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Lory D Vinyl, CD & tapes by Lory D at Norman Records

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Lory D
Jam With Deaf Cats

Cats. Our feline friends are not noted for their appreciation of head-shaking, foot-stomping minimal acid-techno.. Although they are creatures of the night. Even deaf ones. So Lory D releases his latest 12", an EP on Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten Berlin called 'Jam With Deaf Cats', containing therein 4 cuts of the dark electronic stuff. SSPB have brought in the Italian producer for their second release to date for some driving acid sounds, frenzied and hypnotic rhythms and raw kicks. Another bonus is an edit by Berliner Technokind Marcel Dettmann! Jawol! Limited copies.

Lory D
Strange Days Vol.3

Some sonic mood construction from Lory D. Strange Days Vol.3 is the next instalment from the Italian producer. Pumping out his own brand of darkly italo tinged techno, these two tracks of full of acidic synthesizers, squelchy bass lines and jacking kicks, hats and snares. Lory knows how to get the intensity out on the floor. Out on 12" vinyl from Numbers.
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Lory D
Strange Days Vol. 5

Italian pumping beatster Lorenzo D'Angelo aka Lory D is back on Numbers with the 5th (and possibly last??) record in the Strange Days series. There's a track called 'Deep Acoustic' on here - don't worry, he hasn't gone soft on you. This 12" is chock full of tracks showcasing his grinding take on the acid sound, trust us, the groove on 'Acid-CLX22' is mean.

Lory D
Strange Days Vol. 4

The prolific Italian producer unleashes a hefty dose of dark and experimental techno on the Numbers label. On Strange Days Vol. 4, Lory D borrows some glorious drum programming from techno’s Detroit golden age and then updates it with twisting acid basslines, abrasive melodies and distorted samples.

Lory D

"It's just music" says the press release. Lory D once had music out on Rephlex so that will give you some idea of where he's coming from. A legendary name in techno, MT100 is timeless and free of genre. It has a very basic drum machine and organ melody that is very eerie and soundtracky. One sided 12" limited to 250. 
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