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Kayo Dot

Originally released in 2013, the seventh album by Toby Driver’s crew spans three pieces of vinyl and a vast array of stylistic ground. Combining seething black metal, choral vocals, angular post rock, serpentine jazz, psychedelic chaos, brooding goth, crushing doom, and much more into a progressive and multi-faceted whole, it’s the summation of their work to this point. A staggeringly expansive hundred minutes.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (FR64LP)

Toby Driver

Toby Driver, the main man behind Kayo Dot, continues his infinite journeys into his own avant-garde creativity with a new solo album. Madonnawhore, which explores the Freudian notion of one of patriarchy's central contradictions, is very stripped-back for Driver, being focused on the songs themselves. CD and LP editions on The Flenser.
  • Vinyl LP (FR73LP)
  • CD (FR73CD)

Kayo Dot
Plastic House On Base Of Sky

Toby Driver's avant-metal crew Kayo Dot continue to fly in the face of expectations, if any remain, with the wonderfully titled Plastic House On Base of Sky. If you recall, they've sounded comparatively whimsical in their latter years, with the humour-tinted extreme metal epic Hubardo paving the way for the electronic-tinged Coffins on Io -- this record could be seen as a direct sequel to that one, using analog synths to implode weird and frictioned compositions. Imagine if Toby Driver wanted to make one of those untamed synth records from the '70s. Alright! 
  • Vinyl LP (FR69LP)
  • CD (FR69CD)

Kayo Dot
Coffins On Io

Everyone's favourite avant-goth-classical-doom-rock band Kayo Dot make a speedy return after 2013's acclaimed superalbum Hubardo. As the title suggests, the dark cosmic references are still here, a distant remnant of mastermind Toby Driver's precursor band Maudlin of the Well. There are some surprises this time round, including more prominent, almost poppy (whaaat?) vocals and emphasised electronics, apparently inspired by the darkwave/post-punk movements.
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  • Kayo Dot
  • Artist(s):
  • Kayo Dot

Kayo Dot / Bloody Panda
Split EP

Pelican, Kayo Dot, Various
Champions of Sound 2008

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  • Kayo Dot