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Barry Burns of Mogwai teams up with French producer and Raster-Noton regular Kangding Ray and hybrid drum maniac Merlin Ettore for SUMS’ debut full length on Berlin Atonal. Post Rock with a much stronger focus on its electronic edge, thick techno soundscap...view item »

Kangding Ray
Hyper Opal Mantis

This massive 3xLP album from French producer David Letellier traces a shadowy journey through various shades of techno, referencing both his previous outings (having had significant dealings with Raster-Noton) and his current environment - Letellier is a resident of the leading twilight techno wonderland, Berlin. Three parts make up the album, e...view item »

Kangding Ray / Rrose
Ardent / Swallows

A split release between Rrose, the exciting producer known for involvement with Sandwell District, and Kangding Ray. Noisy, forward-pushing electronics are they name of the game: with Kangding’s track pushes towards the dancefloor, whereas the Rrose cut is...view item »

Kangding Ray
Cory Arcane

Hardcore murky techno producers usually stay a long way away from any kind of narrative, preferring direct sonic stimulation. But Kangding Ray’s new release is something of a concept album, about a character named Corey Arcane. Nevertheless, these productions are still as tight as anything Ray has...view item »

Kangding Ray
Solens Arc

Kangding Ray present twelve tracks of dark, shifting technoid sound. A little less cold and detached than much of the Raster-Norton roster, but satisfyingly moody nevertheless. Solens Arc is conceptually constructed, each trio of tracks constituting one ‘arc’ that explores a certain feel. You could get nice ...view item »

Kangding Ray
The Pentaki Slopes

This is totally my kind of techno. Built around a wicked metronome bassline, a warm slamming kick and some woozy panning/trippy ricocheting, this opener of ‘The Pentaki Slopes’ is called ‘North’ and is one of the most delectable pieces of crisp minimal astral techno I&r...view item »

Roly Porter / Vatican Shadow / Kangding Ray
Violetshaped Remixes (Part One)

This is a super remix package from three heavy hitters. First up is Roly Porter (formerly of ...view item »

Kangding Ray

Oh shit yeah!!! I love the more straight up energetic techno side of Raster Noton. Don't get me wrong I do like a lot of the more arty stuff a whole lot too but the heavier stuff always gets me well excited. I totally adore the Kangding Ray 12" that came out last year and this follows very much in that sonic direction. The off kilter beats and i...view item »

Kangding Ray
Pruitt Igoe

A superb 12" from David Letellier right here which heads straight for the cerebral cortex with 'Rise' which is a heavy almost industrial sounding take on the dubstep template. Working a mix of heavy drums and ghoulish processed vocals that retain the precision and pure electronic machinations of the Raster Noton aesthetic, in some ways similar t...view item »