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What Another Man Spills

20th anniversary vinyl edition of the album that preceded their all time classic 'Nixon'. 'What Another Man Spills' consists mainly of Kurt Wagner originals but with a handful of covers most notably a couple by FM Cornog of East River Pipe. Now two decades on we get a remastered re-press with liner notes by Mr Wagner himself.&nb...view item »

The Hustle Unlimited

Lambchop just do what the freak they like and here they have taken the standout track from recent album 'FLOTUS' and given it an orchestral makeover. The saccharine strings and twinkling piano are just like those late '70s disco weepers we all secretly liked. Also we get a cover of Prince's 'When You Were Mine'....view item »


The Nashville collective celebrate their 30th anniversary if only to make me feel very old indeed. I think it's high time for a really great Lambchop album and with the unveiling of lead track the 18 minute 'The Hustle' we might just get it. This is an excellent electronic/kraut jam with Kurt Wagner's soft brown voice and the us...view item »

Mr. M

I had found myself losing interest in Lambchop after their “Is A Woman” album. Subsequent releases just weren’t doing anything for me. For some reason I decided to give “Mr. M” a punt. I was fortunate enough to find that it was somewhat of a return to form. “2B2” and &ldquo...view item »


Ah Nixon. The highpoint in the varied career of this Nashville million piece led by Kurt Wagner. Nixon was a glorious romp through the back roads of neon soul with surprising nods to Al Green and Curtis Mayfield -  a beautiful lamp lit album, moving at slow pace with Wagner's idiosync...view item »

Is a Woman

This was the at-the-time-disappointing follow up to the splendid Nixon album where Lambchop eschewed the floaty country soul and made what seemed to be a samey set of piano-led torch songs. Yet time has a way of changing things and Is a Woman is now seen as something of a modern classic and is another oddball b...view item »

OH (Ohio)

First up the new Lambchop album called OH (Ohio). Its a shame about Lambchop. I've enjoyed a healthy percentage of their music over the years but of late its just been too boring. If you weren't listening it would sound fine but when you are listening you realise that there is nothing actually happening and in Brett's words "they are just sing...view item »


The conversation at the towers has gone from music to double glazing. Never a dull moment here you know. That could all change though as I've just stuck on the new limited 2CD edition of 'Damaged' the new album from Lambchop (also on LP too!) . These guys are reasonably competent at blending alt country, gospel and soul into a sou...view item »

How I Quit Smoking

The first song I heard by Lambchop was “The Man Who Loved Beer” from this very album. It is the most amazing song. It is poetic, melodic and emotionally rousing. After this I naturally assumed that they were the greatest band in the world. Although my initial impression maybe a little over the top, it i...view item »

Lambchop/ Hands Off Cuba

ext up is a Collaboration (called CoLab) by Lambchop and Hands off Cuba. The lead track is vintage classic Lambchop as far as I'm concerned. Warm and pretty sounding alt country... just as you'd expect....However the remaining 3 tracks are Lambchop songs that have been cut up and arsed around with by Hands Off Cub...view item »

Awcom/ Noyoucmon

Lambchop release a double LP/ double CD. Woo! A 2 album set hilariously titled Awcmon/ Noyoucmon..... and it sounds like Lambchop. Am not a massive fan myself but the songs sound well crafted, and if you like yr alt country all orchestrated and lovely like then you'll be wetting your pants by now I expect....view item »

Lambchop, Amon Tobin, Legowelt, Various
Onedotzero 2

Lambchop, Tortoise, Calexico, Various
Grand Slang

Is A Woman EP

Lambchop- new CD single. a 5 track EP inc 3 remixes and a video. Cheapness you would agree. Though it's a weak choice for a single and why they'd release it is beyond me. Remixes by Schneider TM, Alpha and The Maxwell Implosion....view item »

Lambchop, Yo La Tengo, Various
This Is Where I Belong

Lambchop/ Bartlebees/ Nonpareils