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Kevin Drumm
Inexplicable Hours

Inexplicable Hours: what a fabulous name for a Kevin Drumm set. This is a collection of works recorded over the last year or two, now receiving a proper mastering (from Giuseppe Ielasi) and CD and double LP gatefold pressings! With a mixture of sparse drone pieces and multi-textural experiments, this is...view item »

Before You I Appear

Before You I Appear is an EP featuring remixes from Sumac’s 2016 album What One Becomes. The Vancouver/Washington duo find their dense metalish rock being punctuated with psychedelic explosions and sombre drone passages. Featuring remixes by Samuel Kerridge, Bleed Turquoise...view item »

Kevin Drumm

Experimental dronescapes/abstracted noise from the overlord Kevin Drumm, who has worked with the likes of Prurient, Tom Smith, John ...view item »

Kevin Drumm
Gtr​/​Synth 2000

This is a short but sweet tape of noise superman Kevin Drumm rocking it with a guitar and synthesiser set-up, wrenching juicy textures and potent tones out of the gear. Gtr / Synth 2000 was released by Bocian Records last year, but it sold out so soon that they’ve done up a limited re-press of 90 copies. C30 casse...view item »

Kevin Drumm
Elapsed Time

Here is an absolute motherload of sound for the Kevin Drumm fan in your life: a big juicy 6CD box-set that gathers up some highlights from the last four years of Drumm releases. Elapsed Time includes the multiple different modes of Drumm, from super-minimal drone to crunchy tape-twist a...view item »

Kevin Drumm
The Back Room

He's a noisy drone artist, so of course there have to be two Ms at the end of his name: just call him Kevin Drumm))). He's been a serious player in the electro-acoustic scene for a while now, working with an eclectic roster of experimental artists including Jim O'Rourke. In his own right, though, he makes intense noise with a variety of analogue...view item »

Kevin Drumm

We finally scored some copies of this clear vinyl plate from the excellent Bocian label. It follows Drumm’s ‘Crowded’ record for the imprint which was one of my personal highlights of 2012. ‘Kitchen’ begins with what is apparently violin and...view item »

Kevin Drumm/ Jerome Noetinger/ Robert Piotrowicz

Slightly disappointing to read that the concept of this record is not about The Ultimate Warrior taking the Belt from Hulk Hogan at an afternoon of WWF Wrestlemania. Rather it is about The Angel wrestling with Jacob (presumably not the King of the cream cracker brand?). The setup here consists of Kevin Drumm handling duties on analog synth and e...view item »

Kevin Drumm

We might as well just give up on the rest of music and concentrate our energies on listening to Kevin Drumm all the time. His output continues to pour out with 'Trouble', a deathly quiet forty-minute composition that abstracts sound beyond the conventions of all music -- even that trusty drone stuff, bless its stubborn heart. Drumm's sound exper...view item »

Kevin Drumm
Wrong Intersection

Kevin Drumm's latest composition spans just one single track, a fifty minute drone that at times veers on the contemplative, beautiful side of ambient and at others falls off a cliff onto shards of white noise and atonal experiments. Loud, punishing and hateful sounds from one of drone's most vital and prolific artists. ...view item »

Kevin Drumm
Phantom Jerk

Here’s a newie from notorious noise terrorist Kevin Drumm. The press release just says “Kevin Drumm: modular analogue synth”, while the sleeve isn’t much more forthcoming, telling me the artist, title, label name and another snippet of information: “6 oscillators, recorded July 2013...view item »

Kevin Drumm
Shut In

Everyone’s favourite emotional noise terrorist has a tape out on the reliable Editions Mego this week. Yup, it’s Kevin Drumm. This one might surprise you a bit though because it’s not harsh, it’s actually a load of meditative drones which swell ominously in thick celestial chords, gliding gently on the format’s anal...view item »

Kevin Drumm
Humid Weather

It’s always a good score to get my mitts on some Kevin Drumm vinyl. ‘Humid Weather’ is no exception. Originally released as a CDr in a micro edition of 20 copies, then available as a digital download, Poland’s Bocian label have pressed this up on good old plas...view item »

Aaron Dilloway & Kevin Drumm
I Drink Your Skin

I decided to bring this home to review as whenever harsh extreme noise music is played in the office it becomes hard to do your job because a) it’s fucking intense and super oppressive and b) it creates bad vibes and a shedload of moaning. So my daughter is in bed and I’m listening to the harsh power electronics of ...view item »

Kevin Drumm

I’ve always been a little scared of Kevin Drumm records. When they’ve been played before in the office they’ve always either scared me or done my nut in so I’ve tended to steer clear of ‘em. I’m at a...view item »

Kevin Drumm

The latest emission from one of my favourite sound operators comes courtesy of Poland’s increasingly great Bocian label. This fine slab of wax contains two rather splendid tracks recorded  between 2009-20012. The first of which ‘Repetative Algae’ utilizes source material recorded in 2007. What that source materi...view item »

Mika Vainio / Kevin Drumm / Axel Dorner / Lucio Capece

This week Phil is making me review all of the experimental weirdos. I’ve been trying to spread them out and punctuate them with more melodic and pleasant stuff for the benefit of everyone else in the office but today I’ve run out of all that so it’s just harsh tones aft...view item »

Kevin Drumm
Necro Acoustic

What a glorious day! Kevin Drumm's whopping five disc set on Pica Disc has arrived and what a beastie it is. It contains a 24 page booklet complete with awesome photos of what I think is Kevin's super fancy executive living conditions. Some of the chaps here are complaining about the dog friendly frequencies on the 'Lights Out' disc which is a a...view item »

Kevin Drumm
Imperial Distortion

I once zoned out to this album so much that I thought I was actually dead. Originally released on Hospital Productions as a 2CD back in 2008 it was thee Kevin Drumm album that most seemed to have struck a chord with the critics. Don’t get me wrong it&...view item »

Kevin Drumm
Sheer Hellish Miasma

I already own this on CD, but can I justify buying it again on vinyl? Probably not considering I have three children to buy christmas presents for but I'm currently suffering from a severe Editions Mego vinyl addiction for which I fear there is no cure... Now I don't think I'd be exaggerating if I was to state that this album, in many circles is...view item »

Kevin Drumm

A very rare release from big noise-man Kevin Drumm. Only 100 copies of this single-sided 12” record on Dilemma were ever pressed, and you’ll not find many floating around. Untitled is in fact so rare that even I haven’t heard it (locked away as it is in Norman’s special vault), but you know you c...view item »

Kevin Drumm
Kevin Drumm

Il y a plus de 40 ans quand Jimi Hendrix mordait dans sa guitare, tout le monde était fasciné par son audace. Aujourd’hui quand un guitariste triture sa guitare pour en extraire des matières sonores complètement neuves, quasi tout le monde se bouche les oreilles et le traite de tous les noms. La dictature de la ...view item »

Kevin Drumm

Reissue of an hour’s-worth of 2007-vintage Kevin Drumm, first released on cassette. Purge is now back in print and on CD, which means it is ready to dominate your stereo if you dare let it. This is Drumm in a ferocious and harsh mood, with wave after wave of dominating electronics cascading over t...view item »

Kevin Drumm & Daniel Menche

Kevin Drumm and Daniel Menche CD called Gauntlet on Editions Mego. This would be Ant's album of the week if he had more power, but alas he sits outside the castle door with his broken horse. This is an extremely powerful emotive guitarfest of feedback, screeching and headfuckery. Beneath the enormous walls of sound are melodies and ryhthms which ar...view item »

Jeff Parker/ Kevin Drumm/ Michael Zerang
Out Trios Vol. 2