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The King Khan Experience
Turkey Ride

The product of bohemian adventures in Bordeaux and Berlin, The King Khan Experience’s odd Turkey Ride gets a reissue after close to two decades. It might as well be several decades older; real feelgood rock ’n’ roll psych vibes going on here. Bonus points for Sophie Crumb’s cover art: children quite understandably staring at a turkey sporting a saddle and, er, a human bottom.

Stop Und Fick Dich!

Something of a cult hero for decades now, King Khan has assembled a supergroup of veteran garage-rock mainstays for new project LTD (Louder Than Death) - Looch Vibrato and Aggy Sonora (Magnetix) on guitar and drums, and Shrines’ Fredovitch on bass. Stop Und Fick Dich! is an orgiastic and highly enjoyable mess. 

King Khan & The Gris Gris

Hard to keep up with all King Khan’s activities sometimes, but here is another new venture. Murder Burgers is pitched as a solo album (although it does feature The Gris Gris as backing band), with a more singer-songwriterly approach. Though don’t worry, Murder Burgers is still packed with garage-rockin’ fire. On his Khannibalism label.

King Khan & The Shrines
Idle No More

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The Dirtbombs vs King Khan and His Shrines
Billiards At Nine Thirty

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King Khan & The Shrines
The Supreme Genius of

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