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Land Of Talk
Life After Youth

Elizabeth Powell has had a somewhat rocky love affair with her Land Of Talk project, with everything seeming to go wrong a forced hiatus occurred 7 years ago, but of course catharsis was found in building the project back up, reunited with original drummer and featuring guests Sharon Van Etten, ...view item »

Land Of Talk
Applause Cheer Boo Hiss

I stumbled across Canada’s Land Of Talk completely by accident but was pleasantly surprised by their sound. To my ears they are a cross between Come, Throwing Muses and a more jagged Juliana Hatfield, de...view item »

Land Of Talk
Speak To Me Bones

Land Of Talk are up next and are a far more interesting proposition with 'Speak to Me Bones'. This Canadian trio make good old fashioned indie rock. The female vocal is very cool. A little like a less aggressive Be Your Own pet. The Rhythm section are tight and this is fairly catchy but still has a rawness to it. 7" only on One Little Indian. ...view item »

Land Of Talk
Young Bridge

Land of Talk have signed to One Little Indian. I seem to remember really liking their last single. Here's Young Bridge... their 2nd single. The woman's voice is cool. There's some wierd effect on it which makes her sound like she's Chrissie Hynde singing in a different room. Quite a feat I'm sure you'll agree. It rocks like a good 'un and surprisng...view item »

Land Of Talk
Speak To Me Bones/ Death By Fire (Live)

Yes the indie continues with Land of Talk on Label Fandango. What does this sound like?? Initially I think it's interesting though. The best thing I've heard on the label in fact.... The guitars are err... well guitarry.. nice and loud sounding with the vocalist (Elizabeth) pilling over some intense-ness. This kicks ass actually Am well impressed. ...view item »