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The beloved and screwed up face of electronic music,¬†Aphex Twin¬†arrived as a maverick of experimental dance music and remains to this day a wizened, active veteran. Richard David James has squared up to IDM, techno and ambient music in his time, more »

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Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Not sure that you need us to introduce this one to you. The album that broke Aphex Twin to the masses (relatively speaking), Selected Ambient Works 85-92 starts with two genuinely sublime pieces of music, ‘Xtal’ and ‘Tha’, which your collection literally cannot be without. The whole thing is grea...view item »

Aphex Twin
Collapse EP

With mysterious artwork appearing everywhere from Turin to Kippax - on people's coffee cups, on the back of tea towels, on the last sheets of loo paper - it's that time again: a new Aphex Twin marketing campaign. Which means only one thing - new music from the maverick electronic producer. This time, a 12" issued with bizarre sp...view item »

Aphex Twin

What is left to say about 'Windowlicker' that hasn't already been said? The most perfect piece of electronic music ever produced? It's sexy, it's slinky, it's odd, it's the sort of thing that if things worked properly would have been a worldwide smash. No-one has quite come up with anything since that blends the out there with the streamlined. O...view item »

AFX (Aphex Twin)
orphaned deejay selek 2006-2008

Not content with throwing out a whole discography’s worth of tracks on soundcloud recently, Richard D. James is clearly on a mission to make 2015 as busy as possible. orphaned deejay selek 2006-2008 is the first Aphex Twin release under the AFX moniker since 2005, so hoover up the...view item »

Aphex Twin

Well we'll be blowed. The threats have actually finally come true. Aphex Twin's first proper new studio album for Warp since the divisive confused bulk of 2001's 'Drukqs' is due towards the end of September 2014. The artwork is quasi-cryptic and minimal as you can see. What the material will sound like is the stuff of many an "IDM" fanboy/g...view item »

Aphex Twin
Come To Daddy

Another absolutely unique track from the baron of barmy, Richard. D James. This track will make you sweat and break out in fear and is therefore not for the faint-hearted. Fully caustic and demented this would be perfect as part of a soundtrack in the most sadistic of haunted houses. Complimented perfectly by Chris Cunningham's weird and eerie v...view item »

Mike & Rich
Expert Knob Twiddlers

Mike & Rich is Mike Paradinas (aka µ-Ziq) and Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin): you can see the pair of them grinning away on the cover there. This material dates from the mid-90’s and the approach is playful: fun-time groovy electronics as well...view item »

Aphex Twin
Richard D James

In a career full of brilliant music, this could possibly be one Aphex Twin's high-water marks, widely popular at the time of release. It introduced his pulverising 'drill and bass' techniques, moving him away from his acid 'n' ambience beginnings. Contains several classics such as 'Cornish Acid', 'Girl/Boy Song' etc. ...view item »

Aphex Twin
MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96

Over the past 6 months, we’ve seen an incredible quantity of Aphex Twin material resurface. The new MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96 EP is another finely titled piece of IDM, starting off slowly but evolving, subtly, into a complex and summeresque masterpiece. This is RDJ in old form: all over the place bu...view item »

Aphex Twin

The king of the bleeps descends from his Scottish castle to sell us a new piece of plastic music made by old synths, haggard robots, and your ringtone. Judging by the ludicrous, 50s-product-ad press release supplied by the good folks at Warp, you will be buying an actual synthesiser, but instead he'll probably encode the circuit diagrams into th...view item »

Aphex Twin
Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP

Available on 12” Vinyl and CD. After Syro, the first material from Richard D. James under his Aphex Twin moniker in 13 years, dropped near the end of 2014, I think most of us hoped that it wasn’t going to be an equally long wait. James says he’s been making computers play real instrume...view item »

Aphex Twin
I Care Because You Do

Arguably one of Aphex Twin’s greatest albums, I Care Because You Do is the last of his analogue era. You get some technoish numbers, the dog-bothering banger ‘Ventolin (Video Version)’ and ‘Alberto Balsam’, which samples a chair scrape and some metal pipes to remarkably emotionally resonant...view item »

Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works II

One of the most uncanny records out there, Selected Ambient Works II is more genuinely ambient than its predecessor. With sparse synths and some kind of creepy magic, Aphex Twin crafts six sides-worth (yes, this is a triple LP release) of atmospheres that are at once calming, menacing, beautiful, and horrifying. Classic...view item »

Aphex Twin

Really really early Aphex Twin material here on this compilation first issued in 1994, pushing together the ‘Didgeridoo’ and ‘Xylem Tube’ EPs alongside some other tracks. Much of this is pretty banging acid stuff, with the weird Aphexy touch to it of course. I mean, just listen to ‘Digeridoo’....view item »

Various (Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards of Canada etc.)
Warp20: Chosen

Warp Records were (and for many folks still are) in terms of cutting edge electronic music an institution, and they're currently celebrating the 20 years of their existence with a super lavish box set. But for those who simply want the meat of new material and a few oldies there are standard CD editions of 'Warp20 (Chosen') and also 'Warp20 (recrea...view item »

Polygon Window
Surfing On Sine Waves

This is an album by Richard James, of course, from the period where he was also putting out records under the psuedonyms of 'Caustic Window','The Dice Man', and of course, 'Aphex Twin'. And unlike the first two nom-de-plumes above, this is more in an Aphex-y vein, with dark melodies and very tasteful but propulsive beats in use all over. If you ...view item »

Aphex Twin

Hoorah a new Aphex Twin LP. Been playing this for some time and at first I thought it was kind of average but it's grown on me and now I reckon it's yr vintage Aphex Twin. There's some nice mellow piano tracks on there and some mental Aphex tracks as you'd expect. Some on the harsh end of...view item »

Aphex Twin
26 Mixes For Cash

Aphex Twin is one of my heroes (which older readers will acknowledge!) so imagine my delight when I heard 26 of his remixes were coming out on a super-duper double CD set. Beautifully packaged and essential if only to hear how he's completely dismantled his employer's work with glee. Including de-const...view item »

Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works Volume II

A pivotal album in the acid/ambient scene - truely unique and hauntingly beautiful this album bolstered the enigmatic Aphex Twin's reputation as an important figure in the electronica scene and in turn influenced many other electronic artists. Mainly unnamed compositions, each track has a minimalistic quality, a real breakdown of composite parts...view item »

Aphex Twin, Earlies, Various
Dead Mans Shoes

Righty then. Phil here with some words for yers. Warp have their own film company now called Warp Films (important brand name decision...) and their 1st film is called 'Dead Man's Shoes', released in conjunction with Film Four soon ish. It's a gangster flick set in Derby from what I can gather. Derby???? However we're not here to talk ab...view item »