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King Creosote And Jon Hopkins
Diamond Mine

Having tuned in out of guilt to the Radcliffe and Maconie show the other night following its Radio 2 cancellation (preposterous), I was reminded of King Creosote's 'You've No Clue Do You' which is a fine slice of pop, I'd forgotten how near the mainstream he'd reached at one point. So I was interested to hear this collaboration with hardest work...view item »

King Creosote
From Scotland With Love

King Creosote has only gone and made another album. That's just so like him, isn't it? Typical Creosote behaviour. This one is his parting shot to the UK ahead of the coming referendum, 'From Scotland With Love'. I'll be honest here, I've never been too crazy about the King's earnest and dewy-eyed Scot-pop formula and this isn't exactly changi...view item »

King Creosote
The Lengths

Favourite of my dad, most of my friends and family but strangely yet to tug at my heartstrings, Scottish man King Creosote here releases a 7" containing one old song and one cover of something by Lomond Campbell.  At nearly a tenner it wilol cost you but you won't be getting these tunes anyplace else. ...view item »

King Creosote
Astronaut Meets Appleman

A new sweeping solo record from King Creosote. A lot of the material on Astronaut Meets Appleman is quietly epic, with instrumental contributions from a range of talented players of a range of interesting instruments (e.g. bagpipes, harp, violin) all woven together into a potent whole. Out on Domino....view item »

King Creosote
I Learned From The Gaels

Seemingly the only person in the world to actively dislike KC's collab with John Hopkins it's going to be hard for me to drum up much enthusiasm here, his music does absolutely nothing for me and this record isn't going to cha...view item »

King Creosote
Flick The Vs

I feel like i should be more familiar with King Creosote and 'Flick the vs' is only fueling my interest. It would seem that Head honcho of Fence recordings and Domino superstar King Creosote knows how to make interesting and fun pop music. 'No-one had it better' is a belter of track and makes for a more than appropriate opener. Catchy vocal melodie...view item »

King Creosote/ Kid Canaveral
Homerun & A Vow

This actually surprised me. What I know about music (and what John Terry knows about bedroom etiquette) can probably be written on a very small piece of parchment. Nevertheless the fact that the new split single from Kid Canaveral/King Creosote has a very normal rock single type vibe goin...view item »

King Creosote
Psalm Clerk

KING CREOSOTE comes last, the Fence head honcho with a highly distinctive & unusual voice. Yearning Celtic vocals over a motorik future folk thrum starts off 'Psalm Clerk' with earnest. It's 23 tracks (count 'em) work really well, veering from finger picking wavering folk, full of heartbreak & hope, to more gauntly &a...view item »

Animal Magic Tricks / King Creosote / Meursault
Cold Seeds

Tunng, King Creosote, Various
Dream Brother - Tribute to Jeff & Tim Buckley

If you're into Tim & Jeff Buckley (they were brothers you know) then you'll be interested in the Dream Brother compilation ( I said they were brothers) featuring covers of the above brothers songs by The Magic Numbers, Micah P Hinson, Tunng, Sufjan Stevens, The Earlies, The Everly Brothers, Bros, King Creosote, Adem, Bitmap, En...view item »

King Creosote
KC Rules OK

King Creosote seems to have become quite popular in the last few years but we are sat here trying to figure out why. He writes chirpy rather than sad songs that float along nicely but on first listen don't have that wow factor of the likes of James Yorkston, Adrian Crowley or Bonnie Prince Billy. Instead of being sad...view item »

King Creosote
No-One Had It Better

I thought King Creosote was this Scottish dude who made folk music but after listening to his new 7" No One Had It Better on Domino I'm nothing but confused. Fucking confused in fact. It's got a mental wonky IDM off kilter sounding beat and it's not a million miles away from the burgeoning turtle bass scene which is soon going to literally blo...view item »

King Creosote
Favourite Girl EP

King Creosote has a 10" out on Names Records (who do The Earlies). This is also dead limited to 500 copies or summat so be quick. You know the score. Creosote is the man. The creative loon who makes quirky folk for you me and everyone else who wants to listen. It's more hi fi than his previous warblings but it's...view item »

Various (Franz Ferdinand, The Kills, King Creosote etc.)
Blood On The Tracks

Also there was a cute Domino sampler called Blood On The Tracks which features Eugene Mcguiness, The Kills, Franz Ferdinand, Junior Boys, Max Tundra, Jon Hopkins, Juana Molina, Banhart, Benjy Ferree, Cass McCombs and King Creosote. It's nice to see a label do a comp album on vinyl.... You don't get too many these days... They're always CD's and CD'...view item »

Malcolm Middleton / King Creosote
Blue Plastic Bags / Choir

Malcolm Middleton has his charming 'Blue Plastic Bags' out on blue vinyl with a King Creosote tune on the flip. I may have said so in the album review but this is music for the pub, humorous, melancholic, heart warming.....he's got the human touch has this Scot troubadour. It's a sad song all about being sad and getting a little squiffy to beat the...view item »

HMS Ginafore & King Creosote
Love + Hate = Hate

Delectable stargazing folk next from HMS Ginafore & King Creosote. Comin' atcha like Outer Hebridean ambient poetry, flickering's of ancient fireside paeans juxtaposed with the pulse, rattle & whirr of not-so-ancient technology. This isn't "folktronica" though. Nothing so crass, as the KC voiced songs here are more akin to Ivor Cu...view item »

Gangplank (King Creosote/Pictish Trail/Fence related)
Walk the.....

King Creosote
You've No Clue Do You

King Creosote is going for the big bucks also but at least he has the decency to write a decent tune. So commercial it might aswell wear a red nose. Its a nice acoustic based song called "You've no clue do you" with good vocals and strings. I do worry that he'll soon be duetting with old pal KT Tunstall at the tenth anniversary concert of...view item »

Jon Hopkins/ Reuben Taylor/ King Creosote

Those cheeky Scottish scamps De-Fence have another of those bleeding split 10" jobs out again. I'm too hungry to give this a fair write up. So I'll have a strawberry chew. Yum. That tastes delicious. Oh what's this gentle, pastoral piano & subtle electronic wonderment i'm hearing? That yearning highlands murmer sounds...view item »

King Creosote, Fire Engines, Various

King Creosote

Is anyone else sick of beards? I am well and truly sick of seeing bands with beards - Will Oldham has a lot to answer for. It's common knowledge that people sing worse out of a beard (it sounds all muffled) and  I think I'd much prefer King Creosote if he didn't have a beard. Here he is (unshaven on the rear photo  - w...view item »

King Creosote
Rocket DIY

Clint. The first disc I have for review this week is a lovely one by King Creosote called 'Rocket D.I.Y.' Its really the most impressive thing I've heard him/them do. Its lovely quaint Scottish pop music that kind of reminds me of being on holiday in a Scottish coastal resort as evening falls, the lights twinkling in the distance. There'...view item »

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