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Sketches From New Brighton

Sketches From New Brighton is yet another set of delightful pillowy electronica from the inimitable Loscil (Scott Morgan). Morgan’s blend of downtempo electronics, ambient music and dub techno has influenced artists like Edward and Nicolas Jaar, but when he’s on form there are very few other artists who can craft soundscapes as wintry or as beautiful. And on this, his sixth LP, Morgan is once again on form.

Endless Falls

Taking his name from the ‘looping oscillator’ function in the Csound program, Canadian ambient artist Scott Morgan has been recording as Loscil for two decades. Endless Falls was his fifth studio album for the Kranky imprint, and recorded in part with Destroyer’s Dan Bejar, and it gets a double-LP re-issue. 


For the twelfth Loscil album, inspiration has been taken from the photography of Alfred Stieglitz. This is a very wise decision, as the silvery shimmer of his cloud and sky photos meet their perfect sonic analogue in the sound of Equivalents, which drifts gorgeously along in classic Loscil / Kranky style.
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Sine Studies 3

The sine wave is a sound wave that has a single frequency with no harmonies. Because of these qualities, it sounds perfectly clear to the human ear. JAZ Records are releasing 'Sine Studies 3' by Loscil. . According to the press release, Locsil shapes sine waves, 'imbuing them with texture and colour through the use of layering, processing and distorting.' If you were being cynical, then you would say, well, that's all electronic music is really, but since we aren't cynical at NR, we won't. It's an accessible and enjoyable investigation and exploration of the possibilities of digital sine waves. 

First Narrows

First Narrows was the third Loscil album to be released and, now over a decade old, it certainly deserves its first outing on wax. The album is a wonderfully polite work of gentle computer sound, processed acoustic instruments and beats that are alarmingly hypnotic, perfect for drives, late nights and subdued social happenings. Check out “Sickbay” for a great case in point, which wraps layers of soothing, wide pads over skittering rhythms and soft syncopations of smokey keys. Lush.

High Plains

Collaborative project between classically trained cellist Mark Bridges and Scott Morgan (probably better known as his solo moniker Loscil or as the drummer and saxophonist for Destroyer). Since working together on an endless generative music app in 2015 a future project was looming, in the form of High Plains, 9 tracks of low level neo-classical pieces blending cello, electronics and field recordings.

Monument Builders

Drummer and saxophonist for Destroyer but If you haven’t heard any of Loscil’s 12 albums this is as good a place as any to start. Warm synthesis, subtle dubby chords meet field sampling in an ambient space-capturing setting, a sense of place and the grandeur within it. Droney, but so very musical.  

Triple Point

Normanology 101: In the world of science, the ‘triple point’ is the moment at which a material is in flux between its vapour, liquid and solid states. The term proves to be an apt title for Loscil’s 2001 debut LP, a record in which sounds slip-slide around and textures come with soft edges. The micro-house of Jan Jelinek, Boards Of Canada-aping electronica and a dubby ambient style that prefigures Jay Glass Dubs are all to be found drifting across Triple Point. This record was the first to emerge from Loscil’s fruitful partnership with Kranky.
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Sine Studies 2

Nothing like the word ‘Sine’ to turn people off or tune people in to a record eh? Sine Studies 2 is the second example of Loscil’s efforts to make music using nothing but raw sine waves. Unlike the challengingly purist approach of Sachiko M however, Loscil heavily manipulates and arranges his sines into tuneful, even rhythmic pieces. 7” on JAZ Records.


Scott Morgan’s fourth Loscil album Plume took a different approach to previous efforts, using harmonic roots as a platform for live improvisation in the studio, with editing kept to a minimum. The ambient drone/electronica that Morgan deals in swells and recedes slowly throughout and proves itself adaptable to change. 

Sea Island

A vital cog and immortal player in Vancouver's alternative music scene -- having played drums  for Dan Bejar's Destroyer while also making an endless slew of ambient works -- Scott Morgan is better known as Loscil. 'Sea Island' is a new record of sorts, collecting loose but original material Morgan has made over the last two years. Some of these pieces were composed with spare studio time, while many of them began life as live works. 'Sea Island' proves Morgan to be a master of synthesising electronic drones with an acoustic discipline -- Kranky, innit?

Loscil / Fieldhead
Fury and Hecla

This is a second pressing of the long sold out collaboration between Vancouver-based musician Scott Morgan as Loscil and Newcastle Upon Tyne based Paul Elam as Fieldhead. Both musicians are known for creating droning icy soundscapes. Loscil has previously released a series of well-regarded albums on Kranky citing krautrock greats Cluster, Gavin Byars and a wealth of film composers as influence.  Fieldhead has released two albums of textured soundscapes marked by tape hiss and haunted loops on the Home Assembly and Gizeh labels. This new album showcases superb examples of each composers work and was initially sold on a joint tour but was almost immediately unavailable.
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Bvdub & Loscil

Loscil (featuring Kelly Wyse)


Issued on vinyl for the very first time on Kranky, Submers is the second studio album by ambient artist Scott Morgan, recording under the name Loscil. All of its tracks are named after submarines, and the mood, constructed largely from samples, is one of ominous moods, clangorous rhythms and claustrophobia.