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A.C.R. 1999

Lungfish are a band who never really fit into any kind of “scene”. Locking into their sensuous repeato grooves with pagan psych vibes over which Dan Higgs...view item »

Daniel Higgs
The Fools Sermon, part 1

Former Lungfish man Daniel Higgs does not mislead when he promises a Fools Sermon: he does indeed deliver his twisted version of a new age religious sermon, carefully intoning each word as though tasting them as they leave his mouth. In the background are creeping desert-like instrumentals: quite the li...view item »

Rainbows From Atoms

I was thinking about creating an iTunes playlist called Lunfish's best. When I do this album will be heavily represented. Aside from Mother Made Me (which is still pretty darn good), I absolutely love every song here. Instrument hits like a sledgehammer right off the bat, Abraham Lincoln showcases Daniel Higgs wonderful lyrics (and one of Asa Os...view item »

Who Shall Be The Sun

Zomes is a collaboration between Hanna Olivegren and Lungfish’s Asa Osborne, although this release has the additional influence of David Wagoner, whose poetry book Who Shall Be The Sun provides the inspiration and text for this interesting set of ...view item »

The Unanimous Hour

In the world of the arts we look for someone's own unique perspective on things, the way they process information and return it to us. Over the years (1988-present) Lungfish has been an interesting force far and beyond the usual perspective. The band's frontman, Daniel Higgs, has certainly abandoned the norm (even in the world of experiment) an ...view item »

Love Is Love

For some people, the title may seem like an oxymoron. How can a band whose songs always consist of one riff, one beat, one rhythm repeated over and over again experience growth? But that's missing the point. Lungfish continue to walk their own path, as it becomes clearer and more focused, those that share their vision get to follow them along an...view item »

Sound In Time

Lungfish are one of the classic post-hardcore bands, hailing from Baltimore and getting real weird with it. Sound In Time is their 1996 fourth album, a tight web of looping riffs and Daniel Higgs raw vocals. Yum. This version of the album has been specially remastered for vinyl release. LP on Dischord....view item »