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Los Campesinos
Hold On Now Youngster

Ant here wondering where on earth Los Campesinos get their energy from. They sound like they've been necking kegs of Red Bull. Its all jolly uplifting playful energetic bouncy ecstatic indie pop that reminds me of The Go Team. Mingus is bigging this up. The energy is clearly rubbing off on him. What's happening... Everyone is smiling and that... sh...view item »

Los Campesinos!
Sick Scenes

Good times for UK indie-pop fans as Los Campesinos! make a full-length album return, their first since 2013. Sick Scenes is an eleven track dash through the signature Los Camps style of witty, highly-personal lyrics belted out over jumpy melodic guitar thrash. Lovely stuff, as ever! Out on Wichita, with...view item »

Los Campesinos
A Los Campesinos! Christmas

All I want for christmas is a Los Campesinos christmas album. Thanks Santa! More indie hopefuls reduced to making christmas songs in the vain hope they might be used in Asda's next ad. Dreadful stuff but its christmas and its limited. They've come up with 6 christmas songs. Can't wait for it all to be over. ...view item »

Los Campesinos
No Blues

Normally, I like rock to feature in your face guitars and energy. I got hooked on the early LC records which had a more driving sound featuring plenty of hyper electric guitars while also incorporating nice unique touches like glockenspiel, violins, some keyboard, occasional horns, and also featured complex, literate lyrics without distracting f...view item »

Los Campesinos
Hello Sadness

Hello Sadness has definitely not let down my expectations, it is quite similar in many ways to their earlier work, yet in my opinion it sounds somewhat more "pop-like" although not in a negative way. As always the lyrics are a joy to read, with clever, strange, original verses from love to eye colours. "It's only hope that springs eternal and th...view item »

Los Campesinos
Romance Is Boring (single)

I reviewed this album last week so i won't go on about this single too much. Safe to say the group have released the best of the tracks from Romance is Boring as singles with this one being the best of all. Catchy, witty, tight and with it's fair share of cheeky moments 'Romance is Boring' sounds like it was recorded at maximum volume with maximum ...view item »

Los Campesinos
We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

Ah, Los Campesinos!. Early birds of the 2000s NME heartbreak-tweecore indie scene, their success with university freshers up and down the country was all but sealed. 2008’s We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, albeit a subradar piece knocked out half a year after the previous album, contained many a fan hit of its own...view item »

Los Campesinos
Romance Is Boring

The music of Los Campesinos has somehow passed me by, which is odd considering their popularity. Anyway, new album 'Romance is Boring' sees the group extending their musical palette, introducing brass, chimes, vibes and electronics to create a vast and slightly overwhelming epic of a record. Recorded in the massive country of america and mixed in...view item »

Los Campesinos
My Year In Lists

Really like Los Campesinos! but must say I struggle to represent them in words. The music on 'My Year in Lists' is a little like old forgotten 4AD/Guernica band That Dog crossed with Bis & The Go Team (in the trill ladyvox) They sound really young & have a charming way with a tune. Old skool indie with heartfelt lyrics and a bit of a ramsha...view item »

Los Campesinos
You! Me! Dancing!

Los Campesinos release their 2nd single on Wichita. The cover of this one features some kind of space monster spewing up fire or something..... most exciting. You! Me! Dancing! is on red vinyl and it comes with a clutch of postcards for you to use and impress people with. Thankfully it's not new rave... that can all fuck off. It was shit at the beg...view item »

Los Campesinos
Death To Los Campesinos

Los Campesinos!: 'Death To Los Campesinos!' (Wichita) Three track CD and two track seven inch single from the latest indie hopefulls. This seven piece are a welcome reaction to the skinny jeaned indie-rock lads dominating the field. Made up of almost equal parts male and shemale this shouty riot of deliriously upbeat pop and party attitude is a spr...view item »

Los Campesinos
We Throw Parties, You Throw Knifes

HEY pop song. Here i've got LOS CAMPESINOS! (from Cardiff) with their banana coloured 7" which includes a free band pop- up. On side A " We Throw Parties, You Throw Knifes" we've got like a Jamie T style rapper on it with a insanely sweet sickly chorus. If your a fan of young cheeky pop have a listen. Its a bit like ...view item »