then they won't be so chirpy. Poppy sunny happy music with horns and synthesizers and the dreaded happy clappy singalong at the end. Kind of like ...view item »

Architecture in Helsinki, Various
The Way Things Change Vol 5

on Red Square, 555's sister label, comes the missing Volume 5 of The Way  Things Change, the 7 inch compilation series. On 6 track blue vinyl is this and  notable for the inclusion of Architecture In Helsinki, Cex, Boyracer & the fine Origami...view item »

Architecture In Helsinki
Maybe You Can Owe Me

Ok new on Moshi Moshi here is a new single by Architecture in Helsinki. This sounds promising. It has kind of a gospel style piano but the vocals recall Built to Spill. Think also Mercury Rev, Modest grandiose orchestrated pop. The second song is completely different and sounds like a childr...view item »

Tom Vek, Architecture In Helsinki, Various
Kitsune Maison