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TFCF (420 Estuary Angler Edition)

Unbelievable special edition 2LP in custom spray painted sandpaper sleeve this contains unreleased tracks and outtakes not included on the 'TFCF' album. As ever with Liars the band are unafraid to step into unfamiliar sonic territories and this latest album is no different. This highly collectible release will be an essential addition to the sta...view item »

1/1 (Original Soundtrack)

After Mess, you might have thought you’d never hear from the Angus Andrew / Aaron Hemphill line-up of Liars ever again, but get this: they also created some soundtrack work for Jeremy Phillips’ film 1/1 before they parted ways, and now we can hear i...view item »

Scented Pictures

You won’t be hearing any porkies from confirmed ex-Liar Aaron Hemphill any longer. This is his new solo project, Nonpareils. It’s reminiscent in some ways of his former band, with discordant, psychedelic electronics in place of the strained guitars of Drum’s Not Dead, say. But he&rsquo...view item »

Pro Anti Anti

Liars’ recent album ‘Mess’ polarised opinions in our generally Liars-sympathetic office, with certain members of our number being put off by the stomping Laibach/Rammstein-ish industrial electro-rock sheen that represents their latest incarnation. I’m not too f...view item »


Liars are back. After a three year absence the off-kilter group return with a new footprint in their skewed journey in dark experimental lands. This time, with eleven-track TFCF, the band couple their line up upheaval with a revolutionised sound - one which smears the line between acoustic and electronic....view item »


Liars are such an interesting band. You never quite know what you are going to get but every time its always different and never less than impressive. This album starts off in excellent style with opener ‘The Exac...view item »

They Were Wrong, So We Drowned

Liars.... christ what do I say about them?? How on earth do you describe 'em??? Tricky job.... I think there's much easier jobs out there like being a solicitor or a doctor perhaps??? Well they've got a new album out and I'm here trying to give you some pointers and don't have a clue where to start. I like it.... ...view item »


A new Liars album, eh? I think I'm very interested in that. Kicking off with the excellent 'Scissor' which builds with their trademark oddball harmonies before exploding into hyper-riffy life, Sisterworld takes a whistlestop tour through the various sounds they've played around with down the years - skronky rock, nightmare tribalism, post-punking...view item »


Liars are a band who seem to make a point of confounding people's expectations of them, starting out as scratchy post-punk types and then setting themselves adrift in all manner of conceptual and textural explorations. Their new album 'Mess' dropped on my review pile this week with Phil apologetically saying that nobody else in the office likes ...view item »

Drums Not Dead

Trying to listen to Liars new album on Mute but Phil's got a rapping Mr T from the A Team blaring from the other computer so I'm tempted almost to review that. But I've come to my senses, thank christ. Liars seem to have softened a little but by no means have they ceased to be a bunch of utter backwoods weirdos. Like tribal...view item »

Liars/ Gerry Mitchell

The Liars tune is possibly their most contentious effort yet, a sprawling, demented freeform run through Led Zeppelin's 'How Many More Times' complete with deranged muffled wobble-vox that would make your blood freeze if it came comin' atcha in a forest. I'd like to see these guys tie Robert Plant to a tree in some spook...view item »


Next up the Liars with their self titled 4th album on mute. It opens with last weeks single of the week which is a snarling punky number. From here we are presented with a variety of styles and genres from Beck sounding rock songs to ambient tribal cave paintings to the somber Joy division. (... and Sonic Youth) Always subversive, its schizophrenic...view item »

Plaster Casts Of Everything

'Plaster Casts Of Everything' by the Liars is an upbeat, dramatic, repetitive, heavy, dirty, scuzzy, intense beast from this schizoid band. Catchy and simultaneously noisy. Quality alternative rock music. It's like The Stooges cossed with Can which is just about the greatest combination known to man/ woman. I need a bath after listening to this one...view item »

House Clouds

Liars are a great band and I get to talk about two of their records this week. 'Houseclouds' is punctuated by a farty bass and it showcases the poppier end of Liars output. I can't but help think of Beck when I hear this. It's a great tune tune though. Well recommended!!...view item »

Leopard On My Right/ Dear

The Liars have a great 7" picture disc and DVD set thing out. It's not cheap but it looks great and if you're a fan of the Liars you'll be murderizing people to get your hands on this filthy sex pest of a thing. Musically it sounds just like early Neubauten... dark clattering lofi industrial sounding gear with some nods to Confusi...view item »

They Were Wrong So We Drowned

When Liars released this as a follow up to their dance-punk debut album, critics and fans were not ready for the pummeling that "They Were Wrong" delivers. However, because 2004 were simpler times where everyone couldn't stop talking about Franz Ferdinand (...embarrassing....view item »

They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top

I dug early Pavement as much as the next irony overdose, but the legions that took their tunefulness into saccharine territory throughout the nineties too often didn't have the good sense to back their angst with noise and punch. I soon tuned out the faux-cleverness and self-pity, and my horizons soon receded into the infinite. So as you can ima...view item »