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Brian Gibson

Brian Gibson has been leading a double life for many years now, being both a video game artist and half of noise-rock destroyers Lightning Bolt. Here, the two come together, with the soundtrack to Gibson’s acclaimed game Thumper, composed by Gibson himself. Very d...view item »

Lightning Bolt
Fantasy Empire

Blasting through speakers for over twenty years, Lightning Bolt is a force to be reckoned with. Renowned for their aggressive and noisy approach to music and performances, they have made a name for themselves as unpredictable and relentless. Fantasy Empire is their eighth full length release and we are excited. And scar...view item »

Lightning Bolt
Earthly Delights

It's 2009 YO!!! About time Lightning Bolt (from here on out referred to as L.B. or the L.B.'s) delivered another long player I hear you say, and your DAMN RIGHT! So, here it is .... 'Earthly Delights' is another kick ass example of why L.B. have caused such a stir over the years. Along with the likes of Arab on Radar, The Locust, Erase Errata, Men'...view item »

Lightning Bolt
Hypermagic Mountain

the new Lightning Bolt album which hath just arrived not 5 minutes ago.... Straight on the stereo and the cobwebs are long gone. This totally rocks...... apparently these are the dogs biscuits live. Incredible bass sound... so tight..... this is the band that the word motherfucker was invented for.  I'm so pleased we sell records li...view item »

Lightning Bolt
Wonderful Rainbow

Ladies and gentlmen, boys and girls... from the deepest, darkest reaches of hell, I introduce the two Brians; Chippendale and Gibson. You better do as they say, and no one will get hurt! Cus' even the devil can't write tunes this good. Comply or die. ...view item »