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Panda Bear
A Day With The Homies

We now have a reason for why Noah Lennox sat out Animal Collective’s Meeting of the Waters EP that came out midway through 2017 - he was finishing off his first solo release since 2015. This limited-edish 12” sees Lennox retreating into the deeper frequencies, combining his trademark ...view item »

Animal Collective
The Painters EP

They've been hinting at it pretty much since the release of their masterpiece 'Merriweather Post Pavillion' but Animal Collective have finally convincingly jumped the shark. The actual moment comes later in the EP but the whole thing reeks of an ageing wacky comedian still trying to entertain despite their skills having long been eroded by the a...view item »

Animal Collective
Strawberry Jam

Animal Collective: 'Strawberry Jam' (Domino), seems to take it's cue from the last Panda Bear album, full of vocals to the fore, high melody factor and much more potential for crossover into mainstream radio play. We've been playing this for a few weeks now on promo and by heck it surely does grow and grow to infectious levels. Still, not...view item »

Avey Tare

The front cover for this new Avey Tare is a good sign. A swirling, psychedelic labyrinth of seemingly inane shapes, it’s only today I’ve realised that there’s actually more to it -- a painting of plants and a hint of the sky at night. A pastoral scene shot through a sizeable contribution of weird? It fits ‘Eucalyptus&rsqu...view item »

Animal Collective
Meeting Of The Waters

Following on from their Painting With album last year, Animal Collective reveal the results of a recent trip to Brazil: four new tracks, recorded live in the rainforest by Avey Tare and Geologist and integrating field recordings. Animal Collective on location. Meeti...view item »

Animal Collective
Painting With

This album is like mashed potato. Really good mashed potato. That your favourite band made. But they didn’t serve it with anything. And instead they threw it at your face. For forty minutes. And Domino laughed. And they recorded the whole thing. And the thing is that it really is your favourite mash ever, but now that mash goes on tour and...view item »

Animal Collective

Animal Collective’s records have inspired reactions from excitement to disappointment to downright distaste over the years, with their recent technicolour explosion Centipede Hz often falling into gratingly hyperactive, bright and wacky ...view item »

Animal Collective
Centipede Hz

First up, I’m pretty much an Animal Collective non believer. Ok, I’m a partial believer. Parts of ‘Merriweather Post Pavillion’ were excellent. Parts of it. But just like a child hepped up on E-numbers you had t...view item »

Animal Collective
Sung Tongs

Clint here with more. First up Animal Collective  - one of the few new bands to lick my ears in a seductive manner and not have me chop their tongue off with a rusty pair of shears. I'm always amazed by their songs  -its kind of nice acoustic stuff slightly chopped up full of crazy noises and m...view item »

Animal Collective

*** FINALLY BACK IN ON DOUBLE 180 GRAM DMM WAX!!*** The crazies that are Animal Collective have a new album out on Fat Cat on dbl vinyl LP or limited 2CD job avec a bonus disc featuring yet more crazyness.... only LIVE. So their new album is a lot different to the last one. It sounds sounds fuller and hazier yet more lo fi and les...view item »

Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion

So I'm listening to the new Animal Collective 'Merriweather Post Pavillion' for the 1st time and I'm officially blown away. I wish we'd had a listening copy of this a while back so I could digest it properly. Didn't Grizzly Bear leak some of the album a while back? Maybe that's why we didn't sent a listening copy. I suppose once something hits t...view item »

Animal Collective

It's hard to imagine but there was a time when Animal Collective were actual children rather than just pretending to be children. This album comes from way back when where the initial line up of Panda Bear and Avey Tare added Geologist to the line up and collected up radio sessions and...view item »

Animal Collective
Here Comes The Indian

Animal Collective. These lot are are about to have something out on Fat Cat. It was sold to us as being a bit like Acid Mothers Temple which obviously led to Phil here running out the building screaming. It doesn't sound anything like them. In fact its more like those madmen of the US und...view item »

Panda Bear
Young Prayer

We really liked that Animal Collective album here at the towers. A right eccentric blend of off kilter psychedelic wizardry & twisted folk wonderment it were. So with trepidation I begin to review the solo offering from AC member Panda Bear. Rambling out of tune caterwauling, nonsensical bletherings that sound like a mencap ve...view item »

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