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Omnibus Babylon EP

Legowelt’s been around the block enough times now to what makes a good club tune. Keep the bass bouncy, the drums shuffling and the synths chirpy and you’re most of the way there. Omnibus Babylon is ...view item »

Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time

Purposefully disheveled and endlessly prolific techno artist Danny Wolfers returns to Clone as Legowelt after a five year absence. Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time contains 12 tracks that refuse to be pinned down to one electronic genre - or certainly ones that Wolfer’s has invented, anyway. This...view item »

Danny Wolfers
Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz

‘Unfolding The Future With Amateur Space Jazz’ was originally a cassette and CDr release on Danny Wolfers (Legowelt) own Nightwind label, and is now given the vinyl treatment it deserves. The title somewhat suggets the vibe of this alb...view item »

Levon Vincent / Joey Anderson / Legowelt / Central
Dekmantel 10 Years 03

The only sensible way to celebrate a decade of putting out records is to… put out records! That’s what Dekmantel are doing: in fact, they are doing a series of ten EPs this year! This is the third edition, featuring super-sweet tracks by Levon Vincent, Central, Legowelt and ...view item »

Dark Days

Dutch electronic musician Danny Wolfers has been performing, recording and remixing under the name Legowelt (along with a number of other aliases) since the early 1990s. Dark Days is a collection of tracks from his early days recorded between 1992 and 1997. Dark Days is a mix of ambience, understated beats and ...view item »


Due to popular demand the Bunker label repress Legowelt’s 2000 vinyl 12” Pimpshifter. As is to be expected the sound is ever raw and strange; drum machines mingle with bongos and surreal samples are mashed up with stunning synthesizer tones borrowed from Legowelt’s legendary collection....view item »

Ufocus (Legowelt)
Guidance For The Puzzled

Legowelt man Danny Wolfers strikes out with a new project under a new alias: Ufocus. The sound remains within the Legowelt spectrum however, with layer upon layer of synths falling over themselves in hypnotic motion, over the club-thumping beats beneath. Guidance For The Puz...view item »

Beyond The Congo

Some choice older tracks from Legowelt, first released back in 2005. Beyond The Congo is Legowelt in full-blown electro mode, each track possessing the full complement of classic drum machines, pulsing basslines and wave...view item »

Sampling Winter

“Deep space house trek” is the sound Legowelt is pursuing these days we are told: from the sounds of Sampling Winter, he seems to be achieving it. The title cut sounds close and distant, fast and slow: the drums, the synths and the samples each seemingly existing on their own plane. Real nice cuts, pressed t...view item »

Institute Of The Overmind

Not to be confused with your childhood’s ultimate amusement park, Legowelt (also known as Gladio, Salamandos, Polarius...) is prolific Dutch producer Danny Wolfers (... Smackos, Raheem Hersel, Squadra Blanco and ...view item »

Anaconda Flow

Legowelt AKA producer and performer, Danny Wolfers, has represented many different dance sub-genres. All of which have had his identifying stamp and been executed with a touch of class. His dynamic approach keeps him relevant without him having to follow every trend. His latest EP, Anaconda Flow demonstrates his approac...view item »


Legowelt lands on Spanish label Riverette with Tondalayo. Four new tracks of busy analogue dancefloor killers, driven by warm and bouncy basslines. There is real joy in the interactions of melodic synth lines, slices of vocals, and miscellaneous extra whooshes. These tracks could well make you happy. 12”....view item »

Laundromat of Your Mind

Laundromat Of Your Mind is a title that simultaneously suggests the everyday and conjures psychic wonder. That is pretty much the vibe of these four new tracks from Legowelt, who pulls the listener out of a pulsing 4/4 daze with disorientating synth runs and cosmic production touches. 12” on Bakk....view item »

Tower Of Gipsies

Legowelt is a producer with an uncanny knack for pulling slick and exciting sounds out of a range of rare and underused old synths. His ear for melody is hard to ignore too, and the four Detroit-style tracks on Tower Of Gipsies show this off in great style. Repress of the original 2003 12”, out on the Bunker label...view item »

Vaporware Tracks 1

Following an already prolific output in early 2015 with new music, new internet films and new Shadow Wolf Cyberzines, otherworldly techno creator Legowelt returns with a new EP release on Creme Organization records. ‘Vaporware Tracks Vol. 1’ ranges from the edgy paranoia inducing drum tracks, to melodic, psyche out synths, to totally...view item »

Immensity of Cosmic Space

Every dog has its day, every kid has his dream: go to Legoworld. Now most things get worse when you get older, but some get better: now Legowelt comes to you! His new EP Immensity of Cosmic Space is about hugeness, of the world, the universe and the sound. Live your childhood dreams between your headphones....view item »

Crystal Cult 2080

Danny Wolfers discography seemingly increases by the day, recording under many different names, his Legowelt guise is by far his most well known and loved. As Legowelt he’s produced some cracking albums which I happily part with money to obtain but I had to steal a digital downl...view item »

Teen Romance

Here comes Legowelt with another 12” of his trademark unclassifiable cosmic acid techno jack house whatever it is. Thankfully we have a couple of fans of his here in Brian and Ant who can decode the bleeps, less thankfully neither of them are here today so you’ve got to settle for me chatting about it i...view item »

The Paranormal Soul

Whoa! It doesn’t seem that long since Legowelt’s last album ‘The Teac Life’ but then Danny Wolfers release schedule is pretty restless. This guy must bang out trax in his sleep. He’s been a long time favourite of mine, cuz basically he’s the fuckin don when it comes to channeling the spirit of Chicago via Detr...view item »

Garcon Taupe/ Legowelt
Split LP Series #4 - Garçon Taupe / Legowelt

Dutch east-coast producer Danny Wolfers is a man of many hats, his most prolific and successful being Legowelt. His style draws heavily from primitive and raw Chicago house, Detroit techno through to classic and obscure early synthesizer music and soundtracks. When Phil told me we'd be getting stock of his split LP with Garcon Taupe, I was excited ...view item »

Legowelt, Kettel, Ceephax, Various
030303 EP Part 2

030303 #2 EP feat.LUKE VIBERT / CEEPHAX ACID CREW / LEGOWELT / MR76IX / KETTEL Monster five track ep of acid squelch, squiggles and squidges. Mostly for the floor, with the exception of Kettel's contribution which is not as full-on as the others but still squelchy all the same. If you like your sounds old school or fancy a rave ...view item »

Legowelt, Bangkok Impact, Various
Disco Undead

Do you like fresh brains? Do you tend to come out of a grave and slope around looking for victims? Is your vocabulary nothing more then a few grunts and groans? Yes I'm talking about Zombies. Do I have to spell it out for you? Well if you're not a zombie but are a fan of Zombie flicks and electro then we've got a treat for you. On Device ...view item »

Legowelt, Mr Clavio, Various
Stalingrad 2

Lambchop, Amon Tobin, Legowelt, Various
Onedotzero 2

Legowelt, Achilles, Various