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Here's the band that rose from freakout and sing song into a deep-diving psychedelic replacement for the Beach Boys. Animal Collective once had a place in the New Weird America scene that twisted and turned our understanding of folk, ambient and more »

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Animal Collective
Tangerine Reef

2018 is the International Year of the Reef, a project which aims to bring attention to the beauty of our friends beneath the waves as well as the massive amount of harm humanity has caused them. To commemorate it Animal Collective will produce their second audiovisual album Tangerine Reef (the fir...view item »

Panda Bear
A Day With The Homies

We now have a reason for why Noah Lennox sat out Animal Collective’s Meeting of the Waters EP that came out midway through 2017 - he was finishing off his first solo release since 2015. This limited-edish 12” sees Lennox retreating into the deeper frequencies, combining his trademark ...view item »

Animal Collective
The Painters EP

As is the tradition with Animal Collective, here is an EP companion to their most recent album Painting With, offering a few last chances to hear them working in that mode before they inevitably move on to something different. Four previously unheard tracks, including a cover of a song made famous by Martha &...view item »

Animal Collective
Strawberry Jam

Animal Collective: 'Strawberry Jam' (Domino), seems to take it's cue from the last Panda Bear album, full of vocals to the fore, high melody factor and much more potential for crossover into mainstream radio play. We've been playing this for a few weeks now on promo and by heck it surely does grow and grow to infectious levels. Still, not...view item »

Avey Tare

Oh to be an Animal Collective fan and have this constant stream of music coming at you. Here's the latest solo release from their Avey Tare which is produced by another one from the collective Deakin and is self-described as an electro-acoustic movement through leaves rock and dust made in ...view item »

Animal Collective
Meeting Of The Waters

Following on from their Painting With album last year, Animal Collective reveal the results of a recent trip to Brazil: four new tracks, recorded live in the rainforest by Avey Tare and Geologist and integrating field recordings. Animal Collective on location. Meeti...view item »

Animal Collective
Painting With

Animal Collective are back again! What strange areas have they wandered into this time around? The answer seems to be less harsh, but similarly frantic territory to Centipede Hz, though with a particular focus on shorter, faster songs. CD, LP and deluxe LP edition (that last one includes a psychedelic zoetrope-style sli...view item »

Animal Collective

Oh hello again Animal Collective. Not seen you in a while (seen plenty of people trying to copy you though)...This single’s a little bit toytown, lots of pings and boinks making a big wonky fairground groove with ...view item »

Animal Collective
Monkey Been To Burn Town EP

Ah, Animal Collective, where did it all go wrong? They started out so positively, with albums like ‘Sung Tongs’ and ‘Merriweather Post Pavilion’ still standing out while many of their contemporaries of the time have fallen by the wayside, but I really struggled with ‘Cen...view item »

Animal Collective

Animal Collective’s records have inspired reactions from excitement to disappointment to downright distaste over the years, with their recent technicolour explosion Centipede Hz often falling into gratingly hyperactive, bright and wacky ...view item »

Animal Collective
Centipede Hz - PROMO POSTER (Pixel Lettering on black background)

Just something as a note, it does not look like the picture, it as, as the description says, pixel letter on a black background, I would compare it to other posters I own (I've got a totally sweet Battles one) but at this price point, it's not that fair. It's the same price as a Peperami, and if I was told I could have a Peperami or an A...view item »

Animal Collective
Centipede Hz

First up, I’m pretty much an Animal Collective non believer. Ok, I’m a partial believer. Parts of ‘Merriweather Post Pavillion’ were excellent. Parts of it. But just like a child hepped up on E-numbers you had t...view item »

Animal Collective
Sung Tongs

Clint here with more. First up Animal Collective  - one of the few new bands to lick my ears in a seductive manner and not have me chop their tongue off with a rusty pair of shears. I'm always amazed by their songs  -its kind of nice acoustic stuff slightly chopped up full of crazy noises and m...view item »

Animal Collective

*** FINALLY BACK IN ON DOUBLE 180 GRAM DMM WAX!!*** The crazies that are Animal Collective have a new album out on Fat Cat on dbl vinyl LP or limited 2CD job avec a bonus disc featuring yet more crazyness.... only LIVE. So their new album is a lot different to the last one. It sounds sounds fuller and hazier yet more lo fi and les...view item »

Animal Collective
Danse Manatee

The Animal Collective are the new wierdo yanks they all want you to like. The general chit chat about this band has seen them linked with the likes of Caroliner and Sun City Girls. It sounds like neither but does have the strung out experimentation of both married with the type of stretched, skewed melo...view item »

Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion

One of the Animals discovered that it sounds pretty darned rad if you play two or three Beach Boys songs at once. He told the rest of the Collective and, lo, t’was the birth of Merriweather Post Pavilion, and yea, it did dominate anno 2009 most ruthlessly. Precisely like the little green things on the front cover, the contents of ...view item »

Animal Collective
Spirit They're Gone

The Animal Collective are the new wierdo yanks they all want you to like. The general chit chat about this band has seen them linked with the likes of Caroliner and Sun City Girls. It sounds like neither but does have the strung out experimentation of both married with the type of stretched, skewed melodie...view item »

Animal Collective
Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished

The Animal Collective are the new wierdo yanks they all want you to like. The general chit chat about this band has seen them linked with the likes of Caroliner and Sun City Girls. It sounds like neither but does have the strung out experimentation of both married with the type of stretched, skewed melodies you might hope Flaming Lips would do if...view item »

Various (Animal Collective, Toro y Moi, Small Black etc.)
F*ck Dance Let’s Art – Sounds From The New American Underground

