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Lymbyc Systym
New Varieties

Lymbyc Systym is a pair of brothers, putting in the commitment to make things work over long distances. The New Varieties EP is another step into brightly-coloured synth lands, with heartfelt melodies played out in all kinds of textures over a dance beat. 3 original tracks, rounded out neatly with a remix by Bot...view item »

Lymbyc Systym
Split Stones

Do siblings always make great music together? The press release for Lymbyc Systym’s latest seems to think so. Maybe they’re both good musicians. Maybe there’s no connection other than genetics. Maybe Santa’s a lie. Before I ruin too many cute sentiments, let’s take a look at the music itself. They’ve b...view item »

Lymbyc Systym

From the very opening seconds of this album, when Prairie School bursts exuberantly from the speakers, you can tell you're in for something special. This is electronica (or is it post rock?!) at its most accessible - I could try and describe it as a more energetic version of The Album Leaf, or Ratatat with more varied instruments, but neither of...view item »

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