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Factory Photographs

Lawrence English and Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) have done a remarkable job of creating a “sonic response” to David Lynch’s series of factory photographs. The sounds the pair have conjured, effortle...view item »

Lawrence English
Cruel Optimism

Room40 bossman Lawrence English shows us why he is where he is with an excellent record of dense electronics. Cruel Optimism has the elemental drones that English is so good at, but also contributions from amazing guest musicians like Mats Gustafsson, Werner Dafeldecker...view item »

Lawrence English
Approaching Nothing

In an gesture sure to send shockwaves around the electroacoustic / field recording community, Room40 man Lawrence English has returned to the scene of Luc Ferrari’s gorgeous Presque Rien No. 1 (a Yugoslavian / Croatian town) to record it again. Is Approaching Nothing therefore a tribute a...view item »

Lawrence English

The story of how Viento was made by Lawrence English isn't your normal, three-days-in-the-studio-listening-to-The-Beatles-and-eating-crisps kinda story. On a trip visiting Antarctica with the Argentine Antarctic Division, the group make a pit-stop at Rio Gallegos which escalates into staying in the Patagonian ca...view item »

Akio Suzuki + Lawrence English
Boombana Echoes

Sound art from one of japan’s most revered creators Akio Suzuki and Australian musician and composer Lawrence English. Eerie sounds punctuate a sparse soundscape, misheard voices, recorded in the place where the mechanical meets the organic, where electronic meets nature. CD on Winds Measure Recordings. Ha...view item »

Lawrence English
For/Not For John Cage

Here’s a CD on L-NE from renowned sound artist and blurry ambient master Lawrence English, this time an homage (or not?) to everyone’s favourite minimalist ...view item »

Lawrence English
Wilderness Of Mirrors

Wilderness of Mirrors is the new album from Lawrence English. It is two years in the making and the first album created since the release of his 2011 ode to J.A Baker’s novel, The Peregrine. It is English’s most tectonic auditory offering to date, an unrelenting passage of colliding waves of harmony and dynamic live instrumentation....view item »

Xiu Xiu / Lawrence English
LAMC No. 8

Bit of a departure for the Famous Class 7” series, as they head into more experimental territory with these numbers from Xiu Xiu and Lawrence English. Xiu Xiu’s output lately has more often than not failed to grab me, with his contribution to the split LP w...view item »

Lawrence English
Incongruous Harmonies

Nice release here from the Room 40 mainman, whipping up a frenzied whirlwind of satisfyingly noisy ambience on the highly elemental A-side while the B-side strikes me as somehow more architectural despite a superficially similar sound palette. I find that he really excels at creating truly deep environments, ones which feel completely tangible t...view item »

Lawrence English
Kiri Ni Oto

Originally released on CD in 2008, this album has finally been pressed on vinyl too. It's highly textured ambient drone which really comes into its own on tracks like 'White Spray' where the environmental source samples are vaguely perceptible over the rumble and hiss of the track, suggesting melodies and rhythms without them feeling spoonfed. T...view item »

Lawrence English
The Peregrine

Another record of cosmic goodness, 'The Peregrine' is an aural tribute to a book by J.A. Baker conducted in seven musical movements that segue immaculately into one another (bar the bridge between the the last on side one and the first on side two!!). As rich, absorbing fuzzy drones swell and fall whilst sounding very much like Tim ...view item »

Minamo + Lawrence English
A Path Less Travelled

I'm liking the new Room 40 stuff. The last few releases have been great and this one sounds pretty smart as well. The album was recorded in Tokyo and Brisbane and it's a beautifully textured listen. The opener 'The Path' has elements of Brian Eno in there in amidst some lush drones and some acoustic guitar. The album has that very twinkly Japane...view item »

V/A (Lawrence English, Yannick Franck, Michael Santos, etc)
2 : Favourite Places

Francisco López + Lawrence English

Kind of like a mixtape exchange but between two drone braniacs, HB sees musique concrete getting swapped like an episode of some reality TV show where two things or people trade places and Nothing Is The Same. Lawrence English and Francisco López both captured f...view item »

Tujiko Noriko, Lawrence English & John Chantler

Room 40 is that Aussie label with the impeccable credentials, earned from showcasing the outer reaches of electronic & avant garde, uber minimal techno & futuristic ghost pop. They're like a big conceptual tree made out of origami orchids & unfolding, intricate birds constructed from snow crystals. That's what the Tujiko Noriko / Lawren...view item »

Lawrence English & Al Yamamoto

Got a couple of releases on experimental Aussie imprint Phono Statique Records. First up is 'Plateau' which is a collaboration of Lawrence English & Al Yamamoto. This is quality experimental often dark ambient / electronic music with all kinds of strange drones and insect sounds. Some of this is quite un nerving and is maki...view item »

Lawrence English
Ghost Towns

CD by Lawrence English called Ghost Towns. This is "an examination of the hidden and remote settlements that litter the vast Australian Plains" according to the sleeve. There is a lot of silence in this  - when it does make a noise its all found sounds & things clanking away....view item »