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Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

Yes, this is the real shit here. Hip hop royalty Madlib's collaboration with wordsmith Freddie Gibbs have teased us with a couple of EPs already which were more tantalising than satisfying. Now, however, there's something meaty to get your teeth into; a massive 17-song double LP which, as a sticker on the front boasts, "feat. all the mother fuck...view item »

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
Thuggin' EP

Re-issue of marvellous 12" initially released ahead of the duo's debut album released back in those hazy days of 2012. Is this good? Of course it its. Its motherfeckin' unbelievable. Madlib's skills are almost unsurpassed in his field, it's as smooth as silk and Gibbs vocals cut in just the right way. This ain't no Snoop snoozeathon. He rea...view item »

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib get a timely repress of their sought-after 2013 release, the Deeper EP. All six tracks are included -- vocals, instrumentals and bonus beats. The EP-length collab pre-dates the duo's breakthrough album, the critically lauded smash 'Piñata'. Before the release, Gibbs was considered an un...view item »

Madlib / Various
Untinted: Sources For Madlib's Shades Of Blue

Everyone dug Madlib’s classic rummage through the legendary Blue Note jazz archives from 2003, the smoky-cool Shades Of Blue, in which our hero made sweet funky hip-hop groove instrumentals out of the jazz samples. Now you can cut straight to the source of the samples, without doing any crate-digging of your own. ...view item »

The Beats: Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton OST

'Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This Is Stones Throw Records' is a Kickstarted documentary about the inception, existence and legacy of the famous hip-hop label, featuring footage from a bunch of the genre's top performers: let's just namedrop kanye and Questlove here. Now released on DVD, Stones Throw are accompanying the film with a soundtrack, featu...view item »

Beat Konducta Volume 3 in India

Madlib: "Beat Konducta Vol 3 In India" (Stones Throw) with the third installment of his instrumental beat suites. As you can probably gather this collection's theme revolves around al things Bollywood. Swooping strings, large drums and handy percussion thrills plus the usual off the wall skits only 'tha baad kid ' could produce. Fan's of ...view item »

Beat Konducta Vol. 1: Movie Scenes

King of the beatmakers Madlib has always been mad-productive: Beat Konducta Volume 1: Movie Scenes was the first in a series of several records of hip-hop instrumentals he put out in the 2000s. This one is themed around imaginary 70’s TV shows and films, each track painting a groovy vintage picture, library style....view item »

Champion Sound: The Remix

Where Madlib and J Dilla come together, beatheads collapse left right and centre from sheer amazed joy. This release has Madlib remixing Dilla’s Champion Sound track, as well as a previously unheard collaboration that dates back to the pair’s original ...view item »

Shades Of Blue

Shades of Blue is an incredible sampling of Blue Note, and holds many excellent tracks. In some places, the track doesn't do justice to the artist (and indeed some deserving artists like Quincy Jones and John Coltrane aren't even recognized, though they should be), but when limited to only one 80 minute album, Madlib does a brilliant job coverin...view item »

MED / Blu / Madlib
The Turn Up

Madlib provides the beats, and  MED and Blu provide the lyrics, with support here and there from Oh-No and Bla...view item »

Pill Jar

Madlib’s ‘Medicine Show’ series is restlessly brilliant but intimidating in its scale, with ‘Lib churning out 13 albums in little over a year, a dizzying tour through the world’s musical riches along with collaborations with various rappers all held together by his stumbling, relentlessl...view item »

Pinata Beats

I’ll keep this snappy as ‘Pinata’ has already had the review treatment from our boy Mikey. Madlib needs no introduction, he’s the one and only, you know this. He’s the hardest working man in the biz and with cuts that are always worth your time, ‘Pinata’ being no exception. Infact, ‘Pinata ...view item »

Bad Neighbor Instrumentals

Madlib’s 2015 collaboration with M.E.D. and Blue gets stripped back to the instrumentals and served up afresh for the keen beat-heads among you. The subtraction of the flows just lets the listener relish the details of Madlib’s woozy funk-sample constructions, and ...view item »

Madlib Medicine Show: The Brick

Madlib has always been productive as hell, and his Medicine Show series has been one of the finest outlets for the groovy beatmaker’s work over the last few years. This release, amusingly titled The Brick, compiles the whole series, adding up to a monumental 13 LPs of material. Amazing scenes. On his Madl...view item »

