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Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 2: Escape To Los Angeles

The second installment in Kid606(but not “Kid606”)’s delve into ambience shifts focus away from solo piano onto synthesis, field recordings and string sections. Again, no hint of drums or percussion, but waves of sound melded together, documenting more turbulent times in his life. This is a ver...view item »

Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 1: Bored of Excitement

This is not Kid606 as you would probably know him. Don’t expect any kind of glitched out beat madness here. And even as the Ambient works esque title would suggest, it’s not Aphex Twin esque either. During a mentally tough time for Miguel De Pedro he decided to strip everyth...view item »

Songs About Fucking Steve Albini

Miguel De Pedro, a.k.a. Kid 606, has long been a twister of the accepted aesthetics of electronic music and noise. With S.A.F.S.A., he leads you to believe that he's entered the harsh, drum-machine driven guitar clatter of Albini's best known band, Big Black. Everything from the cover art to the typography referen...view item »

The Illness

Kid 606 has a 12"/CDs called 'the Illness' which is just sick as fuck maaan. If anyone caught him on his recent tour then HOW GOOD WAS HE??!! He blew me away & I used to hate the guy! He's moulded it all into a mad, catchy ball of fun these days & knocked a lot of the willful discordance & dross on the ...view item »

Pretty Girls Make Raves

Hmmmmn. About a 2 year ago, I'd probably be quite exited about a new Kid 606 album. These days I couldn't really give a fig. Think I'm all laptop gabberred out y'know. 'Pretty Girls Make raves' is the hilariously titled newie from Miguel wothisface & we're straight into techno-for-frightened-indie-kids territory. It sounds like So...view item »

Who Still Kill Sound?

So It's up to Kid 606 to provide the hard funky stuff these days. With aplomb. He must have realised that the world was tired of his pretentious laptop arsing around (which had him on my spleen venting hitlist) & has undergone some kind of renaissance in the last year. I think it started with the superb "The Illness" 12&quo...view item »

Done With The Scene

New single by Kid 606.  The last Kid 606 album was quite interesting because its one of the few times he's made any music that is vaguely listenable. According to the press blurb this was the album da Kid has always wanted to make  - so why didn't he bloody make it before then instead of dulling our senses with endless r...view item »


New CD and double vinyl in on Wichita by none other than Kid 606. Boy does the kid get about, he's been on more labels than erm, prices or something else you get a lot of on labels. 12 Tracks in all and pretty decent it is too. There's a definite dub/reggae influence on some of these tracks, melodic electronics and general nicene...view item »


Kid 606 next. A new 12" of total gabba insanity. If anyone saw him live last year then this is the part of the gig when it all kicked off & sounded like a crazed outdoor party in some woods somewhere hosted by gurning nutcases covered in lager & mud, laughing like drains. It's entitled 'Wickid' & ...view item »