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Sketches From New Brighton

Right-o, over the past two or three years this man here has become a bit obsessed with Vancouver's Loscil. I really liked his last Kranky opus 'Endless Falls' but there's something s...view item »

Endless Falls

I wandered into the office yesterday, late and a little hungover and was greeted by some arresting and deeply comforting audio. Scott Morgan's Loscil project was responsible for gently easing my brain back into reality. 'Endless Falls' begins with the sound of rainfall, I just love the chaotic nature of the rhythms of raindrops so it's a winning op...view item »

First Narrows

I tell you what, I like that Strategy CD on Kranky. Great stuff. Here's a new one from Loscil also on Kranky who I think has something to do with Strategy. Anyway its very similar. Lovely blissed out ambient dub in your Pole, Fax, Labradford vein. Very nice indeedly-doodley....view item »

High Plains

The office ambience is pretty chilled at the moment (following the drumming-and-mallet fest of a famous YouTube Japanese-ambient-classic vinyl reissue assaulting the workers’ ears early this morning).  I thought I’d grab this window of opportunity to review something altogether more soothingly stringed and brooding. It’s t...view item »

Monument Builders

Aah, lovely glacially chilly electronica for the onset of freezing bloody Winter. The office feels very much like the open warehouse it (sort of) is, and here is my appropriate soundtrack for the next half-hour or so. Scott Morgan -- Loscil -- how fucking prolific is he? Well, very I’d say. A Quickly scanning his Discogs reveals Morgan has...view item »


*This is a re-issue opf the CD only 2006 album. Read Brian's review from back those heady days when we were allowed to smoke in the office* Loscil next then. I like the sleeve. A red & white striped chimney spurting smoke that looks like it's fallen of the top of ...view item »

Sea Island

I'd say out of all the modern ambient practitioners that Loscil is one of the most idiosyncratic, so much so that he pulls a lot of similar tricks throughout his discography which either means you only need one of his albums or you've got to have them all in greedily in your mitts. Scott Morgan is his name and welcome to his pulsating amorphous ...view item »