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I've made no secret of the fact that i dig Lovvers so it will come as no surprise to hear that i like this new single 'Strangers'. Recorded at the same time as "OCD GO GO GO GIRLS" but omitted from the album in favour of a later single release, it's obvious to see why as this works great as a stand alone track. Packing ace, infectious riffage th...view item »

Lovvers/ Knyfe Hyts/ The Death Set/ Best Fwends
OIB Split Series Volume 3

One Inch Badge have their third split series 7" record out and the cover is well smart. One side has a picture of Jesus' little head popping out of a girlies pee thing. It's totally inspired. The Lovvers track I reckon must be an oldie as it's more like The Jonson Family stuff, a bit more rugged and hardcore then their current sound. Kinda agg...view item »

OCD Go Go Girls

'OCD Go Go Girls' by Lovvers totally rules. The riff is pure old skool Television style shit and the solo melody line is well cheeky! I'm not gonna egg it as I've just reviewed the album but it's safe to say I'm digging this tune. Nice mix of early punk and garage rock that impossible not to like. B-side '100 Flowers' is by no means the best of the...view item »

OCD Go Go Go Girls

I can't believe a decent UK band have been signed by Wichita!!! Ace!!! So are they gonna represent with 'OCD Go Go Girls'? I hope so. First up, I'm loving the artwork. The menacing kid pictured on the sleeve of the 'Think' EP was gonna take some topping but it looks like they've managed to better themselves. The same goes for the album itself. ...view item »

Laughing Man / Search For Gold

Why have I never heard a Lovvers record before until now? Brian put 'Laughing Man' on the deck and I almost shit myself. A slab of prime Butthole Surfers inspired primal gutter rock that twats you in the head like a juggernaut. It begins with a slow intro and then the drums kick in and a disorientating filthy riff does the business.The vocal has a ...view item »


Former SOTW champs Lovvers are back with their first release for big fat Wichita. Nice to hear this Notts based 4 piece still sound like their recording studio is in Oscar the Grouch's armpit. 'Think' has 7 tracks of trashed scuzz punk full of odd little hooks that's starting to infect me like a very pleasant viral disease. The guitarist Henry ve...view item »

Near Enough For Jazz/ Special Needs

Lovvers: "Near Enough For Jazz" (Jonson Family) A bit of a post-hardcore skronk out that comes across a little grungy with a melodic breakdown towards the end that turns into some thirties jazz interlude. If we gave a prize for sleeve art work this would win hands down, with it's woodblock style print harking back to the sort of colours a...view item »


LOVVERS have a 7" out on Jonson Family. This has a lovely picture of 2 horse on the cover. They look like they're in love. In fact it's kind of painting you can imagine on your grandparents wall. Though play this to them and they'll more than likely have a heart attack as it's a right old racket!  It sounds like...view item »