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Lemon Jelly

Clint here with pile number 1. First up Lemon Jelly. The first thing you will need to know is that they have a very long thanks list that improbably includes Richard Vranch. Anyway, that aside, the problem I always have with Lemon Jelly tunes is that they don't go anywhere. They start up and sound very nice for while, then nothing...view item »

Lemon Jelly
Shouty Track

Good gracious me. I've landed the new Lemon Jelly single after hating the last one to pieces. And lucky me. It's a WINNER. Based around a looped sample of 'Horror Show' by The Scars (an old post punk group) , it makes me think of the kinda hypno riff drone mantra that Death In Vegas do so well when they're not up Paul We...view item »

Lemon Jelly
Stay With You

You have to hand it to Lemon Jelly  - they've found a formula alright. Get a classic sample from some forgotten pop hit repeat ad nauseum. Well I think they got it right on the A side with a lovely repeating sample from Gallagher and Lyle's " I Wanna Stay With You" (you'll know it when you hear it). This should hav...view item »

Lemon Jelly
Nice Weather For Ducks

ALL THE DUCKS ARE SWIMMING IN THE WATER! So starts the new Lemon Jelly single before descending into a fairly bland but happy tune which somehow reminds me of the beginning of 'Cemetry Gates' by The Smiths. On the CD and 7" you get that fantastic track 'Soft' which features the dulcet tones...view item »

Lemon Jelly
Lost Horizons

Lemon album. mmmmm.... I love this. Lemon Jelly rock. Well they don't rock. Rock's the wrong word. I'd say sway....... but quite animated swaying. Warm, bubbly loveliness. Loads of samples and nice beats, tunes and as ever very special packaging. The vinyl is super limited to 1000 copi...view item »

Lemon Jelly

OK I'm gonna do a few reviews while I've got time. Lemon Jelly are back armed with a new single. What great fun this is. Lovely pianos, samples of folks on the moon, a nice happy beat.... a sheer pleasure to listen to. Cheerful, chirpy, happy music. You couldn't fail to listen to this and not feel some...view item »