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Lucky Dragons
Music For No Reason

Right, this is a three track 7” that I can't find any further information about on the internet so I'll have to think for myself for a change. Its a picture disc with striking photos by David Horvitz. It really does look quite the business. The music is the usual beautiful ebb and f...view item »

Lucky Dragons
Rara Speaks

Lucky Dragons have had an increased profile of late due to the fact they've been caught out making some of the most addictive, hypnotic tribal pop you'll ever hear so people, being clever & all that, have began actually buying their records. You know all the bits about old "chill out" acts like Lemon Jelly that were good I.E. the beau...view item »

Lucky Dragons
Vrais Noms/ True Names

Nine tracks on one 7"? These Lucky Dragons folks is crazy, plain crazy! I thought I'd reviewed these before and made a really shit job of it but looking on the site that's not actually the case so I'll have to make a shit job of reviewing this one instead. Shame really, 'cos it's well good. 'Vraid Noms/True Names' contains a suite of lush repe...view item »

Lucky Dragons
Dark Falcon

It's been Lucky Dragons-tastic in here recently and in our excitingly bumper delivery from Marriage Records a day or two back we received two older LPs (Dark Falcon and Widows) and a split 7" with Ecstatic Sunshine which fans will want to lap up forthwith. I was saying the other day that their stuff really reminds me of Moondog, both in feel a...view item »

Lucky Dragons, Jesus Licks, Woman, Various
Caff/ Flick Compilation

We have a rather nifty compilation showcasing the more off-kilter shambling side of DIY leftfield music. 'Caff / Flick' is on Half / Half records and features: Moat, Munch Munch, Leopard Leg, Woman, Lucky Dragons, Jesus Licks, Tap Tap, Knowth, Ftse 100, Cleckhuddersfax and loads more bands / artists I've never heard of. The high...view item »

Lucky Dragons
Open Power

YO YO YO!!! New Lucky Dragons LP = Happy Business Lady. Lucky Dragons have existed in one form or another for a fare while now and though their records are not easy to track down, these LA based loop enthusiasts have a lot to offer so you should seek them out. Or, you could invest in 'Open Power', probably their most consistent and widely available...view item »

Lucky Dragons
Dream Island Laughing Language

The Lucky Dragons have a new album out. We actually had an import of this a few weeks ago (which we still have a handful of in stock) but we didn't get chance to review it. So here's a UK version of 'Dream Island Laughing Language' on the smart Upset The Rhythm label. Those with memories better than those of fish will remember we did give Lucky...view item »

Lucky Dragons
David Horowitz Picture Disc 2

Single of the week is by the Lucky Dragons who've released records on 555, English Muffin, Slender Means Society etc.. This is an odd little 7". Firstly it's physical being... it's a 7" picture disc called David Horowitz Picture Disc 2 with a stickered cover and there's just 300 of these suckers for the world. It's a crazy single.... all ...view item »

Lucky Dragons

The Lucky Dragons CD sounds really interesting on first listen - its cut up to smithereens lounge/easily listening. Not an easy listen but I'm just thankful stuff like this is still out and that you can still find music that isn't homogenized careerist slop....view item »