MED / Blu / Madlib
Bad Neighbor

Madlib provides the beats, MED and Blu provide the vision and the rhymes, with a little help from massive players like MF Doom, Aloe Blacc, Hodgy Beats etc. So real bigness all around. Bad Neighbour sums up contemporary LA hip-hop with ...view item »

Medicine Show # 9 : Channel 85 Presents Nittyville (Season One)

Dunno what happened with Medicine Show #9 but I feel like I've gone back in time!! It wasn't so long ago I was enjoying 'Medicine Show #11: Low Budget Hi-Fi Music' and wondering what happened to #10 ('Black Soul') and the much anticipated #9 which promised at least four sides of pure block rocking, blunt smoking jams. Well, here it is and it's b...view item »

Rock Konducta Pt. 1 & 2

'Rock Konducta' is part of a record series by the hip-hop artist and producer wonder Madlib, with a very strict premise: these instrumental cuts are made by using samples from rock music and occasionally krautrock. These first two issues take from a variety of rock offshoots from different countries and celebrate the unharnessed potential t...view item »

Rock Konducta Part 2

Madlib’s Rock Konducta 2– the second of two rock-inspired entries in the producer’s long-running Beat Konducta instrumental series. Madlib announced his Rock Konducta album with a limited edition 45 made specifically for sale at the Zamrock Live! Madlib Medicine Show in San Francisco in ealry 2013. It was a fitting place to mak...view item »

Rock Konducta Part 1

Madlib the Bad Kid, was making hip hop records with his mates, Dj Rhomes and Wildchild when in a case of mistaken identity he was pulled from this planet by aliens he was transformed by gamma rays inyo Lord Quas, relying solely on supplies from a liquor store on the moon for sustinance. His utterances were transmitte...view item »

Med, Blu & Madlib
The Buzz

I don’t really get to review much hip-hop here at HQ so this is a nice surprise for me on this dreary winter afternoon... This is one of those typical hip-hop records that have so many names attached to it it’s hard to work out exactly whose record it actually is. The only name I am really familiar with is Los Angeles based D...view item »

Madlib & Yesterday's New Quintet
Medicine Show # 7 : High Jazz

We've managed to score a few of the very limited triple vinyl version in custom screened jackets so be quick on these. Does Madlib ever sleep? It seems like he has a record out every week. A man with his fingers in many pies, this one being his big jazz pie where he produces and arranges Yesterday's Universe. They're a group of Jazz musicians th...view item »

Medicine Show # 11 : Lowbudget High-Fi Music

There's always quite a lot to absorb on Madlib records. He seems like one of those artists that must be relentlessly working, brimming with ideas and searching for the perfect beat. If there is a narrative to this record I've not grasped it yet but it's still thoroughly enjoyable in many ways it feels like a peek inside what must be an ever-evol...view item »

Various (Madlib, Koushik, Charizma, Madvillain ETC)
Stones Throw 101

The Beat Konducta Vol 5-6 A Tribute To J Dilla

Just like "donuts" this is full of warm soul that i cant refuse and must love. It hits me right in the heart. It pays huge respect to the genious j dilla.    ...view item »

Beat Konducta Volume 4- In India

As a crate digger, hip hop producer Madlib is well known for his extensive and eclectic use of samples and is really one of the few major producers still making beats in this way, despite "being sued a lot of times." Under his Beat Konducta guise Madlib has produced a series of records that combine hip hop beats and samples that create ...view item »

Madlib/ J Dilla/ Guilty Simpson
Take it Back

Got a tasty MADLIB / GUILTY SIMPSON 12" produced by the late J DILLA (R.I.P). 'Take It Back' has a bizzare quirky sound that sounds like that cheeky grey dog puppet Sweep. The beats are pretty solid and Madlib's flow is up to his usual high standards. There's some cop car noises in the mix too to keep it street. This...view item »

DJ Shadow, Madlib, Various
Keep In Time

Also out is a comp thing on Ninja Tune (vinyl to follow) called Keep In Time which features loads of top old drummers (gimmers) playing live with hip hop gurus like DJ Shadow, Madlib, Cut Chemist, Daedelus, Quantic etc who also remix it. I think it's all recorded live as well but to be honest I wasn't paying much attention. I o...view item »

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