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Array 1

For two and half decade, alternative rockers LOOP have left a void in our hearts. And now they think they can make it up to us just by releasing new material. Which they totally can. Array 1 is the first of three releases planned for the coming year, and features 4 new songs. Expect to reminisce, recognize and be s...view item »

A Gilded Eternity

The last of the Loop reissues has landed. A Gilded Eternity is in!! It's a 2 disc set featuring loads of bonus shizzle which hasn't been available on CD before. There's squillions of reviews for it on the internet so I'm not gonna go into detail on this one but I remember buying it when it came out and I played it a few months and it still blew my ...view item »

Fade Out

Not since Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to a church door in Wittenburg had the Western world known such a schism. History has seen some fierce rivalries down the years - Axis vs Allies, USA vs USSR, Glasgow vs Celtic - but these were mere squabbles compared with titanic struggle over the right to wear the UK's psych-rock crown in 1...view item »

The World In Your Eyes

I can't say I've ever really bothered with Loop, probably because I'd always had the vague impression (based on what exactly I'm not too sure) that they were pretty much a poor man's Spacemen 3, but with this recent raft of reissues from Reactor I've been thinking maybe I should check them out properly so the fact that The World In Your Eyes, a thr...view item »

Heaven's End

When I was a nipper you either liked Spacemen 3 or Loop. It was very much like if you watched Magpie or Blue Peter. There was no scope for sitting on the was one or the other. Zip forwards far too many years and Reactor have re-released...view item »

Wolf Flow

Wolf Flow compiles the three sessions that Loop recorded for the dearly beloved John Peel between 1987 and 1990. It functions almost as a best-of compilation of the band’s work, with tracks from all their albums as well as a rare cover of Suicide’s Rocket USA. Remas...view item »