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Lupen Crook
A Silver Boot For Sam / Washing Blood

Now a Gypsy vibe going on from LUPEN CROOK with a pretty unremarkable sounding tune which I'm struggling to grab hold off. Sort of like verse-verse-verse with no real dynamic. Musically quite tight with nice instrumental textures going on but it's all a bit baffling really.  In the office we're thinking a bit REM but that's...view item »

Lupen Crook
Love 80

Am utterly confused today by everything and I was really grumpy until I had my dinner. After which I felt like a reborn child.... Actually I'm still grumpy now so cocking watch it....So Lupen Crook have released 2 singles so far and here in my hands is the third. They're one of these bands I've heard all of their singles and I couldn...view item »

Lupen Crook

Here's a 7" by Lupen Crook on Tap N Tin. I think I moaned about the singing when I reviewed this lot last time and again it is a bit on the harsh side but this time the song has some magnificent strings. Shades of Randy Newman and Eric Matthews. Baroque singer songwriter stuff backed with just piano and strings....view item »

Lupen Crook
Petals Fresh From Road Kill

New single from Lupen Crook. This sounds like what would happen if Chas from Chas n Dave ran off with Dave's wife and Dave sat down with his acoustic guitar and wrote some tear drenched cockney barrow boy ballads in a bedsit on a rainy night. Seriously folks its kind of Pete Doherty sings the David...view item »

Lupen Crook
Accidents Occur Whilst Sleeping

Not over familiar with Lupen Crook. His debut album 'Accidents Occur Whilst Sleeping' starts somewhere between Kristen Hersh's 'Strings' EP & Bright Eyes tortured squealings on the opener '6=8...the Remainder of the Formula Self' Jesus!!, what's with the pretentious titles you plank? At least th...view item »