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The Monochrome Set
Eligible Bachelors (Deluxe Edition)

The third Monochrome Set LP, 'Eligible Bachelors', is overlooked in terms of their more renowned previous work, but it is just as good as their first two albums. It includes many witty indie pop classics such as "Jet Set Junta” and "The Ruling Class". Released on coloured vinyl by Optic Nerve, included here is a poster and two bonus tracks...view item »

The Monochrome Set
1979-1985: Complete Recordings

The Monochrome Set are one those largely unknown but hugely influential British bands. Their post-punk/indie-pop/art-rock sound has been an influence on the likes of The Smiths, Blur and Franz Ferdinand. The groups leader, Bid, claims that a diet of 17th century poetry and Leadb...view item »

The Monochrome Set

London’s Monochrome Set were post-punk before the genre was even defined, falling into stylistic territory somewhere between Magazine, Orange Juice and Blue Orchids. Their influence was evident in the more arch corners of Britpop...view item »

The Monochrome Set

Trace back from The Last Shadow Puppets, Franz Ferdinand et al any you’ll find The Monochrome Set. They originally formed in 1978, as part of the first wave of post-punk, and give most contemporaries a run for their money. Grand and smokey dive bar music, that would fit soundtracking a com...view item »

The Monochrome Set
Volume, Contrast, Brilliance... Vol.2

The Monochrome Set are a lesser-known troupe of indie / post-punkers, although their influence was later visible in bands like Franz Ferdinand and The Divine Comedy. Volume, Contrast, Brilliance… Vol. 2 compiles a bundle of demos (home and studio) that span their 1978-1991 existe...view item »

The Monochrome Set
The Lost Weekend

English new wave band The Monochrome set themselves apart from the sombre tones of post punk played by many of their late seventies and early eighties contemporaries through their dry wits and clean pop sensibilities. ‘The Lost Weekend’ documents the bands tenure at Blanco Y Negro records....view item »

The Monochrome Set
Spaces Everywhere

Back in their third incarnation, The Monochrome Set are releasing twelfth album. The band hasn't left behind their old sounds and tendencies, and in ways Spaces Everywhere has audible roots in the eighties. However, the old-school blues and new wave are combined with a fresh sounds that make thi...view item »

The Monochrome Set
White Noise: Early Recordings

I feel like I should've known more about these guys.. I mean from the moment you stick on this seven track slab of early recordings (dating from the mid-late 1970s) it's completely apparent that they've played a really important part in indie rock history, even if they don't seem to have quite had their due for it. I guess their low-key proto-Ne...view item »

The Monochrome Set
M80 Concert

Oh they were a funny bunch of art fops weren't they? Have you ever wondered what Monochrome Set sounded like performing live in 1979? Well now you can find out with this marvellous historical document. Its raw as anything with funny little songs that are one part Noel Coward and one part Orange Juice. Oh where did they arrive at such a sound? Wh...view item »

The Monochrome Set
Super Plastic City

The Monochrome Set were ace. Arch, clever early 80’s pop that was an influence on the nascent Morrissey as well as a whole host of wordy, literate indie bands that followed in their wake. I’m not 100% sure I should extend that into the present tense following a cursory listen to this vinyl edition of t...view item »

The Monochrome Set
Volume, Contrast, Brilliance... (Sessions & Singles Vol. 1)

The Monochrome Set’s compilation of singles and session tracks was released back in the (80s) day, but is given a new reissue here. Volume, Contrast, Brilliance makes for a pretty good introduction to this little institution-of-a-band - in their initial phase, at least. There’s a couple of bonus song...view item »

The Monochrome Set
Love Zombies

The Monochrome Set are emerging as the forgotten heroes of the post-punk early eighties. This extremely quirky British band had an abundance of talent that others could only dream of. Yet the band was usually met with disdain or derision from fans and critics alike in the 1980's. Thirty years later and the significance of the band is finally rec...view item »

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