This ones a no-brainer. If you have any interest in the current crop of 'east Coast dreamers, schemers, indie refugees and bedroom avant gardists' emerging from the US underground over the past 2/3 years then it's likely that this compilation will interest you. It covers the spectrum of artists dabbling with music technology in the post-Animal C...view item »

Animal Collective
Campfire Songs

I'm probably not the best person to review Animal Collective's 2003 album 'Campfire Songs' as I've still not really got to grips with the band. I own last yea'rs crowd pleasing 'Merriweather Post-Pavilion' but I'm not at all familiar with their back catalogue or the epic journey that bought them to my attention in the first place. 'Campfire Songs...view item »

Animal Collective
Fall Be Kind

The Animal Collective need no introduction. So I'm not going to give em one. I'm pretty confused by this 'Fall Be Kind' record. It has songs but not as you know them. It's a multi layered opus with undulating rhythms and looped vocals. It has a bit of everything this record. It has MGM musical moments. It has soundscapes. It has sea shanty moments....view item »

Animal Collective

The Animal Collective have fucked Fat Cat off and hoofed it over to Domino presumerably for a large slice of some Arctic Franz cash. Who'd blame 'em eh. We all need to eat.... I'm permanently hungry these days as well. You can't knock 'em. So have they changed much? Nah not really. It sounds like they've chucked loads of money at them cos the produ...view item »

Animal Collective

Somewhat weirdly Domino have released Brother Sport from the Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavillion with a live B side on a limited 10" months apart from any other release. I can only assume it's cunningly timed to remind you to whack the album into your top 10 list at the end of year being that it was released right at the start of t...view item »

Animal Collective
Summertime Clothes

'Summertime Clothes' is the latest single (or maybe even the first, I'm not even sure if 'My Girls' ever got released) from Animal Collective's super triple diamond hyper selling LP, Merriweather Post Pavilion - still well on course to be one of the albums of the year for me. This track's typical of their recent skewed, wonky pop genius with its br...view item »

Animal Collective
Water Curses

Here's the new Animal Collective single we almost didn't get but it's OK cos we did. Panic over like... Anyway 'Water Curses' is their new EP with 4 tracks on. Not any tracks either.... 4 brand new tracks of their mad skew whiff take on pop music. They still make a fantastic racket you'll be pleased to know. The EP is essentially hyperactive pop......view item »

Animal Collective

  Animal Collective: 'Fireworks' (Domino) You know what? the more I hear this lot the more I'm getting into them. I think it's the fact that they're totally themselves and once you've got an ...view item »

Animal Collective

I'm having to step in and do a few of Brian's reviews as he's poorly... Bless. Hmmm what's he got in his pile then? Oooooohh!!! 'People' the new EP from ANIMAL COLLECTIVE. It kicks off with the title track with drums that plod along nicely with occasional crashes accompanied by vocals that sound like some cowboys having a party. Then ...view item »

Animal Collective
Prospect Hummer

Wibbly folk 1. Animal Collective with Vashti Bunyan. It's strange. Vashti disappears on 1968 into a Scottish caravan only to be exhumed 25 years later by sundry young upstarts in thrall to her rustic sounds. Its odd that Animal Collective have never quite clicked with me despite them having all the ingredients to become my favourite band. I gue...view item »

Animal Collective

It's hard to imagine but there was a time when Animal Collective were actual children rather than just pretending to be children. This album comes from way back when where the initial line up of Panda Bear and Avey Tare added Geologist to the line up and collected up radio sessions and...view item »

Tunng, Espers, Animal Collective, Various
Folk Off

Animal Collective, Banhart, Various
In The Loop Vol 4

Onto a lush comp 12" on Plug Research which is volume 4 on their superb In The Loop Series. The 1st 3 volumes have all veered more towards the instrumental hip hop side but for volume 4 they've jumped on the folk bandwagon and this 12" features Animal Collective, Devendra Banhart, Dirty Projectors, Feathers, Lavender D...view item »

Animal Collective
Who Could Win A Rabbit

Another absolutely great 7" is by the gaffer's fave band of the moment Animal Collective. "Who Could Win A Rabbit" is the sound of a mad hatters folk club tripping out on the best quality peyote & mushrooms available whilst eating a huge sticky toffee cheesecake. Utterly bizarre & intoxicating not to mention virtua...view item »

Animal Collective
Here Comes The Indian

Animal Collective. These lot are are about to have something out on Fat Cat. It was sold to us as being a bit like Acid Mothers Temple which obviously led to Phil here running out the building screaming. It doesn't sound anything like them. In fact its more like those madmen of the US und...view item »

Animal Collective

Something exciting for me now is this limited Animal Collective 7" which has no information on it whatsoever. It doesn't even say which is side A or Side B. Anyway we've managed to work out it's a live track from the last album and a cover of Polly by Nirvana (which we didn't get at first as it's really not very obvious)...view item »

Animal Collective
Grass EP

Brand new Animal Collective single sounds like a bit like Arcade Fire produced by Gibby Haynes according to Brian Clint says it sounds like Lindsay Buckinghams' madder vocal explorations on Fleetwood Mac's Tusk album. Am none the wiser. To me it sounds very much like the Animal Collective. Fun but cra...view item »

Panda Bear
Young Prayer

We really liked that Animal Collective album here at the towers. A right eccentric blend of off kilter psychedelic wizardry & twisted folk wonderment it were. So with trepidation I begin to review the solo offering from AC member Panda Bear. Rambling out of tune caterwauling, nonsensical bletherings that sound like a mencap ve...view item »